New Trend On Tinder Has Desperate Guys Sending Girls Free Pizza

So there’s a new game on Tinder. Apparently girls are hitting up desperate guys on the dating app and asking them to send over free pizzas. Y’know, to see if they can.

They’re calling it the “Tinder Games” and it’s totally working, for obvious reasons.

It looks like dudes are looking for any excuse to these girls’ good graces and this includes buying and sending over free pies for them. In some cases, there’s also sushi and wings.

Check out some of the cringiest screenshots of the Tinder Games in progress.

Tinder-Games-01 Tinder-Games-02 Tinder-Games-03 Tinder-Games-04 Tinder-Games-Wings

Celebrity Grub

A Life-Sized Cake for Those Who Have Dreamt of Eating Katniss Everdeen


There’s a bakery in the UK that specializes in life-sized celebrity cakes with crazy detail. Lara Clarke is the magician behind these life-sized desserts and has worked on cakes such as Tyrion Lanister, Jack Sparrow and now The Hunger Games princess Katniss Everdeen.

According to the Telegraph, Clarke won the Cake International contest in Birmingham this weekend with her Katniss and Tyrion entries.

It took Clarke 150 eggs, 22 pounds of flour, 22 pounds of butter and 10 weeks of her time to create this Jennifer Lawrence tribute. It also cost her almost $750 to put together her two entries for the competition.


At last year’s competition she won with a life-sized Jack Sparrow cake, but was criticized for making it out of crisped rice. So Clarke challenged herself to make Katniss out of sponge cake this time around.


Probably one of the cooler things to come from the cake is The Hunger Games cast being wowed by it during a BBC interview.

Unfortunately some of the inner cake pieces are months old, so unless your hunger game is at its max, this cake probably won’t taste very good.

H/T Telegraph


Fancy Hunger Games Chocolate Bars Inspired By Katniss and Panem


Luxe chocolate company Vosges has partnered with Lionsgate to launch a new line of specially branded Hunger Games truffles and candy bars to promote the new Catching Fire movie. Because nothing says “anarchy and suffering” like biting into a nice, creamy chunk of haut chocolat.

If you’ve never read or seen The Hunger Games, just know there’s a reason they’re not called the “Bougie Candy” Games. Most citizens of the dystopian Panem (future North America) are starving, and those who are lucky enough to live in the affluent Capitol are viewed as heartless and clownish by the rest.


The Vosges line includes $5 chocolate bars inspired by each of Panem’s 12 districts and the goods they produce — a “Mined Salt” milk chocolate bar for District 12’s coal miners, and a “Smoked Chipotle Chili” bar for District 7’s lumberjacks.

There’s also a $225 Capitol Truffle Collection, a $65 Capitol Truffle Mini-Collection, and $8 chocolate bars inspired by main characters Katniss, Effie Trinket, and President Snow. The especially lavish truffle box also comes with small vials of crushed violet petals, pearl dust, gold leaf, and matcha tea so Hunger Games fans can fully bask in their cushy, non-dystopian status this holiday season.


Find the truffles, character bars, and candy bars for Districts 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, and 12 online and at select Vosges distributors and retailers. The rest will accompany the DVD launch in March.

PicThx Vosges

Fast Food

Tongue on Fire: Subway Debuts New Sriracha Steak and Chicken Melts Nationwide


There’s plenty to look forward to this November. Thanksgiving. The beginning of the countdown to 2014. The new Catching Fire movie.

Presumably, because having another Hunger Games film out will remind folks to eat healthy in case they ever have to kill other people, Subway has partnered with Lionsgate to brand a new line of spicy sandwiches. The four-piece, “Fiery Footlong Collection” will include the traditional Buffalo Chicken and Turkey Jalapeño, while also introducing the brand-new Sriracha Chicken Melt and Sriracha Steak Melt, first tested in Florida back in January.


Both Sriracha sandwiches will feature pepperjack cheese, your choice of meat, jalapeños and Subway’s signature creamy Sriracha sauce, giving any would-be Mockingjays plenty to tear up over. But there’s also a Bacon, Egg White & Cheese with Sriracha breakfast sandwich, if you prefer your heartburn with a side of coffee.


PicThx Subway


Hunger Games Cupcakes are a Sweet Treat Irony

These Hunger Games cupcakes from FictionalFood seem to be cruelly ironic. However, all of us living in the Capitol can enjoy these fine luxuries in our technicolor garb. But, like all government controlled food, there are rules when making and eating these Hunger Games cupcakes:

  1. When asked who wants to try one after they first come out, the first person to say, “I volunteer!”  gets one and,
  2. In order to eat the last cupcake you have to kill everyone else in the room. Literally. Dystopia, eh?

Enjoy, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

photo courtesy FictionalFood


These Effie Trinket Face Cupcakes Probably Taste Like Sugar and Lies

Admit it, the first time you saw the Capitol, you had a little trouble deciding whether Katniss was walking around a city or a living bakery. Maybe it’s because they’re actually one and the same!

Taking scenes from last year’s Hunger Games film, Crystal from Fictional Foods has created a set of Effie-inspired cupcakes that make it look like you’re eating right out of the bubbly escort’s silly little head. From the fondant flowers to the pink cake to the kaleidoscopic cream cheese hair, everything about these darlings just screams how lucky you are to live in a dystopian society and have to fight for your life on live television.

Just remember to eat them properly so you don’t end up with a faceful of Effie hair. Manners!

via Fictional Foods


‘Girl on Fire’ Ice Cream Shooter, Peeta’s Cheese Buns and Other Hunger Games Inspired Recipes

Chances are like most normal people, you’ve grown out of your Hunger Games craze by now and probably couldn’t tell Glimmer from Foxface, but the truth is, I really don’t give a flying mutt. The truth is, the DVD comes out this weekend, as most fans already know, and the truth is, title to the contrary, the “Hunger” Games trilogy is actually filled with plenty of impossibly delicious-sounding eats that would make the mouths of even the richest Capitol kids water.

From the cine-culi-matic minds of the girls of Cinema and Spice, here are a few Hunger Games-inspired video recipes that would convince almost anyone to volunteer as taste-testing tribute:

Mellark Family Cheese Buns:

Or: scientific proof that Peeta Mellark is the best boyfriend ever.


Haymitch’s Smashed Potatoes:

Because Haymitch approves of food puns.


Capitol’s Finest Lamb Chops:

Because yum?


‘Girl on Fire’ Ice Cream Shooter:

And finally, some flaming alcohol, to help get you through the deaths of Rue and Cato and pretty much anything and everything you love.

The Hunger Games comes out on DVD Saturday, August 18th; Catching Fire to release November 2013.


If Coca-Cola Sponsored the 74th Annual ‘Hunger Games’ [VIDEO]

It’s hard to miss the current onslaught of commercial advertisement for this weekend’s release of The Hunger Games, a movie adaptation of a popular novel by Suzanne Collins.

Luckily for those who have already grown tired of the commercials, writer Melinda Taub and director Adam Sacks decided to reinterpret the The Hunger Games in proper parody fashion by acknowledging The Hunger Games as an actual competitive event that is sponsored by Coca-Cola. Here’s a trailer for such fictional event (warning: kind of graphic):