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Sriracha Production Halts Due to Chili Pepper Shortage

Huy Fong Inc.’s Sriracha hot sauce is a pantry staple in many kitchens, being a versatile condiment that can pair its piquant and fiery brand with practically any meal. But sadly, fans may have to look elsewhere for a replacement sauce for the time being.

The company has said that due to chili pepper shortages, it will be halting production of its signature Sriracha hot chili sauce as well as its Chili Garlic and Sambal Oelek products, and will not accept any new orders placed before September. Any orders placed before Labor Day would be fulfilled in the subsequent fall season, due to lack of inventory.

“We are still endeavoring to resolve this issue that has been caused by several spiraling events, including unexpected crop failure from the spring chili harvest,” Huy Fong Inc. shared in a statement. “We hope for a fruitful fall season and thank our customers for their patience and continued support during this difficult time,” they continued.

In light of the unfortunate news, some folks have begun hoarding the current supplies of Huy Fong Inc.’s Sriracha, worried about the uncertain future of their favorite condiment.

The ambiguity of Sriracha’s future could leave fans with no other choice but to find a replacement hot sauce in the meantime.

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Sriracha Seasoning Stix Are The Perfect New Way To Season Everything

If there’s one hot sauce that America is absolutely obsessed with, it’s undoubtedly Sriracha. We put it in everything: burgers, chicken, and even just deep fried on its own. Now, we have a brand new way to enjoy its iconic spicy flavor.

Huy Fong Foods, the inventors of Sriracha, and Seasoning Stix creator, Sugarmade, have teamed up to create Sriracha Seasoning Stix. They’re hardened, encapsulated Sriracha sauce that liquifies upon heating, making it a simple and easy way to cook chicken, beef, fish, and other meat products.

Currently, four flavors are developed and ready to be launched early this year – Classic Sriracha, Sriracha Butter Garlic, Sriracha Teriyaki, and Blend X (a secretive blend that includes Sriracha and a bunch of stuff kept under wraps).

Besides conventional uses for it in cooking, there’s definitely a TON of ways to get creative with these sticks. You can break them up into marinades for wings, baked or grilled meat or fillings for steamed dumpling and empanadas. Crumble the Stix into bread dough, and when it’s baked, you’ll have a perfectly spicy loaf of bread. Stick them into marshmallows for a spicy s’more, stir your coffee with it (if you’re down with that)…. the list goes on.

Our imagination is the only limit when it comes to what we can use these for.


14 Non-Huy Fong Sriracha Products You Need to Try Now


At Fancy Food Show and Expo West this year, Foodbeast discovered, to our surprise, that other Sriracha-based items existed in the world that wasn’t from the widely popular Huy Fong brand. Well, color us red. Between varying types of Sriracha sauces, condiments, snacks and even seasoning, it definitely looks like there could be some potential contenders for the Sriracha belt. While Huy Fong Sriracha is everywhere and goes great with everything, sometimes the idea of variety is nice to have.

For those of you Huy Fong lovers with a wandering eye, check our compilation of Sriracha products  you probably haven’t seen before.


Extra Hot Sriracha Mustard

Beaver Brand




Sriracha Chili Sauce





Sriracha Potato Chips

Kettle Brand




Sriracha Chili Sauce

Lee Kum Kee




Sriracha Mustard





Sriracha Chilli Sauce





Sriracha Mayo

Lee Kum Kee




Sriracha Popcorn

Popcorn Indiana




 Sriracha Chili Sauce

Sriracha Panich




Sriracha Coated Peanuts

Do Re Mi




Sriracha Seasoning

Dean Jacob’s




Sriracha Pepper Sauce

Most Wanted




Sriracha Coated Green Peas

Feng Shui





Sriracha Cha!

Texas Pete




Sriracha Factory Hangs Banner for Irwindale Residents: No Tear Gas Made Here


Last Sunday, the Huy Fong Foods company — known for its infamous Sriracha chili sauce — erected a banner outside its Irwindale, Calif. factory reading “No Tear Gas Made Here.”

The sassy move comes at the crux of an ongoing dispute between Huy Fong and Irwindale residents, who claim fumes coming from the factory have caused them burning eyes and irritated throats. Last Tuesday, a judge ordered the factory to stop any operations which could contribute to the smell and begin making larger, more long-term amends. Still, if this brazen, we daresay cocky, display is any indication, it would seem the hot sauce giant has a little fight left in it yet.

H/T + Picthx ABC


The Sriracha Lover’s Gift Guide, for Everyone and Their Moms

Face it, no matter how well you know a person, holiday shopping is hard. Great, your bestie’s a craft beer snob. But that Moleskine Beer Journal you’ve been eyeing? He’s already got it. And that super-ironic Bacon Scarf for your super-ironic vegan friend? Yeah, his super-ironic sister’s out buying it as we speak.

Luckily, Sriracha is the every-foodie’s milk and honey, so if you’re scrambling to find a gift for your favorite person with taste buds, rest assured these cock-sauce-inspired gifts are sure to melt even the coldest, most snobby foodie heart.


1. Boxers – Hot.

$19 @ The Oatmeal

2. Lollipops – Sriracha in totally sweet, totally suckable lolly form? Super-hot.

4 for $10 @ Lollyphile

3. Lip Balm – So Sriracha lovers everywhere can virtually make out with the sun-ripened liquid of the gods. Super-Mega-Ultra-Hot.

$4 @ J&D’s

4. Popcorn – Less hot, but a totally solid alternative to butter.

3 for $13 @ J&D’s

4. Cookbooks – In regular and “Veggie-Lover’s” form; the rooster don’t judge.

$12 @ Amazon

5. Aprons – Comes with two “perfectly sized cock holsters Sriracha bottle holsters.”

$19 @ The Oatmeal

6. Water Bottles — Perfect for scaring random passerby with your bravado.

Sold out, but still awesome! H/T: Gage + Desoto

7. Tote Bags – Totes for carrying Sriracha bottles around everywhere. Obviously.

$16 @ The Oatmeal

8. Printed T-Shirts (also bumper stickers, etc.) – For sharing rooster-y love with the world.

$19 @ The Oatmeal

9. And finally, Pho – For curing all illness, sharing some heartfelt bonding time and hearkening back to the cock sauce’s illustrious culinary roots.

~$3-7 most places