Protect Your iPhone with a ‘Chocolate-Coated’ Popsicle Case


Add this to the awesome-stuff-we-need-asap list that’s been building for quite some time (cue: Hello Kitty Fried Tofu stuffed with rice and bear cubs wrapped in donuts). This unique iPhone case features your choice of a  “soda” or “crunchy” popsicle on the back, with a tantalizing bite taken out of each. The soda variation comes in an icy blue, while the crunchy version comes decked out in a chocolate coating over vanilla ice cream.

However, try and remember that despite the icePhone’s striking resemblance to the real thing, it’s sadly inedible. The 5 and 5s icePhone cases are made in Japan and available online for 3,990 yen (US$40.48).

H/T + Picthx RocketNews24