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Here’s Why You Should NEVER Store Premium Vodka In The Freezer

Almost everywhere I go, outside of a bar, I’ll see someone pulling out a bottle of vodka from their freezer right before serving it. Sure, it gives the alcoholic spirit a nice chill, but does storing it in a freezer actually do anything to enhance the quality of the drink?

Francois Thibault, the creator of Grey Goose Vodka, doesn’t seem to think so.

Thibault said that throwing your bottle in the freezer actually depreciates the quality of your vodka and that we’ve all been doing it wrong.

More premium vodkas should already have a naturally mild taste, so freezing it would only hide the “sophisticated aromas and flavors” of the alcohol, he told MSN. The Grey Goose creator added that keeping it at room temperature would also be a little aggressive.

Thibault said that the best temperature to store vodka is 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit because that is the temperature of slight dilution with ice in a glass. Freezing cheaper and low-quality vodkas will hide any “aggressive burning notes,” according to Thibault.

At the end of the day, the temperature you want to enjoy your vodka revolves around your personal preferences. Just know that sticking it in the freezer will have some dulling affects on your booze — especially if you’re spending extra on the premium stuff.

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We’ve Probably Been Drinking Literal Poop From McDonald’s Ice

Brace yourselves, as this news is pretty cringeworthy, and definitely not something you want to hear if you’ve ever eaten fast food.

Researchers at BBC Watchdog recently found poop particles in the ice at multiple McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King locations in the UK.

Yes, the report came from the UK, and you’re probably thinking you have nothing to worry about if you’re not from there, but it’s not that easy.

After reading the BBC report, I searched for other fast food poop instances, and there have been way too many over the years.

In 2010, CNN posted a report where researchers found bacteria in 70 percent of the 90 beverages they studied in Virginia. About 11 percent of those test samples had E. coli, and while it won’t kill you, it’s still not up to EPA standards.

Even research from a 12-year-old student in Florida found that ice from five different restaurants had more bacteria than the toilets within the same eatery. She collected drink samples from both self-serve and drive-thru at different restaurants, then actually went out to get samples from their restrooms.

BBC cracked down on Starbucks’ ice a few weeks ago, for the same reason, and when we posted about it on Foodbeast, some of our readers who worked fast food were not surprised.

Like the Starbucks report, the BBC research team collected 10 random samples from each restaurant and found coliforms in 30 percent of McDonald’s restaurants, 60 percent of Burger King’s restaurants, and 70 percent of KFC’s.

I, as well as many have found McDonald’s to have the best tasting Coca-Cola, anywhere. Hopefully it isn’t because of this less-than-ideal ingredient.

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You Can Now Make ‘Nugget Ice’ At Home With New Machine

Photo courtesy of FirstBuild.

You know those crunchy, semi-chewable nuggets of ice you can get at places like Sonic? People are apparently huge fans of that ice over the typical cubes you’ll get out of a freezer at home.

Sonic’s ice, also dubbed “Nugget Ice,” also has the benefit of absorbing the flavor of whatever beverage the ice is in better than regular ice cubes. It’s perfect for cooling down drinks or cocktails without diluting the flavor.

Turns out that a new ice machine exists that lets you affordably make this “Nugget Ice” at home. Called the Opal, it was manufactured by GE Appliances’ FirstBuild and is priced at $499 (about a fourth of what “Nugget Ice” machines typically cost). It’s equipped with a sensor that detects the fill level of the ice bucket to know when to automatically start and stop ice production and can hold up to three pounds of ice while producing up to 24 pounds per day.

The Opal was debuted on Indiegogo a couple of years ago and raised over $2.7 million, easily eclipsing its initial funding goal of around $150,000.

Thanks to the reasonable pricing compared to other available similar machines, you’ll be able to get one for yourself and impress friends by adding the trendy “Nugget Ice” cubes into your cocktails and other cool beverages.

With summer just around the corner, there couldn’t be a better time for the Opal to debut.

Fast Food News

Judge Rules Starbucks Can Fill Cups With As Much Ice As They Please


One of Starbucks’ recent lawsuits claimed that the massive coffee chain used too much ice in their beverages so customers would not get as much of the actual drink as they should.

