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This Tropical Cocktail Is Served With A Faux Joint To Keep Lit While You Sip

With the passage of Prop. 64 in November, there’s only a matter of time until pot-friendly businesses are able to set up shop in California. It’s already being theorized that this newfound canna-industry will include everything from wholesale dispensaries to brick and mortar weed-centric lounges, cafes, and restaurants.

Until then, pro-pot Californians are dreaming up creative ways to celebrate the coming era of legalization through not-so-subtle methods, that give us a glimpse into the future. Now, it seems a Huntington Beach, California restaurant and cantina is already trying to lead by example.

Pacific Hideaway, located inside the Shorebreak Hotel, is paying homage to the ganja gods by creating a tropical cocktail that is served with a smoking “joint” clipped to the side of the glass.

Named after the stoner cult classic film Dazed and Confused, this cocktail is made with Caña Brava Rum, plantation pineapple, ginger, and lime. But the piece de resistance of the drink is the oregano and sage doobie garnish, that when lit, gives a complimenting aroma to the cocktail.

While this faux joint isn’t going to get the party started, it’s a subtle reminder that legal cannabis is just in its infancy stage and there’s much more to come.

So, if you’ve never had the chance to channel your inner Matthew McConaughey and ask someone if they have a joint — just ask the bartender at Pacific Hideaway — it’d be a lot cooler if you did.

Adventures Features Restaurants

We Squealed Like A Pig After We Discovered This Bacon Bar

Few words evoke excitement in our palates than ‘bacon’ and ‘bar’. Both incite feelings of indulging in excess, to a point where we reach an elevated state. Pork drunk, whiskey drunk. To-may-toh, to-mah-toh.

Now imagine the substantial mind f*ck that happens when both are combined. Yes friends, a bacon bar does exist. And it can be found within the Saint Marc’s restaurant in Huntington Beach, CA. I use the term restaurant quite loosely in all manner of respect here, because Saint Marc’s is more like a special dining experience. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Now, who’s got two thumbs and stepped foot in this seemingly mythical bacon bar to satiate my tastebuds in blissful amounts of cured pork belly? This guy.


The dream’s fulfillment began with a sampling of the other dishes on the menu aside from the dizzying varieties of bacon. Mouth-watering temptations in the form of some deviled eggs, a killer B.L.A.T. sandwich, bacon-wrapped water chestnuts and a habanero jack and habanero bacon grilled cheese sandwich aptly titled “The Sun Devil” were some features in a stacked bacon-centric menu.

But now, the main event: all kinds of flavors and varieties of swine candy that run a flavorful gamut of garlic parmesan, paprika slanina, peppered country, maple, English-style, habanero, coffee-rubbed and a life-changing apple pie bacon. The goods are sold by the slice, which can be ordered via iPad for additional cool points and are served in individual sleeves so you can snack on your porky treats on the go.


The concept of a bacon bar within Sant Marc’s was the brainchild of a seasoned culinary team made up of vice president Frank Belosic, chief executive officer Mac Gregory and executive chef Jay Boginske. These gentlemen are the brilliant minds behind bacon bar and the whole Saint Marc restaurant, which also includes a cafe, bakery and cheese affinage; all of which add up to the aforementioned special dining experience under one roof.

Fast Food

Taco Bell’s Fast Casual Baby ‘U.S. Taco Co.’ Closes Down


We were pretty stoked when Taco Bell announced they were opening a fast-casual concept in our neighborhood. While U.S. Taco Co. and Urban Taproom had a fairly decent opening, it failed to garner much foot traffic at its Huntington Beach, CA, location. NRN reports that the place is now closing down.

The restaurant, developed by Taco Bell parent Yum Brands Inc., was open for a little more than a year before having to close its doors. Aside from poor sales, the restaurant also faced challenges obtaining a permanent alcohol permit.

One of the notable menu items featured at U.S. Taco Co was the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, a taco with fried chicken and a spicy gravy.

Brian Niccol, Taco Bell CEO, still has faith. Niccol says that the company may try the same concept again, albeit in a different location.


Photos by Dominique Zamora

Fast Food

FIRST LOOK: Taco Bell’s Bougie New Fast Casual Concept U.S. Taco Co.


Take Taco Bell. Subtract the dubious ingredients. Add a beachy-chic aesthetic and Dia Del Los Muertos skull. Keep the pink and purple. Now you have U.S. Taco Co.

Sure, the exact math is a bit more complicated, involving 50 different states and 18 months of planning, but the result is still a fancy new fast casual concept from Taco Bell that’s just about as authentically inauthentic as you can get.


Co-founded by T-Bell chef Rene Pisciotti and Marketing Director Jeff Jenkins, USTC is Taco Bell for folks who don’t like Taco Bell. Inspired by travel and foodie culture, the menu takes America’s most iconic dishes, from philly cheesesteaks to fried chicken, and transforms them in a way only Taco Bell knows how. That is, by making them into tacos that aren’t really tacos, but taste pretty bomb anyway.

