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There’s A FROZEN 2 ICE CREAM CAKE At Your Grocery Store Right Now

When Frozen released a couple years back, it was inescapable. Olaf, Elsa, and Anna’s faces were plastered on everything from soup cans to toilet seat covers. Even if you managed to not watch the movie, the song Let It Go became a smash hit and blared from every minivan on the block. Now, years later, it appears Disney is commencing the second half of their plot for Frozen’s department store domination, as they prepare to release a Frozen 2 ice cream cake in collaboration with Carvel.

The new cake is a spinoff of Carvel’s ice cream cake that’s long been in stores. Instead of the normal white exterior, the Frozen cake features a design that mimics a snowflake.

Underneath that sits vanilla and chocolate ice cream, along with chocolate crunchies and a whipped frosting on which the aforementioned design sits. 

The cake will be available for a limited time at major retailers such as Walmart, Publix, Kroger, and select others. If you want to buy one, check out this product locator to find stores nearby that carry the Frozen treat. 




Hot off the success of his Bacon-wrapped Mozarella-stuffed Burgers, Instagram legend @PeepMySneaks is at it again with a new video teaching the world how to make Birthday Cake Waffles.

To make the batter, he finds some funfetti cake mix, throws a couple eggs, oil and water before mixing it all up. Then he takes the magical batter and pours it into a waffle iron to get toasty.

Top it all off with some ice cream and change your life:



Not the Onion: Man Named Fudge Robs Cold Stone Creamery

A few weeks ago a former employee of a Coldstone Creamery in Iowa was accused of stealing cakes, ice cream and cash from the ice cream chain. Supposedly, he wasn’t making his own creations complete with mix-ins but rather snatching the pre-packed pints for himself. The icing on the proverbial ice cream cake has to be that the suspect’s name is Conor P. Fudge. Gotta love how that works, right?

Fudge, age 25,  was charged with third degree burglary, a class D felony and a misdemeanor count of third degree theft — all for stealing $501 worth of cash and desserts. A steep price for some cheesecake fantasy ice cream.

H/T Des Moines Register + PicThx Cold Stone


Internet Births Genius ‘Cake Shake’ Hack


Dear Internet,

You are both the bane and joy of my existence. On one hand, you pop out insane $750, 000 pizzas. On the other hand, you bring us such delectable bits of goodness that it’s impossible to stay mad at you for to long. Take this genius “Cake Shake” hack that found its way to us by way of Reddit.

It’s further proof that the best things in life are simple, easy and fantastic. Simply chuck a slice of ice cream cake in a blender, splash on a bit of milk and whoosh — the perfect milkshake thickened by extra-sweet icing and bits of cake. 

I’m thinking this would work well with the obvious cookies-and-cream ice cream cake. If you want to take it to the next level, try a fudge-and-mint version. And remember kids, whole milk only. None of that 2% baby stuff.




H/T + PicThx Reddit, Imgur


PB&J Ice Cream Cake is the Best Thing to Happen to Grown Up Food


This is one of those unicorn moments when something you didn’t think possible is actually a real, delicious thing. Like this kickass Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream Cake. 

My first reaction when I laid eyes on this beaut . . .

. . . followed by the obligatory happy dance, of course.

That being said, this recipe brings us back to those days when a soggy, smashed PB&J was like caviar to your 5-year-old palate. Except add ice cream sandwiches. And Cool Whip. ‘Nuff said.

Get the recipe here, make it, then save us some.

H/T + Photo Courtesy Eat at Home Cooks/Kudos F4HiM4x, Alicia is My Name


Baskin-Robbins Reveals a Royal Wedding Ice Cream Cake

The countdown to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and princess to-be Catherine Middleton is well underway. With five weeks left until the big celebration, brand after brand seems to be jumping on the chance to join in on the fun.

Earlier this month we unveiled Dunkin’ Donuts’ homage via their Royal Wedding Donut, and a little over a week later we are privy to Baskin-Robbins‘ inspired product addition: the Royal Wedding Ice Cream Cake.


"Book of Awesome" Ice Cream Cake

An ice cream cake inspired everything awesome. An ice cream cake inspired by digging a hole in your mashed potatoes and letting it be a lagoon for your gravy liquid, or finding money in your pocket just moments before you put your jeans in the wash. What’s inside the book? Well, we can atleast tell you what it’s made of! We’re looking at a sandwich made from a cookie, covered in dark chocolate and stuffed with vanilla ice cream. That, my friends, is awesome. (PicThx Insanewiches)