‘The Deebo’ Is a Dorito-Crusted, Polish Ham-Stuffed Monstrosity


Apparently we’ve been asleep on Epic Deli in Johnsburg, Illinois. They’ve got some pretty beastly looking sandwiches on their menu, but the one that caught our eye goes by the name, “The Deebo.”

An homage to the muscular thug who made Ice Cube’s life miserable in the Friday movies, this sammich is stuffed with Polish ham and American cheese. Its white bread is battered in tempura, then completely crusted with crushed Doritos and fried. With a side of ghost pepper ranch dipping sauce, this sandwich just looks and sounds like fire.

Their site has a disclaimer that the “images of Epic creations are not edible through your computer, attempting to bite your screen could cause damage(s).” Good thing I read that first, ’cause I was about to start gnawing on my laptop.

H/T Epic Deli


Here’s an Unbelievably Easy Way to Make Ice Spheres

Finally, a fool-proof way to make giant ice balls, pause, in your freezer. Dreamed up by SuckUK (oh, come on, that’s just not fair), the silicone Frozen Pea mold features a simple design that captures water in sphere-shaped pods. Water is poured into an open seam along one side of the mold and from there, you can just pop the ice spheres into your drink.

Well, theoretically. The hope is that these frozen beauts will slide out of their pod unbroken, but hey, for $15 bucks, it’s worth a shot. 

Especially if that means you can end up doing this:

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Oreo Ice Cubes Prove There’s Really No Right Way to Eat Milk and Cookies (Except Maybe This One)


Cookies and cream aren’t exactly an all-the-time meal, which makes craving Oreos while knocking back a tall iced coffee only the slightest bit annoying. But no more. Thanks to this sly lifehack from Oreo, now you have all the tools to enjoy the cool taste of Oreo with everything.

Just crush up some Oreos and stick them in an ice tray filled with milk, let freeze and presto — Oreo Ice Cubes. Put them in your coffee, in your boba, in your Thai tea. Too broke to buy actual Cookies and Cream ice cream? Just suck on one of these darlings. Ran out of clean water? It’s cool; they say if you close your eyes, milk tastes just like water, so Oreo ice cubes should be the same thing right? And you thought you needed to ruin your cookie tray to be able to enjoy milk and cookies properly. Puh-lease, Oreo’s totally got this.


H/T Neatorama + PicThx Oreo


Ice Cube Palace

Every little girl thinks she is a princess, and every princess needs a palace. In an economy like today, a real palace is not reasonable. However, an Ice Cube Palace is affordable. This palace mold makes it possible to live like a king every day…vicariously…through the ice in your glass. ($8.50 @ Mortimer Snodgrass)

Hit-Or-Miss Products

Cool Shooters Ice Tray: Shot Glass Ice Mold

Let’s face it, people define you by the shot glass you have. That’s why if you want to be a baller, you want to drink out of a shot glass that you can subsequently smash without regard for wasting your money. Even better? Swallow the entire glass after a nice shot of tequila! All these options are now possible with this Cool Shooters Ice Tray. Each tray comes with 4 picardie-style shot glasses indented, works with water, but seems even more baller with juice or anything with a low enough alcohol level that will freeze. The entire tray is 5″ x 5″ x 2.5″, dishwasher safe, and designed by Jason Amendolara of Fred Studio. Drink on? ($7.95 @ NeatoShop)


Canadian Tour Food: Beef and Broccoli


Continuing his tour through the land of canuck, Corey decides on some beef and broccoli on day 2, with alittle white rice. I wanna if Ice Cube eats that stuff…probably not.


Canadian Tour Food: Smoked Roast Beef Sandwich


Foodbeast correspondent @DETOX420 is currently on tour with Ice Cube in Canada and he has been sending me food he eats everyday. Here is one of the first meals of his trip, smoked roast beef sandwich, potato salad and steak fries. Super solid setup, keep em’ coming Corey.