This Flask Disguised as an iPhone Isn’t Fooling Anybody


Guys, there’s tons different between each iPhone model. Tons. Seriously. Side by side, it’s like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 aren’t even the same brand – the design specs and features and color (!) are just so far off from one another, it’s ridiculous. Which is why the iFlask could never work in the real world. Those Coachella guards would know. They’d knowww.

In other news, can anyone tell this California heat wave is getting to me?

Complete with a collapsible funnel, the iFlask can hold up to 5 ounces of booze in a pretty convincing stainless steel frame. Or at least it will, whenever production finishes. The inventors Ethan and Dan anticipate this happening sometime around late May, but be warned: they probably wrote that little projection up on their “iPhones.”

iFlask: $25 @

H/T + PicThx Cool Material