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Japanese Liquor Brand Suntory Gives Back To Hurricane Victims

Suntory Holdings, makers of U.S. brands Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark, recently committed $1 million to support the American Red Cross with recovery efforts in communities that have been impacted by the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

“Suntory’s vision of Growing for Good is built on core values that include giving back to society. It is in that spirit that we want to support relief and recovery for those impacted by these devastating hurricanes,” said president and CEO Takeshi Niinami via a statement. “Our thoughts are with the families, communities and our partners impacted by these massive storms.”

In addition to the Japanese company’s donation, Beam Suntory – a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings – has also contributed more than $100,000 to support employee assistance funds established by its largest distributor partners, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits and the Republic National Distributing Company, as well as the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. Beam Suntory is also matching the hurricane relief donations of its U.S. employees. Another Suntory Holdings company, Pepsi Bottling Ventures has made a monetary donation to the American Red Cross and will also be providing access to water and other supplies.

Suntory’s business in the United States includes Chicago-based Beam Suntory, the world’s third largest premium spirits company, and North Carolina-based Pepsi Bottling Ventures, the largest privately-held bottler for Pepsi-Cola products in North America. Beam Suntory’s operations include the Cruzan Rum distillery in the U.S Virgin Islands, which were in the path of Hurricane Irma.

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Anheuser-Busch Sends Emergency Drinking Water To Hurricane Harvey Victims

Many companies are pitching in to help those affected by the catastrophic damage that Hurricane Harvey has caused southeastern Texas and Louisiana. For their part, Anheuser-Busch, makers of Budweiser Beer, is delivering three truckloads — over 155,000 cans — of emergency drinking water to help communities in the Gulf Coast area.

An initial truckload was sent from their Cartersville brewery in Georgia and delivered to the American Red Cross in Baton Rouge on August 28 with help from Mockler Beverage, one of Anheuser-Busch’s wholesaler partners. Two additional truckloads are being sent to an American Red Cross facility in Arlington, Texas, which are scheduled to arrive in the coming days.

The Cartersville brewery halts production periodically throughout the year to prepare canned drinking water so as to be ready to help American communities in times of need.  This clean, safe emergency drinking water was already canned and ready to be shipped when the Red Cross issued an urgent request to support communities hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast early Saturday with winds over 100 mph and devastating floods in some areas. The American Red Cross prepared over 50 shelters to support thousands of potentially displaced people.

Anheuser-Busch has three facilities in Houston: one large brewery, its craft partner Karbach, and the Longhorn glass bottle facility.  These three facilities together have approximately 1,100 employees and all are safe.

The company has a longstanding tradition of providing water and supplies to those affected by natural disasters nationwide. In 2016, Anheuser-Busch produced and shipped emergency drinking water to communities hit by natural disasters, including the California wildfires, the Louisiana floods, and Hurricane Matthew. Since 1988, the St. Louis-based brewer has provided over 76 million cans of drinking water to aid disaster-stricken areas.


Here are the Signature Cocktails of All 50 States — Supposedly


Tapping into the geographic pride side of things, Buzzfeed put out a list of 51 signature cocktails, one for each U.S. state, plus the District of Columbia. According to Buzzfeed writer Hannah C. Gregg, each cocktail was chosen “with some semblance of logic: a combination of state origin, popularity, and exclusivity.” Kentucky, for example, was given the mint julep, because Henry Clay brought the drink to congress back in the 18th century. Wisconsin’s is a Tom and Jerry because it’s the “most popular” one there.

I personally haven’t seen California’s state drink, the Mai Tai, ordered since sorority rush week freshman year of college, and based on the comments section, it seems more than a few choices could have been swapped out for more fitting cocktails (a Hurricane for Louisiana; an Old Fashioned for Wisconsin). But hey, alcohol! State pride! What’s not to love?

cocktails2 cocktails3 cocktails4 cocktails5 cocktails6

Check out the whole boozy list on Buzzfeed, and let us know if you feel your state got a fitting tribute or totally, totally jipped.


‘Jamba Booze’ Jamba Juice Cocktails Exist – Here’s How to Make ‘Em


Sometimes I’ve wondered if I should stop drinking and take better care of my body. Take this week for example. I’ve been in Vegas for the past five days and the only “healthy” thing I’ve consumed this whole time is 64 ounces worth of a peach bellini daiquiri (that has fruit in it, right?). Anyway, at this point I figure I have two options: go on a much-needed cleanse, or keep drinking until I forget I probably should be going on a cleanse.

Of course, there’s always the Thrillist option.

Their particular mission was to help people recreate the beauty of deliciously fruity booze cruise smoothies on the fly, but Thrillist’s round-up of Jamba Booze Cocktails also makes for a solid drink menu for whenever you don’t feel like hating yourself too much. So what if Jamba Juice isn’t as innocuously health-conscious as their signage likes to pretend it is. An orange sherbet, strawberry, peach and passion fruit “Caribbean Passion Hurricane” is still better than nothing.


“Pomegranate Pick-Me-Up” – Mexican Firing Squad


Reposado Tequila, allspice and old-fashioned bitters help transform this fruity purple mess into a warm, wintry cocktail.


“Orange-A-Peel” — Harvey Wallbanger

3 ounces vodka and 1 ounce Galliano make for a kind of bougie, yoga-doing Screwdriver.


“Banana Berry” – Fruity Wheat Beer


Playing off the natural banana esters in found wheat beers, this just takes four extra ounces of beer to make — get crafty!


Check out the rest of the list over at Thrillist.