The suit claimed Starbucks was committing fraud, according to GrubStreet.

Not so much, according to Judge Percy Anderson. The judge said Friday that if kids can see that throwing ice in a cup can decrease the amount of liquid served, then it stands to reason that adults will be able to do that same.

So in other words, not fraud.

Anderson also said that Starbucks’ drink cups are clear enough for customers to see the ice and the company has nowhere said drink sizes are supposed to be measured exclusively in ounces of pure liquid.

It could be argued, if ice is too much of a problem, that you can just request your barista to go easy on the cubes.


Summer Just Got A Lot Cooler With These Frozen Vodka Pops

As most people know, hard alcohol is a very difficult thing to freeze, especially when using commercial freezers. A lot of people keep their hard alcohol in the freezer simply to make it a little thicker and cooler, making it easier to take shots of.

One fairly new UK company has not only found a way to freeze it (albeit in a small amount), but they also flavored it and put it in a sleeve. This wonderful company (known as Icycl) has just virtually created the alcoholic counterpart to Otter Pops. Let that sink in.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 2.33.06 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 2.30.50 PM

When it comes to the target demographic, the brand makes it pretty clear: party people. The Icycl vodka pops were made to be enjoyed with music around, specifically EDM, and the photos accompanying the product make that abundantly evident.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 2.28.09 PM

With a 6.4% ABV for each sleeve, you will actually be able to get drunk just by eating these and never actually drinking. Each box comes with six sleeves – two apple, two blackcurrant and two lemon & lime flavors. All you have to do is throw them in the freezer for a few hours and enjoy!

These Icycl Pops can be found on Firebox for $18.19 plus tax, a small price to pay for being the coolest person at any pool party this season.

Just don’t let your kids mistake them for actual Otter Pops.


This Guy Started A Fire Using Ice [WATCH]

Surviving in the wild is something we should all be prepared to do, in case it ever comes to that. Nobody that’s had to live off of the land has done it without understanding their surroundings and knowing how to survive.

Or maybe they got lucky as shit and a plane full of seemingly useless yet exceedingly useful packages crashes near the island they’re on, leading them to surviving for three years and befriending a bloody volleyball.

Regardless, there are a plethora of useful tips and tricks for surviving the outdoors, some that you would never exepct, like starting a fire with ice. YouTube user Tim Jones shows how to make this sorcery happen.



Photo Credit: Deviant Art


This Japanese Restaurant Serves Noodles In Ice Cube Bowls And It’s The Most Beautiful Thing


A few weeks ago, we found footage of a restaurant in Japan serving noodles through a bamboo shoot. Think of it as a delicious super-slide. Now, it seems noodles in Japan are getting yet another unconventional treatment. This one’s slightly more beautiful.

Tempura Matsu, found in Kyoto, Japan, is known for serving their noodles in stunning bowls made of solid ice. According to Rocket News 24, the noodles (inaniwa udon) are made from mugwort and topped with wasabi and a raw egg yolk.

As you can see, the udon rests beautifully in the icy container.

It seems diners can’t help but share their photos of their stunning dish through social media. Hey, if we were lucky enough to be there, we’d probably do the same.

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Ben & Jerry’s Mouth-Watering New Flavors Are Too Good To Be True

Ben & Jerry’s is known for two things: having the most eccentric flavors and putting the largest chunks and gobs of deliciousness in all of their flavors. I’ll be shocked if you can find a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream that has bigger dollops of cookie dough than Ben & Jerry’s version.

The show goes on for B&J as they unveil their three newest flavors: Coconuts for Caramel, Brownie Batter and Cookies & Cream Cheesecake (say whaaaaat!?). All three flavors will be part of their Core collection, pints of ice cream that contain sweet, gooey centers.

Coconuts for Caramel will be made with sweet cream coconut ice cream, with flakes of fudge peppered in throughout and a thick, delicious cone of caramel jammed in the center.

Brownie Batter will have a blend of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. The core will be jam-packed with soft brownie batter.

The Cookies & Cream Cheesecake is made with a swirl of chocolate and cheesecake ice cream flavors, and the core will be filled with…you guessed it, thick and creamy cheesecake goodness.



Photo Credit: Chew Boom, Weggl