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Otter Pops Ditch Their Trademark Colors In Favor of No Artificial Dyes

Summertime is here, which means the birds are singing and the ice pops are freezing.

Otter Pops, a west coast classic for ice pops, is giving the otters a makeover. Gone are the artificial dyes, as well as the artifical flavors. 

“Naturally flavored with other natural flavors,” the box proudly reads.

The new pops are made with 100% fruit juice, mostly an apple juice conentrate. 

What’s most apparent is the lack of their trademark vibrant colors, as a result of ditching artificial dyes. Now, they’re a light tan, somewhere in between apple juice and a ripe banana.

Thankfully, each flavor retains its original appeal, mostly. The apple juice taste is entirely present, but the flavors we know and love are still very much alive and well. Louie-Bloo Raspberry, Strawberry Short Kook, Sir Isaac Lime, Alexander the Great — the gang’s all here.

These new otters are only available at Costcos in California, Oregon, and Washington for now.

Personally, I’ll be driving to the nearest Costco and copping a box as soon as possible. Nothing can stop me from devouring five at midnight now that I don’t even have to feel bad about it.

Plus they won’t turn my mouth and lips an intense cherry red or blue-purple?

I may need two boxes.


Green Juice Trend Now in Popsicle Form


In the past few years people have become increasingly willing to shell out the dough to sip kale, beets, and lemon juice through a straw.

Now, taking it a step further, Innocent Ice Pops freezes “green juice” into popsicles made from just fruits and vegetables. Vegan, gluten-free, fat-free, and kosher, the popsicles come in three flavors: Tropicarrot, Kale Daddy, and Sweet Beets.

Note, another company, Green Wave Smoothies, has created a similar frozen treat, calling them “the first popsicles that incorporate nutrient-dense, dark-green leafy vegetables.” The pops come in flavors like Kalelicious and Green Coolada. Uh oh, guys, we sense a trend here.

So if you’re looking to have a healthy frozen treat as we approach the hottest days of summer, you might want to consider these green juice pops. Still, they’ll never be as satisfying as a sweet, crunchy choco taco.

H/T First We Feast, Pichx Innocent Ice Pops


Sleek Superhero Ice Pops That Don’t Look Like Mutants


You’ve seen them, the pop culture-inspired popsicles typically found on ice cream trucks that don’t actually look anything like the characters they’re meant to resemble. You know, the ones with the gum ball eyes staring in two different directions and the bodies made up of melted, mutated goop.

Well, these minimalistic superhero pops designed by Netherlands-based graphic designer Chungkong are nothing like that. Sleek and instantly recognizable, they’re actually a follow-up to Chungkong’s other “pop” superhero series which re-imagined characters like Batman, The Hulk, Rorschach, and Wolverine as soda bottles.

Check out a few of our favorites below (the Captain America one is particularly ingenious), and then dream wistfully of the day such treats can become a reality. Ah, the joy of comic books.






H/T Mighty Mega


TIL Popsicles Were Accidentally Invented By an 11 Year Old in 1905


Remember when you were eleven years old and you accidentally invented the ultimate summer snack food? No? Then you’re probably not as cool as Frank Epperson, an eleven-year-old kid from San Francisco who made popsicles happen by sheer good luck in 1905. Epperson was making soda by stirring powdered flavoring and water together in a bucket (because apparently bucket beverages were the 1905 version of Dr Pepper) when he decided that there was too much effort involved, left the mixture outside on the porch and forgot about it. In the morning, the sugary mixture was frozen solid around his mixing stick — and the world’s first popsicle was born. Epperson patented the frozen dessert in 1923 and the rest was history.

We have a really hard time imagining a world without popsicles, because without popsicles there would be no popsicle stick furniturepopsicle stick art, or popsicle stick weapons — not to mention the popsicle stick jokes that taught us all what a really bad pun looks like.

So thanks, Epperson, for making a truly delicious mistake. Our childhood selves salute you.

H/T + PicThx Idiotsguide