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IHOP Just Released Their Most Caloric Breakfast Platter To Date

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With IHOP’s new BreakFEASTs menu, their biggest rendition may be the only meal you need all day.

IHOP’s new Big Farmhouse BreakFEAST is an absolute monster of a meal. It consists of four sausages (two smoked links and two pork sausages), two pieces of ham, and two pieces of bacon. That all gets served with two eggs any way and sides of hashbrowns, buttermilk pancakes, and toast.

The actual calories vary based on how you get your eggs and what type of toast you order. Even the least caloric option, poached eggs with sourdough toast, stands at a whopping 1,720 calories. Maxing out the calories by ordering scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast bumps that total up to 1,940 calories, just 60 short of the 2,000 calorie benchmark.

For comparison, a standard pancake combo at IHOP comes in at 740 calories, while the next biggest item on the menu, the Country Fried Steak and Eggs, ranges from 1490-1700 calories.

As a result, ordering one of these is an absolute steal of a deal, considering you get a day’s worth of food for about $16 (as seen at an IHOP in Santa Ana, California). It’s all about whether you down it all at once or if you choose to stockpile the breakfast to keep yourself going throughout the entire day.

The Big Farmhouse BreakFEAST is on menus nationwide as part of a limited-time BreakFEASTs menu.