How To Make Panda Sushi That’s Almost Too Cute To Eat


Sometimes, it can be difficult to get kids to try new foods like sushi. What if, however, that piece of sushi looked as whimsical as this Panda roll? Make Sushi, known for creating beautiful works of art contained within a sushi roll, has created a roll resembling the adorable South China bear.

All you need is a few basic ingredients: a small piece of sushi grade tuna, several Nori sheets, some cooked sushi rice, 2 heaped tablespoons of wasabi masago and 1 heaped tablespoon of chopped coriander.

Cut the tuna into four slices: two 1 cm and two 0.5 cm in thickness. Marinate the slices in a bowl of soy sauce for 30 minutes to an hour. Definitely no more than an hour or the tuna will harden.

Add the 2 tablespoons of wasabi masago to the cooked sushi rice. Then, add the chopped coriander and gently mix together with the rice and masago. Make sure the ingredients are spread evenly into the mixture. Once you’re down, set it aside.


Remove the tuna from the fridge and cut to appropriate thickness for the eyes (bigger), nose and mouth (smaller). Horizontally lay down a sheet of nori and place the first tuna strip at the edge of the nori sheet. Wrap the nori around the fish, covering the whole strip and cut off the excess nori.

Keep repeating this until you have six different strips: two parts, two eyes, a nose and a mouth.

With a new sheet of nori, add a small handful of sushi at the center and spread it into an oblong shape. Make sure the rice touches the top and bottom of the nori.

Place a think strip of wrapped tuna flat in the middle of the rice for the mouth. Then, add a think layer of rice on top of the tuna strip covering the strip. Repeat the step with another thin tuna strip.

Now, place the two thick tuna strips on top of the column to make the eyes of the panda. Then, add more rice between the two strips. Carefully mold the column with white rice to make sure that the panda has a round face.

Make Sushi says to now take one side of the nori and curl it up and  around the column of rice. Repeat the step with the other side so that the two sides overlap at the top. Compress the roll with your hands gently rolling into a circular shape. Set that aside.

Taking two sheets of nori, lay them horizontally. Then, glue the sheets together by putting a thin column of sushi rice on the edge of one of the sheets and sticking it with the other nori sheet.

Now, take the GREEN sushi rice and cover about 3/4 of the large nori sheet with it. Be careful so that it stays light and fluffy.

Using two chopsticks, press them to the center of the green rice (two centimeters apart). Now, remove the chopsticks. You should have two grooves that you can now place the last two pieces of rolled tuna inside. These are the panda ears.

Place your panda face roll on top of the ears you just made. Make sure the eyes are at the bottom next to the ears.

Now, dip a sharp knife in som cold water (so it doesn’t stick to the rice), then carefully cut the roll with as little motion as possible. Cut off each end of the roll first, then section off your panda sushi in whatever thickness you want.

Mostly, the recipe is just stacking and careful rolling. You can get a play-by-play of the exact process in the video above.


You Can Make Your Own Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Right At Home, Here’s How


For some, driving down to the local Krispy Kreme for a doughnut fix in easier than making them at home. However, if you’re nowhere near a doughnut shop, making the delightful breakfast cakes at home might be your only option.

The Chef Steps team created a video that breaks down the entire Krispy Kreme process. The video shows you everything from making the dough, forming it and cooking it.

Sure, it’s not the exact method the doughnut company uses. However, it looks pretty darn close.

Check out the video below and start making Krispy Kreme-like doughnuts in the comfort of your own homes.


Spicy Tuna Corn Dog


Recipe: Culinary Bro-Down


How to Make Prison Wine (Just in Case)


Maybe you’re getting ready for your friend’s annual Oz Christmas party, or maybe you’re just counting the days until The Man comes down on you for all those jaywalking tickets, but at some point it’s important that everybody learn how to make pruno, aka prison wine — a DIY booze made of fruit, preservatives, sugar, and moxie that you can cook up in a couple of days. Days you’ll no doubt spend sharpening a spoon into something more useful. Like a spork, or whatever.


How to Make Prison Wine


Step 1

First, take as many oranges as you can get from the mess hall… about 6-10 will do. If you still need to stuff them in a pillowcase to beat on your cellmate, don’t worry — they can be bruised. Peel ’em and toss ’em in a giant Ziploc bag.



Step 2

Next, take a gigantic can of fruit cocktail (two, if you can smuggle them) and dump it, juice and all, into the bag. Save a couple grapes to eat though. They’re delicious.



Step 3

Next, you’re gonna need some sugar to help the fermentation process. Squirrel away about 60 cubes, then about 4tbsp of ketchup, just for a little acidity in the mix. That’s about four packets.



Step 4

Yeast is what makes this crap turn into alcohol, so toss whatever bread you can in there so the yeast’ll get the juices boozin’. Don’t overdo it: a piece or two should suffice.



Step 5

Since your pillowcase is now devoid of oranges, you’re gonna need to use your fists to pound the mixture into a pulp. Be sure to seal your bag first, though, or else your cell’s gonna look like you took a shotgun to a garbage can you found outside a Jamba Juice.



Step 6

Put the bag somewhere warm and safe — maybe the toilet, maybe a sink, maybe a bucket you smuggled in — and pour warm water over it to help the fermentation. Then either cover it or wrap it in a towel. Each day, repeat the process of pouring warm water over the bag. Do this for 5-7 days.



Step 6 1/2

Oh sh*t! Yeah, so there’s gonna be some gas as this turns into booze. Make sure to leave the bag open a tiny crack or else your Ziploc bag’s gonna turn into a tropical time-bomb, which is what got you here in the first place.



Step 7

After about a week, strain the nasty fruit goop. If you can’t find a strainer, just shank the bag a bunch of times and… voila! DIY strainer.



The Evil Results

Bada-bing! It looks like Tang. It smells like rotten fruit and booze. So what does the fruit of our cell-block labor taste like?

Imagine brushing your teeth, slamming a glass of grapefruit juice, throwing it all up, then drinking it again, and you’re close to the flavor profile of this concoction. Maybe add earwax and a little glue. But hey, it’s booze. And it beats the hell out of spending a week in solitary with just water and spork-related fever dreams.

Recipe Courtesy Thrillist