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These STUFFED FALAFEL Makers Just Scored A Massive Deal On ‘Shark Tank’

A start-up brand making falafels that come stuffed with various fillings is also one of the more recent winners of a big deal on “Shark Tank.”

The success story comes from TaDah Foods, who make a product called “Falafel Poppers” filled with dips like hummus and yogurt. Featured recently on the season 11 premiere of Shark Tank, they came home with a $500,000 contract for 25% equity from KIND owner Daniel Lubetzky.

TaDah isn’t just making novel products out of falafels, however, as they’re exemplifying what it means to undertake social entrepreneurship. As a way to give back, 25% of their profits go to social change organizations.

Foodbeast just got the chance to try the Falafel Poppers for themselves. They’re pretty easy to reheat and enjoy, and the different fillings, especially the cucumber dill yogurt, are packed with flavor. They also come at a pretty affordable price, with a pack of 8 coming in at a suggested retail price of $4.99.

For those wanting to try these unique stuffed snacks, the Falafel Poppers are at stores like Kroger, Wegmans, and Whole Foods.


5 Tips And Tricks For Beginners Making Hummus At Home

Photo: So Delicious

Hummus has kind of been the king of spreads lately; everybody loves it, and everybody wants it on toast. Making your own is the natural next step. But how can you whip up better hummus, for the perfect texture and taste? We have some ideas for you.

I wince at the thought of buying hummus from the supermarket because, to put it mildly, it’s always a letdown. It just seems to be lacking the flavors and the texture that authentic hummus brings to the table. And I had one shining moment of realizing the great potential of hummus back in Krakow, Poland. I was on a trip there and my friend found this amazing place to eat called ‘Hummus and Happiness’. And the hummus we ate there… well, quite frankly it belongs in a fairy tale, a very happy one. That’s when I decided I want more out of my hummus than that supermarket taste. My research took me many places. But I did find some tips for any hummus enthusiast.

First of all: what is hummus? Well, it’s made with chickpeas, tahini (ground sesame seed paste), lemon, garlic, olive or sesame oil, salt, and cumin. And it can have a variety of textures and flavors added in. Now that we know that, let’s see how you can make it even better.

Tips for better hummus

1. Use the right kind of chickpeas

This is always rule number 1, for all of the cooking. So, if you have the means, then make sure you buy the right kind of chickpeas you need. Our recommendation? Use dry chickpeas, but make sure that they are sort of fresh. How do you do that? Well, get it from somewhere where there are a lot of people buying it. Don’t get it from an obscure store that nobody ever visits. Because stale old dried chickpeas do not great hummus make. If that’s not an option for you, then get organic canned chickpeas and those will do nicely.

Make sure that all of the other ingredients are as fresh as possible and then you can start! Get some pure sesame seed tahini while you’re at it!

Better Hummus: 5 Tips to Amp Up the Flavor
For the best hummus possible, get some fresh & dried chickpeas.

2. Do the right thing for the chickpeas

To get the better hummus sorted out, make sure you prep it correctly. So you’re using dried chickpeas, right? Well, when you soak them overnight, make sure you add a bit of baking soda to make them more tender. And when you cook them after that, don’t remove them from the pot while they still retain their shape. This is one of the rare situations where it’s best to boil them until they’re pretty mushy. And add a bit of baking soda to the boiling water, as well.

3. Watch out for texture

If I had a penny for every time I blabbed on about texture in my articles, I would probably be lounging on some island right now, with a fantasy novel in my hand. But this is always true: texture is an important part of the eating experience. So first blend your tahini until it’s super creamy, and then add the tender chickpeas to the mix and blend. That way, your spread will turn just the right amount of creamy and chunky. And don’t blend the oil into everything either. Add it on top.

4. Let the ingredients cool off

I can be impatient in the kitchen, but I am learning the virtues of just cooling my heels and waiting. So instead of adding your straight-from-the-boiling-water chickpeas to the blender, let them reach room temperature. That way, when you blend everything together, you have a greater chance of the spread retaining its texture the next day. It’s the same with the tahini, it doesn’t do well under heat. So make sure everything is cool. Cool?

