Someone Created A Huge CADBURY CREME EGG Ice Cream Bowl [WATCH]

Cadbury Creme Eggs are awesome, even when it’s no where near Easter time.

Instagram foodie Tym Bussanich recreated his own massive version of a Cadbury Creme Egg at home to be used as the serving bowl for an equally daunting Banana Split Ice Cream Sundae.

The details are scarce, but the pictures and video below should be enough to get your creative juices flowing:



$1000 Sundae Puts a Ring on It, Literally


We thought we’d seen it all with the $175 Richard Nouveau burgers, containing gold flakes and black truffles from the Wall Street Burger Shoppe in New York City and then again with the $1000 pizza, topped with six types of caviar, from Nino’s Bellissima, also in New York City. But no, we were wrong. There was still something more extravagant and more decadent to come.

Chef Sebastien Chamaret at swanky Meatpacking district restaurant Bagatelle, takes pricey menu items to a whole new level with the $1000 ice cream sundae.

The ‘Mauboussin Mega Sundae,’ also referred to by the restaurant as the ‘Jay-Z of desserts,’ costs $1,000 a pop. The over-the-top dessert consists of vanilla ice cream (that’s the normal bit), chocolate truffles, homemade macarons, Dom Perignon Rose sorbet (which costs around $300 a bottle) with gold leaves (yes, real gold) and chocolate vodka sauce, gilded brownies and fresh whipped cream. No big deal right?

The epic creation is served in a giant martini glass alongside a white gold steel Mauboussin ring made exclusively for Bagatelle.

Warning, if you are a sweet tooth, don’t go near this. Bankruptcy over ice cream sundaes is not good.

H/T  Zagat


Epic Meal Time Makes a 35-Gallon Ice Cream Sundae For Valentine’s Day

Get out of their way. You say you don’t care about love? The dudes at Epic Meal Time pour 35-gallons of ice cream, pastries, chocolate and caramel syrup, candied bacon, and then pour a love letter into a blender, blend it up, and drink it with a splash of Jack Daniel’s. If there was a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with this amount of decadence and show love for your sweet tooth, then someone hit our inbox and let us know.

Otherwise, we’re going to enjoy this shit show. Eat on lovebirds: