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This Is Exactly Why Arizona Drinks Have Always Been 99 Cents

As you walk up to the fridge at 7-Eleven, and consistently watch the price of your Gatorade, Snapple, and even water rise, you can somehow always count on Arizona iced tea to be its cheap, 99-cent self.

Arizona is on top when it comes to iced tea sales, and has still managed to keep the price for its 23-ounce tall cans under $1 over the years.

But how, Sway?

In an interview with Thrillist, Arizona co-owner Spencer Vultaggio revealed how they’ve been able to keep the 99-cent price for over 15 years, saying the brand uses its money strictly on the product, and not advertising.

Vultaggio said:

“It’s a big part of our overall strategy, and our business model is such that we don’t advertise for example, and we put those costs towards giving our consumer the value they want and expect.”

The secret is as simple as them keeping things simple.

The low price hasn’t come without some hardships, though, as in 2015, Quartz reported that seemingly healthier tea alternatives are making moves on Arizona.

Not only that, but as Arizona stays away from any marketing, big name brands have been going even harder, putting more money behind their drinks over the last couple of years.

Once a dollar, always a dollar 💵

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Arizona has still stayed afloat, though. There are some sick grocery stores that might make you think otherwise by trying to finesse its profits and plastering $2.00 stickers over the can:

But thankfully, Arizona has a way of keeping its customers minds at ease through some witty social media work:

In a way, the familiar 99-cent price is enough marketing in itself. It has become something we’ve become accustomed to, and we know will consistently be there.

“People really do appreciate that,” Vultaggio added. “They’ve grown up with us and they’ll always know they can head to their local store and our drinks will be 99 cents.”

So unless something tragic happens, (knock on wood) we know that the 99-cent price point is definitely on purpose, and will probably stay that way.

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9 Starbucks Drinks That Are In The Under 100 Calorie Club

My first Starbucks experience involved a grande Caramel Frappuccino, as is the case for a lot of high schoolers. When you’re a teenager, you don’t really mind the 420 calories because you’ll probably burn it off playing a sport, or running to class the next day.

When high school’s over, though, and you’re an adult staring at that Starbucks menu, you’re probably looking for a pick-me-up that won’t go straight to your gut.

While there’s a lot of high calorie drinks filled with sugar, syrup, and whipped cream, there’s a solid amount of drinks that actually fall under 100 calories.

Stick to these drinks and you’ll be a little less guilty taking that sip of coffee or tea.


Grande Cold Brew Coffeecold-brew

Not only does the Cold Brew have fewer than 5 calories, it has zero grams of sugar. Even if you add a little bit of 2% milk, it only adds 25 calories, bringing you a total of 30 calories.


Grande Iced Coffee

Their classic grande Iced Coffee, without anything added, is only 5 calories. Get it sweetened and it’s still only 80 calories, keeping it under the 100 calorie threshold.


Grande Iced Caffè Americanoamericano

This is literally just espresso shots and water, adding up to 10 calories.


Tall Iced Skinny Mocha

The bittersweet skinny mocha sauce, along with espresso and non-fat milk served over ice. 90 calories. You have to get a tall for this though, or else you’ll jump up to 120 calories in the grande size, which isn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things.


Starbucks Refreshers Beverages

very berry hibiscus

The Refreshers are a flavorful choice, as the Very Berry Hibiscus has 70 calories, Cool Lime has 60 calories, and Valencia Orange toes the line with 90 calories.


Grande Doubleshot on Ice

double shot

This one doubles as not only a low calorie option, at 90 with nonfat milk, but it’s one of the ultimate pick-me-ups, sporting 225 milligrams of caffeine.


Grande Teavana Shaken Iced Teas

Their Teavana Passion Tango Tea, Black Tea , Peach Tea, and Green Tea all have  80 calories. Their Sweet Tea hits the 100 calorie mark, but we won’t tell anyone about those extra 20 calories.


