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‘Ulam: Main Dish’ Is the First Filipino Food Documentary To Be Distributed Worldwide

ULAM: Main Dish – Official Trailer #2 (HD) from Alexandra Cuerdo on Vimeo.

It’s pretty safe to say that over the past couple of years, Filipino cuisine and culture have continued to sizzle slowly into the hearts of America’s dinner table.  Highlighting this cultural shift is Ulam: Main Dish, a documentary that shows the true “underdog of Asian cuisines’” rise to center stage — and is the first Filipino food documentary to be distributed worldwide through Hulu

Aside from the love that late greats Jonathan Gold and Anthony Bourdain have heralded in regards to Filipino food, the rest of the world was slow to take notice. Regardless, its voice grew louder, its proponents adjusted to the contemporary dining climate, and its ascent rose high enough to the point that it could no longer be denied.  

Ulam: Main Dish is a documentary by filmmaker Alexandra Cuerdo staging how the cuisine moved beyond being known for lumpia and ube to become a phenomenon, all through the efforts of a handful of celebrated Filipino-American chefs and restaurateurs like Alvin Cailan (Eggslut, The Usual), Chase & Chad Valencia (LASA), Johneric & Christina Concordia (The Park’s Finest), and Nicole Ponseca (Maharlika, Jeepney) to name a few.

The film is a compelling confrontation of the issues that come inherent with representing an authentic Filipino culture and cuisine within an American community — but ultimately, is a celebration of the representation and validation that the Filipino people and advocates of the cuisine have longed for. 

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Sprint Just Invented Flavored Popcorns For Your Favorite TV Shows, And It’s Free

As is the case with most of us, my go-to late night solo activity is binge-watching TV. Typically, I’ll go through an entire bag of popcorn a night, so Orville Redenbacher and I are pretty tight. However, our relationship is currently on hold for a little bit, since Sprint and Hulu just dropped a whole bunch of TV show flavored popcorn that I need to get through first.

tv show flavored popcorn

Photo: Constantine Spyrou//Foodbeast

To kick off a new partnership with Hulu, Sprint is giving out free samples of popcorn themed after some of the top shows watched on the poppin’ streaming service. Those flavors are as follows:

Photo: Constantine Spyrou//Foodbeast

CheeseburgerBob’s Burgers

Cosmic DustFutureman

Philly CheesesteakIt’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

GarlicBuffy the Vampire Slayer

Coney DogBrooklyn Nine-Nine

Beer & PretzelsCheers

Absolutely NothingSeinfeld

Low key, I’m kinda salty about the This Is Us flavor being “Salty Tears,” since I don’t need to both cry and eat those while watching.

Those interested in picking up any of the above to sample for themselves simply need to hit up a local Sprint store starting tomorrow, December 8th. Select stores will have them for free, no purchase necessary, as an incentive to come in and activate their Hulu accounts at Sprint. To activate, you’ll have to sign up for Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom Plan, which includes a Hulu Plus subscription inside of it.

Currently, there’s no word on whether the popcorn will ever be sold or distributed by the full bag,


Hulu x Pizza Hut To Roll Out In-Commercial Online Pizza Ordering


You’re in the middle of a 5-hour, binge-watching session. If you’re on Netflix, normally, the big red screen is nice enough to ask if you’re still alive and watching, but now, green competitor Hulu wants to do streamers one up, by letting you order pizza during your commercial breaks.

At its Hulu Upfront press junket earlier this week. Hulu announced its new “in-stream purchase units,” which, in current partnership with Pizza Hut, would allow viewers to order pizzas for pick-up or delivery in the time they would normally spend hearing about cars or birth control pills or car insurance. Because Hulu’s ads are mostly un-skippable, the announcement is a welcome upgrade to its previous attempts at interactive, consumer-specific commercials.

The pizza spots are set to roll out later this year, along with new cross-platform, multiple device interactive ads they’re currently calling “Hulu 360.”

The TL;DR of it all? It’s official: you really never have to leave your house again.

H/T Venture Beat + Picthx Hulu