Hulk Hogan Doing a Terrible Impression of Kate Upton Eating a Burger [VIDEO]

Hulk Hogan is an iconic wrestler, but a Kate Upton-like burger eater he is not. SomehowCarl’s Jr. and Hardee’s got into a virtual ‘challenge’ that resulted in the Hulkster making this much-too-long video sensually ‘eating’ a burger.

Interestingly enough, he does it much worse than Kate, and it’s not even the new Southwest Patty Melt he’s chomping on. Not sure what ladies are being impressed here, but it’s worth a giggle or two to see such terrible burger eating form in action:


Snap Into a Chocolate-Covered Slim Jim!

I remember when wrestling story lines meant something, brother! I’m talking Wrestlemania V.  (I know what you’re thinking, but I already checked. It’s not on Netflix).  The Mega Powers had split up and were going head-to-head in the main event to settle their feud over Miss Elizabeth.  I guess that was before they invented the concept of “Bros before Hos.”

In the end, Hulk Hogan‘s Big Boot defeated Macho Man’s Savage Elbow securing Hogan the WWF Championship yet again. (I was 6 at the time, and a professed Hulk-a-maniac, so to me it was awesome. Don’t act like you didn’t love it, too.)

You all know why two of the best dressed men in wrestling are on my mind: Macho Man Randy Savage has gone up to that big wrestling ring in the sky. But his legend lives on, certainly as a great performer, but more recently as the spokesman for Slim Jim, the smoked snack stick. So in memory of one of wrestling’s greats, I bought a pack of Slim Jim snack sticks…and promptly covered them in chocolate. Can you dig it?

The ingredients and directions for this particular recipe are slim-ilar (get it!?!) to my many chocolate-covered posts on The Cereal Baker: simple and easy.

Snap Into a Chocolate-Covered Slim Jim


– 1 can of Slim Jim snack sticks

– chocolate baking bark


1. Unwrap each Slim Jim and cut them in half.
2. Melt the baking bark.
3. Dip the Slim Jim halves into the melted bark.
4. Stick those beasts into the fridge to harden.

You know how when you bite, excuse me, SNAP into a Slim Jim it has that casing on it, and it’s all chewy? It’s like that but with chocolate. Ooooh yeah!