LA-based Dessert Company is Serving a Churro Ice Cream Sandwich, and it Looks Amazing

Back in September of 2013, Foodbeaster Cameron Simcik reported on an apparent Churro Ice Cream Sandwich emerging in Los Angeles at a place called the Churro Borough. The product in question at the time featured a caramel peach ice cream filling (*drool*).

The Churro Ice Cream sandwich revealed to be the brainchild of Churro Borough proprietor Sylvia Yoo.  Writer Justin Bolois recently profiled Yoo, noting that she makes all the components of the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich herself, with a creamy ice cream filling in one of four base flavors:

  • horchata with a homemade rice-and-almond-milk ice cream
  • Mexican hot chocolate
  • Orange creamsicle (seasonal)
  • Berry Panna Cotta (seasonal)

Bolois’ also mentioned that Sylvia Yoo had a product called a Churron in the works, a Churro-flavored Macaron. Until then, we’ll just have to settle for these mouthwatering confections:



ATTENTION: This is a Real-Life Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Making homemade donuts and Twinkies is so yesterday. These days, creating your very own ice cream sandwiches is where it’s at.

Made by Nostalgia Electrics the Ice Cream Sandwich Maker is basically a George Foreman for the cookie part of this dessert. Just place cookie dough into the molds, let ’em cook and you’re set to build any sort of ice cream sandwich you fancy! Peanut butter ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies or cinnamon sugar cookies enveloping a sea of Neapolitan ice cream? YES. PLEASE.

The grill also comes with round and rectangular molds to make your dessert rival the neighborhood ice cream man’s.

Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, $20 @Bed Bath & Beyond

H/T The Awesomer


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches


Just to clarify, this is an ice cream sandwich where the cookies have been replaced by cookie dough. COOKIE DOUGH.

Mind = BLOWN.

Recipe: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe


Packaged Ice Cream Sandwiches in a Cone


It’s 2014. You’d think we’d be flying around like the Jetsons in space cars and traveling back in time to the 14th century for a rustic vacation by now. But no. Instead we have these delicious ice cream sandwich cones to make up for it.

According to hungry redditors, these icy treats hail from Japan and can be found at nearly every convenience store. The familiar cookie is ditched for a flaky, light shell similar to the batter used to make ice cream cones.

They come in a neverending list of sweet variations. Here’s a peek of some of the local offerings, from top to bottom: vanilla with chocolate, red bean paste (azuki) and vanilla, chocolate, and green tea.

ice cream sandwich in a cone

Picthx WibblesandWobbles

Some also come in playful shapes, like this fish-shaped ice cream sandwich:


Picthx OIP

For those lucky enough to have Japanese and Korean food stores nearby in the States, you might be able to swoop some goodies there. However, expect the price to be 3 times higher than those in Japan.

Fast Food

This Anti-New Year’s Resolution Burger Features a 100% Bacon Patty, Fried Egg, Whiskey-Soaked Onions and an Entire Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Every month, SoCal-based burger chain Slater’s 50/50 unveils a new, completely over-the-top, featured hamburger for the month. In the past we’ve seen donut burgers, chorizo burgers, even orange chicken and kangaroo burgers.

Now, Slater’s wants to remind us that New Year’s Resolutions are hard, and skinny will never quite feel as good as bacon tastes, with its latest Excesstasy Burger and Ice Cream Sandwich, available through January.

The burger (and bear with me, because it’s a doozy): two brioche buns tenuously nestled around an all-natural beef patty, a bed of arugula and garlic tomato confit, another 100% ground bacon patty soaked in bone marrow butter, white cheddar, a WHOLE bacon grilled cheese sandwich, Southern Comfort whiskey drunken onions, and a sunny-side up egg, topped off with Slater’s house made thousand island aioli.


And the dessert sandwich: a fresh-basked peanut butter sugar cookie atop two scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream atop a giant homemade peanut butter cup atop two schools of vanilla ice cream, all atop a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie.


Wash both down with a hoppy pale ale and a porter for a proper start to 2014. Who needs juice cleanses, anyhow?

Picthx Slater’s 50/50


Umami Burger Debuts PB&J Ice Cream Sandwich Made with Jelly Donut


Umami Burger is upgrading their dessert line-up with a particularly decadent dessert: Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches. The concoction comes from a collaboration between L.A. Creamery Ice Cream and Stan’s Donuts in Southern California.

The flavor mash-ups include: Peanut butter and jelly ice cream sandwiched between a jelly donut; chocolate ganache ice cream sandwiched inside a chocolate peanut butter donut; cinnamon toast ice cream stuffed between a cinnamon roll with chocolate chips. Ok, so the last one technically isn’t a “Donut” Ice Cream Sammie but… at this point the sound of saliva waterfalling out of my mouth is making it hard to concentrate… You were saying?

The new Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches are now available at every Umami location in Southern California and New York for $6 and $8 a pop, respectively.

Fast Food

Carl’s Jr. Testing Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwich


You gotta love the guy who named the Snickerdoodle. Whether the word really is a corruption of the German Schneckennudeln (meaning “snail noodles”), as Wikipedia suggests, or just a fanciful bit of nonsense courtesy of silly New English (as it also suggests), the name “snickerdoodle” just sounds fun. It’s like what a troublesome schoolboy does when he’s pretending he didn’t do it.

Carl’s Jr. is currently testing a new Snickerdoodle Ice Cream sandwich as the latest edition to its Pop-Tart, Oreo and chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich line. The guys at Brand Eating spotted this poster at a Southern California location, promoting the new cinnamon-sugary confection for $1.49.

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating


This Waffle is Dipped in Chocolate then Stuffed with Reese’s and Ice Cream


It’s a mouthful to say, but it sounds so sweet. The dessert gods (also known as Mom on Time Out) have created this insanely beautiful and heart-stopping ice cream sandwich. Summer will have to hold out a little longer for this one.

The Reese’s Chocolate-Dipped Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich starts with Eggo Mini waffles dipped in chocolate and frozen. Then throw on some vanilla ice cream, or heck, some Reese’s ice cream, and place a Reese’s peanut butter cup on top. Throw on another chocolate covered mini waffle, and you’ve got yourself a sandwich.

In answer to the questions I’m sure you’re all asking: yes, I’m sitting at my desk and dying that I can’t make one of these ASAP. Please make them for me and enjoy in my stead?

HT Nerdalicious + PicThx Mom on Time Out