Tall Espresso Light Frappuccino

espresso frappuccino

There is an exception to the Frappuccino, but it doesn’t come easy. No syrups, or whipped cream added, just a straight up, tall Espresso Light Frap. Unlike its counterparts, this only has 80 calories, if you must have a Frappuccino in your life.


Grande Teavana Mango Black Tea

Like the shaken iced teas, the Mango Black Tea also tops off at 80 calories. The teas seem to be some of the better low calorie options at the Bux.

Celebrity Grub

Almost 4,000 ‘Arnold Palmers’ To Be Served At Arnold Palmer’s Memorial

Golfing legend Arnold Palmer passed away Sept. 25, at 87 years old. Palmer will be publicly memorialized at his hometown of Latrobe, PA on Tuesday, at 11 a.m. ET, as the masses will fill Saint Vincent College to pay their last respects.

Water bottles at memorial services aren’t unusual, but with Palmer having a drink aptly named after him, it only makes sense that those in attendance enjoy the iced tea/lemonade mixture in his honor.

ESPN financial analyst Darren Rovell tweeted out a photo showing cases upon cases of Arnold Palmers, saying, “3,900 bottles of Arnold Palmers just arrived in Latrobe, Pa. for Tuesday’s Arnold Palmer memorial.”

There’s no better tribute for those in his hometown to mourn his death, but partaking in the beverage is an appropriate way to still celebrate his memory.

Tuesday will mark the official end of an era, but we will remember him with every Arnold Palmer we order at a bar or restaurant.

Celebrity Grub Drinks

How Arnold Palmer Awkwardly Ordered Arnold Palmer Drinks


Golfing legend Arnold Palmer died at 87 years old Sunday, leaving a void not only in the sports world, but the world as a whole. As we mourn one of the greatest athletes of all time, we also honor the legacy he left behind. Part of that legacy impacted the food world immensely, as the mixture of iced tea and lemonade will forever live in his namesake.

In an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary episode, the golfing legend talked about his lemonade-tea mixture, how it came about, and more interestingly, the weird feeling in having to order a drink named after himself.

It’s not a problem that regular folk like you and I have, but how did he place the order without it being awkward?

Palmer said in the docu-series:

“I was embarrassed to ask for an Arnold Palmer. ‘Can I have an iced tea, and put about a third of it in lemonade.’ They said, ‘Oh, you want an Arnold Palmer!'”

The best part about that story is the server not knowing who he was talking to.

It could have been worse. Palmer could have taken Michael Trostel’s suggestion, saying, “Excuse me. I’ll have a me.”

The whole video is pretty interesting, but peep him talking about his encounter at the 8 minute mark.


Dunkin’ Donuts Games Summer with New Arnold Palmer Coolatta


Few things scream summer like iced tea, lemonade, and old golfing guys. So in partnership with $1-canned-tea company AriZona, Dunkin’ Donuts decided to put them all together in slushy form, lest we forget summer vacation is still at least a month away and we ourselves are nowhere near retiring (ugh).

For those who dare to dream, DD’s new Frozen Arnold Palmer Coolatta combines equal parts football head and tropical plant frozen iced tea and frozen lemonade to create the perfect liquid accompaniment to planning summer getaways during office hours.

“With the beginning of warm weather, our guests look forward to the introduction of new and unique Coolatta frozen beverage flavors […],” John Costella, President of Global Marketing and Dunkin’ Brands said in a press release. “This year is especially exciting as we’ve partnered with the Arizona Beverages and Arnold Palmer Enterprises to introduce the new Frozen Arnold Palmer® Coolatta, featuring the classic combination of iced tea and lemonade as legendary as the man after which it’s named.”

Also returning to Dunkin’ menu boards for summer are the Oreo Coffee and Oreo Vanilla Bean Coolatta and the Watermelon and Blue Raspberry Coolatta. Each, along with yearlong flavors like Strawberry, is available in the small size for $1.99 ’til the end of May.


Starbucks Reaches Teavana With New Tea Bar

Teavanna bar
Starbucks hopes to do for tea what it’s done for coffee with the debut of its first teahouse, Teavana Fine Teas + Tea Bar.

Located in the Upper East Village, the chain’s first step outside the coffee world is described by CEO Howard Schultz as being the complete opposite of the Starbucks cafes we know and love. “The difference between a Starbucks coffee shop and a Teavana teahouse “is like night and day, it’s much more zen-like than anything you’ll find in a Starbucks store.”

Other differences between the two shops include the fact that you can order a shaken iced tea at your favorite Starbucks but don’t expect to find a grande caramel macchiato at Teavana, the tea bar doesn’t sell any coffee.

The Tea Bar couldn’t look or feel more different than it’s coffee pushing counterpart. Adorned with warm colors, mood lighting and a wall of loose leaf teas, Teavana aims to appeal to customer’s comfort, inviting them to sit and savor their order.

Teavanna Cafe Snacks
With a wide array of gourmet menu items Teavana’s prices are a bit steeper than what Starbucks customers are used to. Featuring dishes such as Lemongrass Ginger Chicken Rice Balls and Roasted Butternut Squash Strata prices can be upwards of $14.95 for their most expensive salad to $3.95 for standard baked goods such as scones. Tea lattes start at about $5.95 which is about $1 more than your favorite venti Starbucks drink.

Starbucks hopes to break into the tea industry with its new Teavana Bars with plans to open at least 1,000 more tea bars in the next 5-10 years. These specialty tea bars shouldn’t compete with existing Starbucks stores as most tea drinkers strictly stick to their loose leaf beverage of choice.

Seattle is said to be the future home of Teavana Fine Teas + Tea Bar’s second nationwide location.

H/T + PicThx USA Today


Lipton Iced Tea Scented Pens, Because Sharpies Just Ain’t Gonna Cut It


Some smells just make you feel good. Freshly baked cookies, cooking garlic, that one dish your mom used to make. For me, popping open a can of Lipton Brisk Iced Tea instantly reminds me of grandma, so while I’d hate to see her lovingly-stern face show up anywhere near my college classroom, thinking about lemon tea and extra cash would probably make those Powerpoints go by faster.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Sarasa Clip pens, Japanese stationary company Zebra has partnered with Lipton tea to create this line of tea-scented ball point pens. Available individually or in packs of five, each of the 10 pens in the line represents a different Japanese Lipton tea flavor, including Black, Grape, Vanilla Au Lait, Muscat, Lemon, Milk Tea, Peach, Valencia Orange, Apple, and Caramel au Lait, according to Rocket News.

We’ve long graduated from sniffing Sharpies or those weird scented highlighters. It’s high-time we started daydreaming in style. Iced tea pens = classy AF.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News


Free ‘Buck & Under’ Wednesdays Return to Del Taco


Free Wednesdays are back. And free is always, always welcome.

Del Taco lovers will now be happy to hear that every Wednesday starting today, Aug. 28, and continuting on Sept. 4 and Sept. 11 customers will recieve a free Buck & Under Menu item with any purchase between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. For absolutely nothing! The promotion is aimed to get Del Taco customers more familiar with the Buck & Under Menu.

Del Taco’s Buck & Under Menu includes the following items for $1 or less:

Mini Cheddar Quesadilla
Value Bean & Cheese Burrito
Regular Taco
Mini Bacon Quesadilla
Jacked Up Value Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito
Crunchy Chipotle Beef Taco
Grilled Chicken Taco
Half-Pound Bean & Cheese Burrito
Double Beef Classic Taco
Strawberry Lemonade, made with real strawberries
30-ounce Brewed Iced Tea

Pretty legit deal right? It’s only a limited time though, so mark your calendars and make sure to grab some free food today! Because free.

PicThx Del Taco