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IHOP Adds Sweet & Spicy Syrup: The First New Flavor In 30 Years

As long as I’ve been dining at IHOP, I’ve only seen a select handful flavors of syrup available for patrons to drench their pancakes in: Strawberry, Blueberry, Butter Pecan, and Original. Sometimes there’s also sugar-free, but we don’t talk about that.

For the first time in 30 years, IHOP has added a new flavor of syrup for patrons to enjoy.

Maple Sweet & Spicy Syrup is the newest offering from the chain, created to compliment IHOP’s new Kickin’ Maple Chicken BreakFEAST. It derives its heat from ancho, jalapeno and red chili pepper flakes.

The new entree features Buttermilk crispy chicken breast, drizzled with the new syrup. It also includes four strips of hickory-smoked bacon, two eggs, crispy hash browns, toast, and two buttermilk pancakes.

The new syrup will be available upon request at participating IHOP locations nationwide. As someone who definitely loves a little heat in his breakfast, this is a definitely must try for me.

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IHOP Is Developing A Pancake Cereal Called PANFLAKES

Image courtesy of IHOP

The recent trend of creating “Pancake Cereal” by pan frying tiny bits of pancake batter, tossing it into a cereal bowl, and drowning it in syrup has become a booming sensation across social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. People just love pancakes, and I for one concur.

Enter the International House of Pancakes, also known as IHOP, who’ve seemingly predicted the rise of pancake cereal for months now.

Not too long ago the brand released a line of Cereal Pancakes. IHOP told us that during that time, they were quietly working on a a cereal concept called “Panflakes” set to launch later in March, 2020.

With COVID-19 keeping everyone inside, that idea got shelved for a bit until the brand could further develop the recipe for this brave new world. However, with the immense popularity of this social pancake hack in recent weeks emerging, could this be the perfect time to launch Panflakes?

IHOP released the concept tease of the pancake box and their social channels took to them like, well, maple syrup to pancakes. I know, I’m better than that.

We’ll keep you posted as news breaks on these Panflakes. Until then, you’ve probably seen Pancake Cereal at least once a day on your social feeds. Get to the kitchen and make yourself some, at least until Panflakes become a breakfast reality.


IHOP Introduces Massive Breakfast Feasts Delivered To Your Home

As amazing as American breakfasts are every morning, home cooks will attest that they are a HUGE pain to cook at times, especially if you have a large family to feed. Rather than being stuck doing an hours worth of dishes after a relaxing meal, wouldn’t it be easier to order out?

IHOP was wondering the same thing and is now offering a selection of Family Feast Meals that you can order and have delivered straight to your home.

There are four feasts customers can choose from depending on their cravings:

IHOP’s Breakfast Family Feast features 16oz of scrambled eggs, 4 servings of hash browns, 8 bacon strips, 8 sausage links and your choice of 8 pancakes, 8 French toast triangles, or 12 Belgium Waffle triangles.

The Pancake Creations Family Feast with Sausage or Bacon gives you 8 buttermilk pancakes, 4 servings of scrambled eggs and hash browns, 8 pieces of meat, and a choice of two pancake toppings. This includes glazed strawberries, blueberry compote, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, vanilla sauce, mini cheesecake bites, Lucky Charms cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, and Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries cereal.

There is also a Lunch/Dinner Feast for those looking to step outside the warm comforts of breakfast foods which includes 16 pieces of buttermilk Crispy Chicken Strips with your choice of dipping sauce, a basket of mini churros and icing dipping sauce, and a basket of fries. You can, however, sub out the fry basket for buttermilk pancakes or Belgium waffles if you’re looking for that chicken and waffle action.

Customers can order their Family Feasts for an average price of about $24.99, though prices may vary depending on your location. IHOP is also releasing a new Classic American Breakfast sandwich too, for those looking for a lighter dining choice. All options are available for takeout, delivery, or curbside pickup.

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IHOP Is The First Major Restaurant Chain To Add Gluten-Friendly Pancakes And Waffles

While there’s been a lot of buzz around eating gluten-free or without gluten at the local restaurant level, not many major chains have incorporated these options into their menus. IHOP, however, just took a big step forward in that regard, adding a permanent lineup of gluten-friendly pancakes and waffles to their repertoire.

Photo courtesy of IHOP

The new breakfast items are made with a base of rice flour, sugar, milk, and eggs, and are tailored to have IHOP’s recognizable buttermilk pancake flavor. While IHOP doesn’t call these gluten-free due to potential for cross-contamination in the kitchen, the batter is made with entirely gluten-free ingredients.

With these new gluten-friendly options, IHOP becomes the first major diner chain in the country to have such a dedicated menu. The only other major chain of comparable size and scale with similar options is Chick-fil-A.

Granted, those with Celiac disease will probably want to wait until IHOP dedicates specific griddle space to limit any chances of cross-contamination. For those without the condition that desire gluten-free foods, however, this is an addition that is readily available just about everywhere.

