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Former McDonald’s Employee Posts Ice Cream Machine Pics That Will Disgust You

A former McDonald’s employee who was recently fired, went out in a way that a lot of people probably wish they could: Guns blazing.

In kind of a 2017 version of the infamous “F*ck you, I’m out!” scene from Half Baked, Twitter user @phuckyounick posted photos from behind the kitchen at the McDonald’s location he used to work at and basically let himself get fired from McDonald’s.

No, the photo above is not the grease trap, this is:

Nick said that he already had a new job lined up, and wanted to leave the fast food restaurant with a bang, so he went off posting photos of the grimy part of the ice cream machine, and some less-than-desirable looking frozen patties.

The frozen food photo isn’t really shocking, but it’s at least a quick reminder that McDonald’s isn’t exactly the picture of freshness.

The photos got shared like crazy, and people started painting McDonald’s workers as saints who tell us the ice cream machine is broken in order to save us.


It was probably no coincidence that he posted all this just before National Ice Cream Day:


Then other McDonald’s employees were encouraged to post gross photos of their work environment.


Obviously, we never get chunks of gunk in our ice cream, but you never want to see photos like that coming out of a restaurant.

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McDonald’s Employee Gets Jumped For Broken Ice Cream Machine

McDonald’s ice cream machines always seem to be “broken,” and while it draws the ire of those with a sweet tooth, you wouldn’t expect anyone to get violent over it.

According to Click Orlando News, a confrontation occurred at a Volusia County, Florida McDonald’s as a group of three customers attacked an employee over a broken ice cream machine.

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According to reports, three female customers at the drive-thru were told by an employee that the machine was out of service. Moments later, they saw a customer inside the McDonald’s eating an ice cream. The young ladies went inside the restaurant, thinking they were getting played, and started an argument.

At least one of the women went behind the counter, and started swinging and pulling the employees hair.

One of the store managers called 911 after the incident, and the call can be heard below:

The women took off in a red sedan, and as soon as McDonald’s gives authorities surveillance footage, they can start looking for the three angry customers.

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An App Finally Exists That Tells You Which McFlurry Machines Are Broken

Image courtesy of Ice Check.

We all know the feel of going to a McDonald’s and ordering a McFlurry, only to find out that the machine is broken… again. While McDonald’s did recently unveil a new machine that cuts down the time needed to fix and reset the machines, a new app offers a better solution: it’ll tell you which machines nearby you are working.

The app, called Ice Check, works in a similar style to the traffic app Waze, which informs you of cops, accidents, and road hazards via getting information from its users on what was happening on the roads. Ice Check will work in a similar fashion, using consumer input to inform which McDonald’s McFlurry machines are currently operational.

Participating McDonald’s locations will also input data to the app, meaning that several McDonald’s will be feeding in the info to tell you if their McFlurry machine is broken or not. The locations will also be giving out coupons if their machines are down.

In addition to the McFlurry information, Ice Check allows you to bookmark specific McDonald’s franchises and provides turn-by-turn directions to your selected McDonald’s.

The app is going to drop onto the App Store on April 14th, so when that date arrives, McFlurry lovers will be able to rejoice in knowing they will be able to reliably find McFlurry machines that are up and running.

Now that’s pretty sweet.

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McDonald’s Is Finally Revamping Its Busted Ice Cream Machines

I know I can’t be the only one who has tried to hit up McDonald’s for a McFlurry, or shake and gets hit with the, “Sorry, our machines is down right now.” I swear, that happens 90 percent of the time, and it fills me with the kind of rage that only an Oreo McFlurry could soothe.

For years I just thought the employees were f*cking with us (They probably were), but they must have really had some busted machines, because McDonald’s is reportedly replacing its ice cream machines with newer, sleeker ones in the US and Europe, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The new machines are reportedly easier to clean and maintain as they have fewer parts to work with. That’s huge because one of the biggest reason the machines are often down, is because of the 4-hour cleaning process they must go through.

Hopefully they get these going at all McDonald’s soon, and they can finally operate at all hours, because I no longer want to be denied my 2 a.m. caramel sundae craving.

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