How Much Cinnamon, Water and Potato Skins You’d Need to Eat in Order to Die


You know that moment. You’re brushing your teeth and all of  a sudden you involuntarily swallow what you surely think is a fatal amount of toothpaste. “I’m too young to die!” your insides scream. Well, thanks to the helpful folks over at Digg, you’ll be rest assured that despite its icky taste, you can stop frantically searching “toothpaste poisoning” on Google.

For the curious folk who’ve always posed the profound question: “I wonder how much water/toothpaste/cinnamon I’d have to drink/eat before I got sick?” — this is for you. Digg’s guide to How Not To Kill Yourself With Household Items illustrates what amount of common household items and food you’d have to ingest before croaking.


Here’s a quick peek at how much cinnamon, water, spoiled potato skins, chewing gum, carrots, blue cheese and toothpaste would be fatal if consumed (numbers are based on a  “154-pound adult”).

Cinnamon: 40 tablespoons

Water: 1.75 gallons

Spoiled potato skins: 40 milligrams

Chewing gum: 404 packs

Carrots: 39 pounds

Blue cheese: 22 pounds

Toothpaste: 13 tubes

You can peek more gorgeous drawings, plus the complete guide here.