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You Can Now Help Fight Hunger By Ordering DoorDash

Yesterday, DoorDash, the nation’s leading on-demand food destination, announced that, from September 17-30, they will donate $1 to Feeding America for every order placed that uses the promo code FEEDAMERICA in honor of Feeding America’s annual Hunger Action Month.

According to the press release, each dollar allows Feeding America, a nationwide nonprofit that fights hunger and food insecurity, to secure another 10 meals from their local food banks. In addition, each DoorDash user who donates to the cause will receive a promo code for $5 off their next order as a thank you note.

By getting their millions of users so directly involved in the company’s donation, DoorDash seems to hope that the issue strikes a chord in each individual customer, producing a greater effect than simply donating the money en masse to Feeding America would.

This comes on the back of a hectic couple of months for DoorDash, as the company came under fire after it was revealed that any tips were essentially being sent to DoorDash and not the driver. This policy was immediately changed after the backlash.

Despite this, it seems DoorDash is on the right track. With their workers properly compensated, the company moved on to announce that its social impact program, Project DASH, has rescued over a million pounds of food from being wasted.

As DoorDash looks to increase its presence in the fight against hunger, this partnership with Feeding America make sense. The nonprofit’s goal with Hunger Action Month, which is an event that has taken place every September for the last 11 years, is to increase hunger awareness and action regarding the issue. It encourages any and all ways of raising awareness, from individually posting on social media to larger campaigns, such as DoorDash’s.

If you would care to get involved with Feeding America’s cause, go ahead and eat in tonight by ordering with DoorDash. You can also donate to Feeding America directly, right here.

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Simple Vodka Fights Hunger In America With “1 Drink = 1 Meal” Philosophy

It always feels good to give back. Whether that’s donating a few dollars or simply time, it leaves a warm feeling in your heart. And now, buying Simple Vodka will warm your heart and so much more.

The vodka has a single goal: to fight hunger in America.  According to its founders, Danny Lafuente and Dan Maslow, the idea was to create a farm-to-bottle vodka with a business model that results in the donation of 20 meals per bottle produced — effectively, one meal per drink — through partnerships with local and national hunger relief programs. Since launching in Florida, New York, and California this May, Simple has donated more than 29,000 meals and aims for a goal of achieving 30 million meals annually by 2020.

In addition to doing good, Simple is made well. Handcrafted and distilled in Idaho, the vodka is made from locally sourced russet potatoes and fresh water from the Snake River aquifer. The gluten-free vodka supports sustainable, local production systems, as the distillery’s eco-friendly manufacturing methods include using sustainable energy sources, wastewater recycling, and byproduct upcycling. Its four-column fractional distillation process generates less energy and produces less waste than any other method, thereby allowing the vodka to be distilled only one time.

Recently, Simple received a Double Gold medal from the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, in recognition of the vodka’s high-quality, premium taste, flavor, and mixability.

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Research Finds That Total Amount Of U.S. Food Waste Could Feed 84% Of The Country

Each year, about 40 percent of food in this country gets wasted, which is an insanely high number. That statistic gets even crazier when you break down the nutritional content of that food.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University were able to do that with retail and consumer-level food waste across 213 different commodities based on 2012 nutritional data, and concluded that each person wastes over 1200 calories per day. The principal researcher, Dr. Roni Neff, told USA Today that that amount of nutrition would be enough to sustain 84% of the US population.

Outside of calories, the research also analyzed nutritional content and found that the amount of dietary fiber lost to food waste could fill the nutritional gap in fiber consumed by 206.6 million women. Several other nutrients, including potassium, calcium, and protein, were also analyzed to see how many were lost to food waste, and it was found that many other dietary gaps around these nutrients could be filled via the food currently being tossed away.

Dr. Neff highlighted the importance of this study in a statement:

“This study offers us new ways of appreciating the value of wasted food. While not all food that is wasted could or should be recovered, it reminds us that we are dumping a great deal of high quality, nutritious food that people could be enjoying.”

Food waste stems from a variety of sources at both the consumer and retail level, but the best way to contain it, according to Dr. Neff, is by stopping food waste at its source, aka the production level.

Nonetheless, we can all take steps at home to limit food waste and bring that nutrition back into our food supply to feed many more people the proper nutrition they require.


Is 5-Hour Energy Working on a 3-Hour Hunger-Fighting Snack Bar?

Its premier product is already a godsend to college students and 9 to 5-ers worldwide, and now Living Essentials LLC, makers of the popular line of 5-Hour Energy shots, is putting its guns behind a new snack bar designed to postpone hunger for up to three hours.

Slated to contain only 95 calories and taste “as good as any candy you’ve ever had,” the new bar in question currently remains nameless, though Manoj Bhargava, CEO of Living Essentials, did reveal the company is planning its launch for sometime in early 2013.

Call it first impressions, but because it is so different from a pure liquid energy shot, I can’t help but wonder how much credit we can really give a snack bar that promises to stave off hunger, but only after you eat it (isn’t that kind of just what eating does?). But hey, if the new “3-Hour Hunger” bar works anywhere near as well as its predecessor, I’ll be gladly proven wrong.