The World’s Most Hipster Vegetable You Haven’t Heard About: Kale Brussels Sprouts


When I first read that the tasty, meaty, and amazingly versatile Brussels sprout was basically a baby cabbage, I was crushed. Because cabbage is disgusting. Kale, on the other hand, is also pretty disgusting, but only if not steamed or sautéed or prepared in any way to make it palatable to humans instead of rabbits. Like Brussels sprouts, Kale is also trendy as F.

For one British vegetable breeding company, this similarity was reason enough to combine the two greens into perhaps the most hipster-beloved Frankenveggie of our times: a kale and Brussels sprouts hybrid called the Kalette (also, BrusselKale). Since 1995, Tozer Seeds has worked on perfecting the little mutant, at first in hopes of boosting Brussels sales in the U.K., but now in an effort to create green, leafy, kale-Brussels-AND-hybrid food gold.


To be available in the U.S. come fall, Kalettes promise to provide “a fresh fusion of sweet and nutty” and “the best flavors of kale and Brussels sprouts” through their weirdly pretty miniature kale leaves on Brussels stalks. Slate’s L.V. Anderson did complain, though, that the vegetables’ flavors are not the draw, but their textures. We figure we’re good as long as we can still #hashtag the crap out of them.

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This Waffle is Made Out of Vanilla Ice Cream Swimming in Maple Syrup Espresso


Sure, wonuts are cool, but they’re really just circle-shaped waffles. This waffogato, on the other hand, is something else entirely.

Infused with actual bits of salted Belgian waffle, this latest creation from Cronut-maker Dominique Ansel sees Tahitian vanilla ice cream set inside a waffle mold and poured over with warm maple-syrup-spiked espresso. Sprinkled sea salt and pearl sugar lend some extra crunch, while little tapioca pearls laid in the vanilla float up once the ice cream starts to melt.

It’s just the touch of gastronomic brilliance worthy of ringing in the Cronut’s anniversary (happy birthday little buddy!). Created for New York’s Taste of the Nation fundraiser tonight, the waffogato should be available at Dominique Ansel bakery “soon.” The rest of the world, meanwhile, will be waiting patiently for our knock-offs.

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An Adorable Goat-Sheep Hybrid Exists and It’s Called a GEEP


I’m not judging or anything, but it seems like sheep are getting around these days. First, there was the curly-haired sheep-pig. Now, a goat-sheep hybrid exists, and it’s known as a GEEP.

Irish farmer Paddy Murphy is the proud papa of this adorable, curly-haired animal, which was totally unintentional in the first place. A few months back, he noticed one of his goats and a Cheviot sheep gettin’ cozy and didn’t realize they successfully mated until, well, a little black geep was running around his farm.

It’s very rare for a geep to exist, since the genetic difference between a goat and a sheep is substantial (they’re usually stillborn or die during pregnancy). However, this little guy beat the odds and turned out to be a healthy, adorable addition to the Murphy farm. He can even run faster than his other lamb friends! Now that’s what I like to call a successful underdog story.

Check out the video below to see this little geep in action:

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Waffle + Falafel = Wafalafel


Remember that time when we thought it would be fun aka totally genius to see what we could stick in a waffle iron and make more delicious? Well Serious Eats just upped the waffle game with their latest creation, the wafalafel.

It may sound like “waffle-awful” but it looks “waffle-freakin-mazing” to us. Rather than sticking some falafel straight onto the iron (which resulted in a falafel fail), Serious Eats figured out that by wrapping the falafel in some pita bread the ultimate wafalafel experience was achieved.

The perfectly portable wafalafel is not only easier to eat but significantly less messy than your average rolled up falafel sandwich and way more dunk-able. The process is simple, grab your falafel sandwich with some olive oil and throw it in the waffle iron. Cook until your desired crispiness level and boom. The wafalafel is best served with a side of tahini and hot sauce.

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Au Bon Pain Devises Croissant/Sweet Bun Hybrid Called the ‘CroisBun’


Yeah, because we haven’t seen any crazy dessert mashups like that before.

(Exhibit A, B, C)

The latest footnote in the never-ending cronut saga comes from Boston-based bakery Au Bon Pain. A cake-y sweet bun covered with a flaky, croissant-y muffin top, the “CroisBun” is part of the chain’s new seasonal spring menu. Available stuffed with either sweet cream or strawberry and cream cheese, it also happens to be part pull-apart monkey bread, designed to split into three pieces for easy sharing, according to Brand Eating.

Is it new? No. (In fact, hardcore ABP-ers will notice a striking resemblance between this treat and the chain’s former creme de fleurs). Is it delicious? Probably fairly. Is it the perfect example of a once-fascinating food trend now beat to hell and back tenfold? Abso-freaking-lutely.

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You Will Not Believe How Unimpressive the Latest Cronut Offspring Is



Apparently, the internet has discovered a more “humble” version of the cronut. Spotted by NPR’s Ian Chillag at Chicago’s Donut Fest, the doughscuit hails from Endgrain Restaurant — the latest enterprise to offer yet another Cronut offspring.

The half doughnut, half biscuit confection features a “transcendent” and “impossible mix of doughnut-fried sweetness and crumbly biscuitness,” according to a smitten Chillag.

The inspiration of the novelty mash-up came about when Enoch Simpson, chef and owner of Endgrain, responded to requests to create a Cronut copycat. However, rather than attempting a Cronut clone, Simpson’s brother Caleb (who also owns Endgrain), suggested they experiment with the Doughscuit hybrid.

The rest, is history. However, while the doughscuit is touted as next-level, we can’t help but be unimpressed after the plethora of cronut lookalikes bombarding our tastebuds (see: here, here, here and here). Sigh, what happened to the days when a good ol’ glaze would do the trick?

Picthx NPR

Fast Food

Taco Bell Now Testing Quesarito (Burrito + Quesadilla)


While most fast food fans have heard of the quesarito from such illustrious establishments as Chipotle and Freebirds, Taco Bell is now trying their own hand at this hybrid item.

The chain is currently testing their new Quesarito only in Oklahoma City. However, rather than keeping this item on a not-so-secret menu as in the case with Chipotle and Freebirds, the Quesarito would be added to Taco Bell’s permanent menu if successful. Taco Bell’s version wraps their regular-item beef burrito in a grilled quesadilla loaded with melted cheese. Patrons can choose to swap the beef with shredded chicken or steak, and the test prices range from $1.99 to $2.99, depending on your choice of protein.

The result, as expected, is fantastic, inglorious food porn.


Williamsburg Based Cragel is 50% Bagel, 50% Croissant


Williamsburg is not about be left out of a popular scene. The hipster borough now has a croissant hybrid to call their own thanks to The Bagel Store. Cragels, not to be confused with Crogels or Cronuts are described as a “delicate, flaky, buttery croissant baked into a flavorful tasty bagel, 50% croissant, 50 % bagel.” The Bagel Store actually released their creation back in September but it is Brooklyn so the hipsters probably wanted to keep their precious Cragel under the mainstream radar.


The Cragel has pull-apart layers similar to a croissant but baked in true bagel form whereas the Crogel looks exactly like a Cronut with its tall visible layers but is a bagel. Got it?

Also unlike it’s sweet counterpart The Bagel Store ships Cragels nationwide charging $2.95 for the doughy treat.

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