Packaged Food

New Chewy Brownie-Filled Chips Ahoy! Are the Perfect Brownie to Milk Delivery Vehicle


Why do we even eat regular Chips Ahoy cookies anyhow? The Original is chalky garbage, the Chewy ones are too small. You have the Chewy Gooey Megafudges, which get a little closer to the requisite chocolate flavor, but even they taste like they were designed by someone who maybe once had chocolate as a child and was then asked to describe that taste to a blind and deaf food scientist (I exaggerate).

But at least Chips Ahoy’s new Chewy Brownie-Filled cookies look promising.

The net-consensus so far is that these slightly thicker, slightly richer, slightly chocolate-ier takes on the beloved Chewies definitely taste like brownies, albeit artificial and somewhat grainy grocery store ones. The fellas over at Junk Food Guy describe them as follows: “These not only smelled like brownie, but they definitely tasted like brownies…deep cocoa flavor that morphed into a nice not-too-sweet chocolate taste as I chewed more. Plus, and this could all be in my head, but I felt like these had that great stick-to-the-root-of-your-mouth sensation that brownies typically give.”


Of course, Adam from Impulsive Buy is a bit more exacting with his approval: “It’s not quite fudgy or chocolaty enough to really convince you it’s a brownie (even a packaged brownie like the one Fiber One makes) and not quite as classic tasting as a chocolate chip cookie, so I can’t guarantee it’ll satisfy your craving for either.”

It will, however, let you fulfill all your childhood fantasies of dipping brownies into milk without having them fall apart, which can’t be a bad thing.

PicThx Chips Ahoy


Ramen Burgers, From Top Sirloin to Top Ramen


I’ve seen a lot of fusions come about in the food world but never did I imagine that ramen would get friendly with a burger and pop out a hybrid baby of epic proportions. Meet the Shoyu Ramen Burger.

This frankenburger  is made up of a prime beef patty glazed with a secret shoyu sauce, nestled between some fresh scallions, arugula and some fresh noodle ramen buns. Because who needs bread when you can fry up some noodles instead?

The ramen burger made its New York debut this past weekend at Smorgasborg in Williamsburg, Brookyn. Master creator Keizo Shimamoto perfected these unique burgers back in Tokyo and whipped up 100 of these bad boys for the Brooklyn-based flea market.

Ugh, not fair. Howabout we make this a permanent thing, guys?

H/T + PicThx Zagat

Fast Food

Flamas Doritos Locos Taco – Taco Bell’s Next Flavor Confirmed for August 22nd


It seems as if Taco Bell is hellbent on not telling us the obvious: the Flamas Doritos Locos Taco rolls out August 22nd. 

Instead, they insist on teasing everyone with flirtatious hints here and there and sending us on wild goose chases (ahem, Fiery Chicken Cool Ranch).

Yesterday, the folks over at Taco Bell decided to mail us a black box labeled, “#___DLT.” Hoping it was filled with warm, crunchy Flamas DLTs, we got the ultimate blow when we discovered it was just a random bunch of Doritos chip bags — with flavors ranging from Spicy Sweet Chili to Tapatio. Unsurprisingly, a small bag of Flamas Doritos was found within the mix.

Clever, guys. It’s not like David Novak, CEO of Yum Brands, told investors back in December that he expects the Flamas-flavored taco to launch in the later half of 2013, aka August. Or that we tried out the Flamas DLT ourselves when they were testing them back in June 2012. Or that our source from Taco Bell corporate specifically confirmed that it would be the next flavor to complete the DLT trifecta.

For those of you who have yet to try it, the Flamas shell packs a serious flavor profile and brings together spicy hot chile with citrus lemon zest. Add this to Taco Bell’s standard taco guts of shredded lettuce, cheese and meat and you’ve got a formidable addition to the DLT family.

Remember, kids: Flamas Doritos Locos Tacos launch August 22nd. Save the date.


Bougie Ice Cream S’mores on a Stick Are the Latest Shtick by the Cronut’s Dominique Ansel


At this point, it really is the Cronut’s Dominique Ansel, and not Dominique Ansel’s Cronut. But not to be outshined by his now world-infamous invention, the genius Cronuteer is back with yet another inspired twist on an American classic: the Frozen S’more.

Yes, ice cream s’mores have been done before, which means this Cronut-sequel is unlikely to harness the same staying power of its older brother. But what the Frozen S’more lacks in portmanteau magic it makes up for in bougieness, since instead of simply sandwiching frozen milk between two graham crackers and setting it on a plate over a burlap tablecloth – Pinterest-style – Ansel’s rendition encases the vanilla ice cream with a chocolate wafer and marshmallow mixed with dondurma (a thick, Turkish ice cream); skewers the whole thing on an applewood-smoked willow branch; and then torches it, because he can.

So will the Frozen S’more (or, as Grubstreet suggests we should call it, the “Fr’or”) be enough to change Ansel’s historical title from “Cronut-inventor” to simply “Genius Pâtissier”? Probably not, but it’ll definitely make a nice little footnote.

H/T + Picthx Grub Street


Things That Have to be Amazing: S’more Donut Sandwiches Made with Beer Marshmallows

Who in the hell was genius enough to wake up one morning and think, “Hey! I know! I’ll mix s’mores, donuts, and alcohol!”

Homemade beer marshmallows. Graham cracker donuts. Dark chocolate. Hot fudge. Nope, go home you’re drunk.

This sweet dessert hybrid is the brainchild of Half Baked Harvest where you know they’re doing something right if they’re coming up with desserts like this. I’m just saying what we’re all thinking . . . this monstrosity would be all sort of deliciousness up in yo mouf’ if you too were “half baked.”

You can make these treats at home if you have the patience to make your own donuts and marshmallows. If not just make them the old fashioned way and chug your favorite brew.

That’s kind of the same thing, right?

H/T + PicThx Neatorama


A Coffee/Tea Hybrid – Less Caffeine, Healthier than Both


I wish I liked coffee, really I do. Somehow, something about it screams “I’m editing this big-time New York City newspaper with a wit and intellect as bitter and black as my soul.”

But no, I’m a tea person, which means I should probably resign myself to writing fitness or fashion articles at some LA startup blog.

But I digress. For those who’d prefer not to pigeonhole themselves into either end of the caffeinated-journalist spectrum, researchers from the Royal Botanic Gardens in London have just discovered what may be the perfect breakfast, 2 o’clock or early-early morning drink: tea made out of coffee.

Brewed with the leaves of the coffea plant, this tea-coffee hybrid is said to be less bitter than tea, not as strong as coffee and to contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which could help combat heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Of course, the coffee leaf isn’t an entirely new discovery, which begs the question why the brew hasn’t exactly taken off over the years. Maybe it has something to do with its caffeine content – “far less” than both coffee and tea – or perhaps its “earthy” or even “undrinkable” taste, as reported by researchers.

Still, a coffeehouse menu item with the potential to unite the whole over-caffeinated world? Could be pretty sweet.

H/T News AU

Cravings Sweets


This cake and pie hybrid is a mix of lemon vanilla cake with blueberry preserves, all snuggled up against a strawberry pie and cream cheese frosting. Now this is what I want to have for dessert. (Thx TIWYF)