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We’re Freaking Out Over This Ice Cream Sandwich That Hasn’t Melted In Four Days

While ice cream sandwiches may seem like a great way to cool down this summer, you may want to take a look again at how the heat affects them. In some cases, it may not seem like they’re melting at all.

One Australian woman discovered that when her grandson left a broken part of his summer treat on the lawn. As described in her Facebook post, the ice cream sandwich, which she purchased from a local supermarket chain known as Coles, didn’t melt over the course of at least four days, and not even ants crawling around the lawn would touch the dessert.

In response, a Coles spokesperson told that

“Our ice cream sandwiches make use of very simple, commonly-used food techniques that help slow the melting process, and allows you to consume it without it falling apart in your hands. This technique includes adding thickener to the cream, creating a honeycomb-like structure which helps to slow the melting process. When the product starts to melt and liquid evaporates, you are left with what appears as foam.”

This is similar to a phenomenon that occurred with some ice cream sandwiches at Walmart back in 2014. An investigation conducted by Cincinnati TV station WCPO found that their sandwiches barely melted versus other ice cream brands that turned into puddles within half an hour.

So why are these ice cream sandwiches not melting? The answer lies in what’s in the creamy treat. To help prevent the desserts from melting too quickly, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and other additives like calcium sulfate are mixed into the ice cream to help slow the melting process. These ice creams are still safe for consumption and the ingredients are approved by the FDA, but it will definitely freak you out if you leave it out in the hot sun for a while.