How To Not F**K Up Flipping Pancakes


For those of you who already know the fine arts of flipping (heh heh), we apologize retroactively for the lapse in judgement  and if you may, do stop reading. For those of you who still remain clueless on the finer skills of pancake making, get ready to have some knowledge dropped.

All too often do unfortunate souls attempt to flip an omelette or pancake, only to have it spasm midway in the air and fall into a miserable crumpled mess. Luckily, the ladies and gentlemen here at Foodbeast are fond of such how-to epiphanies as How To Eat a Cupcake and How To Sip a Soda. We recently bumped into this delightful How To Flip Food tutorial along our musings on the internet and decided it would behoove us to share it with the foodie world. If you’re tired of our pedantic ranting and would rather watch Cheetos fly in the air, watch the tutorial below:

Photo Courtesy of Doobybrain