You can get the new pancakes or waffles on their own, or as part of a breakfast combo with eggs, sausage or bacon, and hashbrowns (which are also gluten-friendly). There’s also a menu of six burgers with gluten-friendly buns available for lunch or dinner.

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IHOP Just Released Their Most Caloric Breakfast Platter To Date

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With IHOP’s new BreakFEASTs menu, their biggest rendition may be the only meal you need all day.

IHOP’s new Big Farmhouse BreakFEAST is an absolute monster of a meal. It consists of four sausages (two smoked links and two pork sausages), two pieces of ham, and two pieces of bacon. That all gets served with two eggs any way and sides of hashbrowns, buttermilk pancakes, and toast.

The actual calories vary based on how you get your eggs and what type of toast you order. Even the least caloric option, poached eggs with sourdough toast, stands at a whopping 1,720 calories. Maxing out the calories by ordering scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast bumps that total up to 1,940 calories, just 60 short of the 2,000 calorie benchmark.

For comparison, a standard pancake combo at IHOP comes in at 740 calories, while the next biggest item on the menu, the Country Fried Steak and Eggs, ranges from 1490-1700 calories.

As a result, ordering one of these is an absolute steal of a deal, considering you get a day’s worth of food for about $16 (as seen at an IHOP in Santa Ana, California). It’s all about whether you down it all at once or if you choose to stockpile the breakfast to keep yourself going throughout the entire day.

The Big Farmhouse BreakFEAST is on menus nationwide as part of a limited-time BreakFEASTs menu.

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IHOP’s New Holiday Menu Features A MASSIVE BBQ Omelette

IHOP is making a bunch of noise with their new Grinch-themed holiday menu, and the biggest offering in the seasonal lineup is a true beast of an omelette.

Named after the Roast Beast of Dr. Seuss lore, those who carve into the Who-Roast Beast Omelette will find a breakfast behemoth that keeps the flavors of BBQ going strong through the cold winter months. Tucked inside is a healthy helping of shredded beef, hash browns, jalapenos, Monterey Jack, cheddar, and onions. It’s topped with shredded cheese, a serrano pepper, and a generous drizzle of BBQ sauce.

While the feast comes with three buttermilk pancakes on its own, you can always for opt for the Grinch Green pancakes that are also part of the new festive menu. The neon-green flapjacks come with cream cheese icing, red candy hearts, and a green whipped topping.

Other items on the festive menu include a stuffed cheesecake French toast and a minty hot chocolate that makes for a refreshing yet creamy accompaniment to the oversized BBQ omelette.

All of these options will be on the IHOP menu through the end of 2018.

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So This IHOP Location Contains A Full-Service Bar Within Its Walls

IHOP is typically the place we go after a long night out, with the starchy pancakes and filling breakfast options helping us recover from the evening’s damage. But while it’s always been the spot to go after late-night festivities, one location wants to be the place where you get the party started.

Photo: Mike Mozart // Flickr, CC 2.0

An IHOP location in Phoenix, Arizona is the only one out there to host an entire full-service bar inside. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the “Rise N Shine” Bar and the IHOP its tied to opened earlier this month. The building was home to a former Lone Star Steakhouse that had an existing bar and liquor license, giving the franchisee a unique opportunity to bring their concept to life.

Since it’s in an IHOP, you can still get the classic diner favorites while bellying up to the bar. The cocktails offered are inspired by brunch, including a “Mulemosa,” a Bloody Mary, and a frozen margarita. Craft beer and wine are also available for purchase.

IHOP representatives claim that there are no plans to expand the concept in the future. Thus, for now, if you want the experience of eating IHOP pancakes and guzzling down Mulemosas at the same time, you’ll need to take a road trip to Phoenix.

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IHOP Finally Reveals Why They’re Changing Their Name to IHOB

Last week, the world was curious why IHOP suddenly decide to rebrand themselves as IHOB.

The International House of Pancakes has been around since 1958, best known for slingin’ short stacks and serving sausage links that leave Denny’s sweating.

Photo: IHOB

While some naturally assumed the “B” will stand for breakfast, IHOP announced this morning that it’s something a little different from what most were expecting. In a tweet, the American breakfast chain revealed that they will begin focusing on their burgers — specifically, a new burger lineup.

Needless to say, fans of the original name were ready to roast.

Even celebrity Chrissy Teigen joined in:

Thankfully, the name change is definitely not permanent.

IHOP president Danrren Relelez told CNNMoney that the change was to convey that the brand wants to begin taking burgers as seriously as pancakes, but they’ll still remain IHOP.

In the meantime, IHOB’s new burger lineup includes the Big Brunch, Cowboy BBQ, Jalapeño Kick, Mushroom & Swiss, The Classic, The Classic with Bacon, and the Mega Monster.

Despite the overall backlash, I have to commend IHOP for shooting their shot with this, though temporary, name change. They have to know they would have gotten flack for it right?