The Foodie Avengers: What Superheroes Would Look Like If Big Companies Sponsored Them

The Monster Hulk Energy Drink and McIron Man

In a world where you can’t even enjoy a YouTube video anymore without having to watch at least five seconds of an advertisement, an Italian art director shows us his vision of a world where our favorite superheroes are sponsored and branded.

Roberto Vergati Santos’ idea is not that far-fetched. You already see brands such as Coca-Cola and Red Bull plastered on athletes’ uniforms and they can just as easily be plastered on a hero’s uniform for the right price.

Of all the heroes that were featured, The Avengers in particular had a foodie theme attached to them.

Iron Man blowing up McDonald's.
I’m not sure why Iron Man would blow up his sponsor while repping them (second photo), but he looks pretty relaxed as he enjoys his Happy Meal.

Team Coke
As awesome as this scene was, it’s a little hard to take Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow seriously in their Coke-branded outfits.
Tatted Hulk
This is probably what the Hulk would look like if he was a sponsored bodybuilder. As you probably guessed, Monster would swoop on the opportunity.
It looks like Thor didn’t get a multi-million dollar deal with anyone, but he’s the god of thunder, so I think he’ll be all right. Check out Santos’ other pictures here, including some DC rivals.

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