Apparently Popsicle is a Brand Name, Not What Ice Pops Are Actually Called


It happens often enough in our corporate times, when a brand becomes so ubiquitous that its trademark is adopted as a product’s common name. We blow our noses on Kleenexes instead of facial tissues. We Xerox documents instead of photo-copying them. According to Wikipedia, some of these genericized trademarks have actually been around long enough that most people wouldn’t even recognize them as such (aspirin? elevator?!). Still, we’re not sure any amount of reddit-level self-awareness could have prepared us for this.

Popsicle. Popsicle is a brand name. The actual things are called ice pops.

First designed by accident in 1905, the name Popsicle is a portmanteau of soda pop and icicle — a nod to its origins as a bottle of soda left to freeze on a porch overnight by an 11-year-old Frank Epperson. Somewhere along the line, the pop was replaced with syrups and fruit juices and the treat’s alternate titles (ice pops, paletas, ice lollies), left to melt away into the annals of freezer section time.

Admittedly, maybe it doesn’t matter quite as much as we’re making it seem. The name Cronut is trademarked, which is why we have so many awfully named copycats like doissants or kravenuts, but whatever. They’re all motherfucking Cronuts. And this summer, whenever I’m in need of icy, fruit-flavored, mildly phallic refreshment, I will have myself popsicle dagnabit, regardless of whether it’s actually made by the Popsicle brand.

Eh, on second thought, maybe I’ll grab a Coke.

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Check Out These Sweet Star Wars LED Lightsaber Popsicle Makers, Broda

In a 2008 episode of How I Met Your Mother entitled “The Fight,” Jason Segel’s character makes the fine prediction that  “three to five years” from then, he would be cutting his Thanksgiving turkey with a lightsaber. If you, like me, are too antsy to wait another year though, these Star Wars LED Lightsaber Popsicle Makers from ThinkGeek get the whole experience of eating with Old Green pretty damn close.

Originally envisioned as an April Fool’s joke, this “Saber-lickin’ good!” ice pop mold pack features a set of four lightsaber hilts, two Lukes and two Vaders, each with an inserted LED that lets you light up the “blade” in red or green.  Just pour in your favorite liquid, pop on the hilt and in four hours throw away all self-consciousness and stage your very own epic light saber battle (sound effects, sadly, not included.)

A couple other caveats: because the LEDs are battery powered, the hilts are not machine-washable, and unless you plan on making popsicles out of plain sugar water, chances are the color of the LEDs will get lost anyway beneath the filter of whatever orange or purple or Yoda-colored juice you put in the mold.

But if you are just looking for some geektastic decoration or happen to actually like sugar water, have at it. The Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker will be available around November, all four for $35 (or less than $10 each).

Oppa Gungan style.

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IceHuggy Popsicle Insulator Totally Looks Like an Otter Pop Condom


Otter Pops are the working child’s treat. While my big spender classmates were dropping fiddies and hunneds* on drumsticks and ice cream sandwiches, a single quarter could buy me a whole Otter Pop to myself, in any flavor of my choosing (grape, mostly). Problem was, without the extra insulation of a cone or chocolate wafer, most of the time the things were just too cold to hold for more than like, a minute at a time. You could wrap them in paper towels, but that was always an extra step that caused more trouble than it was worth.

Enter the IceHuggy. Designed by a mother of six, IceHuggies are soft, stretchy, insulated sleeves made to wrap around most standard-sized ice pops and protect fingers from freezing and/or breaking off. They also feature a fold-down Velcro attachment which lets you resize your IceHuggy as your once-hard pop steadily shrinks down to size.

As demonstrated by this home video, it’s easy for kids to slide pops into the sleeves (and smile awkwardly at their mom, who throws in that IceHuggies can also be used with “yogurt sticks, Pedialyte Pops, and sore throat coolers”). Best of all, IceHuggies are machine-washable, so you’ll never have to enjoy your favorite summertime treats bare pickle again.

Otter Pop Condoms—I mean, IceHuggies are currently available online and select stores in Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina and Texas, two for $6.99.

*cents, obviously