According to Pisciotti, all ingredients on the menu are either house-made, sourced from the same suppliers as Taco Bell, or flown in from where they were inspired, such as brisket for the “Not My First Rodeo” from Texas, or the lobsters for “The 1%-er” from the North Atlantic. Most of the restaurant’s ten tacos feature six inch, soft flour tortillas from Mission brand, though flatbreads, corn, and crispy corn shells also make an appearance.



On the rest of the menu you’ll find steak-cut fritas, real leche milkshakes, a broad selection of craft sodas from all over the country — a play on the traditional American spread of burgers, fries, and shakes — and an extensive craft beer and cocktail program for future locations, the next of which will “probably” be somewhere in Southern California, near Taco Bell’s Irvine HQ. Due to riots at last year’s U.S. Open of Surf, the city of Huntington Beach would not issue new liquor licenses for the Huntington Beach flagship.

Check out more of our photos from the press preview below, and relish in the fact that there is not a single Doritos Locos Taco to be found.














U.S. Taco Co. opens next Monday, August 11. Hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday – Thursday; 11 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday.


U.S. Taco Co.
150 5th St.,
Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Lux & Nostalgia: Corned Beef Hash Grinder, Chicken & Waffles and Rouge Vojitos

Bar Rouge is an unexpected piece of lux tucked away within the confines of Southern California’s Hotel Huntington Beach. As many in the area know, Huntington Beach is notorious for overzealous bros pump-fisting the night away and while the image no doubt conjures thoughts of romanticism, elegance and posh dining are not what Huntington is known for.

So, when the Foodbeast crew rolled through in our usual snapbacks-pulled-backwards + sneakers chic (the girls wore heels, thankfully), the sleek interior of Bar Rouge and the gourmet decadence of its menu piqued our interest. The lounge is decked out with a sweeping bar and plenty of seating adorned with plush pillows. The walls are covered with tasseled kanji blocks and the lighting casts an ominous soft red glow upon its patrons. Not a puke stain in sight!

We made our way into the VIP area, a spacious alcove where wine and an enticing drink menu were waiting. We, of course, started off our dinner with a hefty round of drinks for good measure. Among the most memorable were the Rouge Vojito, a tarty mix of Absolut vodka, berries and muddled mint, and the Lynchburg Lemonade, a marriage of Jack Daniel’s and Comber Liqueur.

A few glasses of wine and several cocktails later, we were ready to take on the meal platters. An array of their signature dishes in mini portions arrived, all petite and amusingly frou frou. Our notable favorites:


Chicken & Waffles


These buttered up darlings were  exquisite. The fried chicken was doused in just the right amount of syrup and the waffle was crisped to perfection. Our only regret was that we only had one bite worth, it took all our strength to refrain from sweeping up the entire plate of petite noms.


Corned Beef Hash Grinder

We specifically requested a full plate of the Corned Beef Hash Grinder. I mean, can you blame us? Everything about the name oozes meaty indulgence and when it arrived we were thrilled that the actual dish lived up to the name. It was a phenomenal hot mess of sliced potatoes, chunks of corned beef, melted cheese and a fried egg, whose yolk we smothered all over the its counterparts.


While kicking back in our boozy food coma, we contemplated the charming contrast of Bar Rouge’s upscale ambiance and it’s menu of cozy comfort food. It’s always a peculiar wonder when a restaurant combines epicurean decor with nostalgic menu items that call back to our favorite childhood dishes. We will most definitely be back.


Bar Rouge is located at:

7667 Center Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA
714. 891.0123

Open from 11am to 2am (21+ after 10pm) 


Food Trucks

This is What a Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich Looks Like

Sorry to induce drooling during the lunch hour, but here’s a look at a Lobster Grilled Cheese sandwich, the latest item from Southern California food truck-turned-brick-and-mortar-restaurant Slapfish.

This sandwich features lobster, cheese and avocado on brioche and is served with a side of creamy spiced tomato bisque. The description notes the sandwich is “California Comfort Food,” and comes from the same folks known for their once-mobile operation that has now turned onto a brick and mortar location out in Huntington Beach, CA. The Slapfish brand made headlines nearly a year back with product offerings like a Chowder Poutine and the now infamous “Lobsticle.”

Lobster Grilled Cheese? Yes. Please.



Watch These Guys Eat the Spiciest Chain Restaurant Burger

It’s called the 50 Alarm Burger, and for a chain restaurant (well, three-location chain), it’s one of the hottest, spiciest burgers you can order.

The burger features a signature fire beef patty, lined with ghost chilies, topped with sliced jalapeno, an ultra-spicy “three-alarm” Colby Jack cheese, beer battered habanero poppers, and a ghost chili bacon spread on a tame brioche bun. We swung by the Huntington Beach, CA location to give the sandwich a whirl.

Here’s a look at two of our boys signing the waiver, slipping on some gloves, and seeing who could make it. Rudy powers through it, even chomps into a second one, no problem. Geoff on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky:


Fred’s Mexican Cafe & Cantina [ADVENTURE]

After a long day of balancing our checkbooks and making moves with our 401k’s, we decided to soak in some sun and checkout some of the local real estate in downtown Huntington Beach. (Hottie Alert) After scoping out the boardwalk for some good grub, we decided to grab some drinks at Fred’s Mexican Cafe & Cantina. Check it out!