5. Don’t let the garlic take over

I feel dirty just saying this, but garlic can be overpowering in any dish if you overdo it. So use just a little bit of it. This is definitely a case of ‘less is more’, but if you have other preferences you can experiment with the ratio in time, and make your own balanced hummus, customized for your taste buds.

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Article by Ruxandra Grecu from So Delicious. View the original article here.


9 Unexpectedly High-Calorie Health Foods & What You Can Do To Burn Them Off

It seems the consensus is that a healthy diet and plenty of exercise appear to be the key to one’s well being. Gotta make sure to jot that down in my Trapper Keeper.

While introducing health foods to your diet is a good thing, there’s definitely a limit to how much of some health foods you should actually consume. A bag of mixed nuts and dried fruit can clock in at nearly 700 calories (almost half the allotted calories for a day’s worth of food).

Budget Direct Health Insurance created an infographic that highlights nine healthy, albeit high-calorie, foods. Not only does it show you which health foods are a clown car full of calories, but it also offers methods to work off those calories while getting stuff done around the house.

Each food features a daily activity and the length of time it will take doing that activity to burn those calories.

Check out the infographic below. At the very least, you’ll be able to see what health foods to enjoy in moderation and which chores burn off the most calories. Keep in mind these are just approximations and you can still totally go to the gym.

How much daily activity you need to burn off 9 healthy (but high-calorie) foods

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Eggnog Hummus Now Exists And We’re Just As Curious As You Are

In my mind, eggnog and hummus are definitely not two things one would pair together at first. However, somebody has decided to make eggnog hummus as a dessert item, and we’re high-key curious in seeing what it’s like.

eggnog hummus

Photo courtesy of The Hummus & Pita Co.

NYC-based The Hummus & Pita Co. has rolled out the eggnog hummus to their three locations as an addition to their dessert hummus lineup. It’s made with chickpeas, almond butter, oatmeal, and homemade eggnog. There’s also rum-spiked options of the wondrous dessert available. Options for foods to dip into the hummus include cinnamon pita chips, strawberries, and bananas.

Dessert hummus in general has been making headlines recently, as Delighted By, who sells it to grocery stores like Whole Foods, recently pitched their product on Shark Tank. Hummus & Pita’s eggnog version of this new novelty is a curious holiday addition to the dessert hummus lineup, and one we’re eager to try to see what it’s really like.

Those just as interested as us in trying the eggnog hummus out should stop by Hummus & Pita locations by December 31st.

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Target And Walmart Are Getting Some Hummus Recalled, Check Your Fridges

If you’ve bought certain hummus products from Walmart or Target recently, check your fridges. The container in your fridge may be getting recalled for potentially containing Listeria.

House of Thaller, a company that distributes various brands of hummus to Walmart, Target, HEB, and other grocery stores, recently issued a recall for three products that contained pine nuts contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The three products are Fresh Foods Market “Artisan Hummus With Pine Nuts,” Lantana “White Bean Hummus With Pine Nut Topping,” and Marketside “Classic Hummus With Pine Nuts.” Marketside, coincidentally, is a signature brand for Walmart products. No other products from those brands are being affected by the recall.

Listeria monocytogenes, which has shown up in hummus products before, can cause food-borne poisoning symptoms ranging from diarrhea to meningitis and is the third-deadliest food pathogen in the country. It affects elderly, infant, and sicker populations more readily, and is known to cause miscarriages and stillbirths in pregnant women. Fortunately, no illnesses have yet to be reported from this particular hummus recall.

To be safe, however, if you do have one of the three aforementioned hummus products, check this FDA list of product codes and expiration dates and see if the label matches up to the hummus you’ve got in your fridge. If it does, you should refrain from eating it and call the House of Thaller Customer Service Center, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST at 855-215-5142, as soon as you possibly can.


Hot Guys Eating Hummus Will Make You Hungry For More Than Just A Snack


If there’s one thing the Internet never seems to get sick of, it’s hot guys.

