This Bizarrely Hilarious Twitter Account Is About Carrots, Possibly Run By A Carrot


This one’s a serious case of In-Case-You-Missed-It, in which case we did, and we’re bad, and we feel bad.

Since January 2013, a Twitter user by the name @RealCarrotFacts has been posting just that — carrot “facts.” You know, if veracity were determined by some sad, high, self-aware root vegetable with grammar issues, who was also recently dumped by a girl named “Megan.” Between tweets about how hard it is to find love, Carrot Facts muses about how carrots help cure headaches (if you take Advil afterwards), and how sometime the moon looks like a carrot (if you hold a carrot in front and pretty much just look at the carrot).

There’s even the occasional pop-culture reference, like this weekend’s leaked NSFW “celebrity” carrot nude. Basically if you haven’t seen it already yet, it’s an inexplicably amusing way to count down to the weekend. Huzzah!