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Watch Snoop Dogg Lose It After Seeing How Candy Canes Are Made [WATCH]

Watching Snoop Dogg learn how everyday things are made is probably one of the best segments Jimmy Kimmel Live has ever had.

In this “Howz it Mizzade” segment, the Doggfather discovered how candy canes were made, and he was not amused.

Keep in mind, Snoop initially had no idea what was being made, as he just watched some footage and tried to guess. His first guess was that the yellow goop was going to be a Frisbee, but then he realized it was a candy cane, leading him to say:

“I’m never eating a candy cane again. That was bulls*it right there. F*ck that. That was a candy cane?”

We recently saw Snoop learn how hot dogs were made, and he was just as grossed out by the process.

It seems like there’s just no way to impress the hip-hop legend.