From hot dudes with dogs and men drinking coffee to hot, geeky guys reading on the subway — it seems like there’s a “hot dudes” Instagram account for basically anything you can think of nowadays.

A while back, we gave you a glimpse of a glorious Instagram account that paired hot dudes with their delicious doppelgängers.

If seeing all those stud muffins alongside their spirit snacks made you seriously drool, I have some good news for you.

Apparently, Hot Dudes And Food isn’t the only eye-candy account on social media that will make you seriously hungry.

Yep, we just came across another heavenly account that combines a bunch of dreamy dudes with one of your favorite spreadable snacks.

Behold, Hot Dudes And Hummus.

Yep, that’s right. Some evil genius just made an awesome Instagram account that features all sorts of smokin’ hot Israeli men eating this delectable dip in a variety of different settings, and I must say, this might just be the best thing that’s happened on Instagram all week.

I mean, seriously, what’s not to love about a hot, shirtless man enjoying some chips and dip?

Take a look at the pictures below to see this epic Instagram account.

If you’re searching for something to get you through that mid-week slump…

…look no further.

We just found an irresistible Instagram account that will give you all the feels…

…and probably make you pretty hungry, to boot!

Feast your eyes on Hot Dudes And Hummus.

As the name implies, this tantalizing account features all sorts of blessed babes…

…eating some hummus that looks just as delicious as they do.

This account has something for everyone, whether you prefer your hummus at home…

Straight out of the container…

Spread out on the hood of your car…

…or hot, spicy and shirtless, of course!

You can double dip in my hummus any day, babe.

Written by Kaylin Pound, Elite Daily


Apparently Chocolate Hummus Is A Thing, And Here’s What We Think About It


Photo by Maddie Stein

Just like any devoted foodie, I have a rule to never turn down free food. I also consider myself a rather adventurous eater, so you can imagine the excitement I felt when I overheard the peppy voice of a Whole Foods employee ask, “would you like a chocolate hummus sample?”


Photo by Maddie Stein

I’m sorry…..did you just say chocolate hummus? Despite my confusion/disbelief/skepticism, I knew this was something I needed to try. And boy am I glad I did. I was absolutely blown away by the flavor (and apparently so was my mother, who ended up putting three containers in our cart).

With the decadence of Nutella, but only one-third the calories and sugar content, Hope Foods’ Dark Chocolate Spread should be a staple in any health-conscious chocolate-lover’s diet. In addition to organic cocoa powder and garbanzo beans, this delectable dip is infused with coconut sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, and espresso, meaning every bite packs a flavor punch.

Although I never would have expected this to be a winning combo, I was truly impressed (possibly because the dominant taste is the rich dark chocolate…no complaints there). Excellent dipping vehicles include pretzels, crackers, cookies, and fruit, but eating the spread by the spoonful is equally encouraged if that’s your style.


Photo by Maddie Stein

Apparently Hope Foods isn’t the only one utilizing this bold ingredient pairing. Self Magazine produced a list of other chocolate-chickpea products and Pinterest has been swimming with recipes such as Dark Chocolate Chickpea BrowniesGarbanzo Bean Chocolate Cake, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chickpea Cookies.


Photo courtesy of

It’s time to throw your caution to the wind and give this dynamic duo a try; your tastebuds will thank you.

Craving some more interesting food combos? These articles have got you covered.

Written by Maddie Stein of Spoon University


Trader Joe’s Continues Their Hummus Innovation: BEET HUMMUS Y’all

TJ-Beet-HummusTrader Joe’s has added a new Beet Hummus to their grocery line-up. Surprisingly not a product from Nickelodeon’s beloved cartoon Doug.

The Middle Eastern dish is made with chickpeas colored red and purple. It’s blended with beet juice, canola oil, garlic, olive oil, tahini, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, spearmint and other spices. The hummus is topped with extra beet chunks to complete the experience.

Patrons can find the Beet Hummus at their local Trader Joe’s location. Each seven-ounce tub goes for $2.29.