Clever Instructional Video Teaches Us How to ‘Properly’ Eat Our Food


You know that one annoying pretentious foodie friend? The one who insists you always eat at the sushi bar, the one who taught you the proper pronunciation of KEEN-wa? Jeff Wysaski is not that friend. The guru behind the high-larious blog Pleated Jeans, he’s the friend who totally knows that feel, bro, the feeling of hating yourself after one too many potato chips, the feeling of digging popcorn kernels out of your teeth long after the original deliciousness has already gone.

Luckily Wysaski’s latest video is meant to teach us how to deal with all of life’s little food problems. Sure, it’s nothing you don’t already know, but check out some of our favorite tips below and tell us it’s not better than listening to another lecture on gluten:

How to Eat a Burrito: Eat until you’re full. Power through and finish it anyway.
How to Eat Rice Cakes: Throw in trash. Eat chocolate instead.
How to Eat 100-Calorie Snack Packs: Eat one. Congratulate yourself for being sensible. Eat four more because you’re still hungry and that serving size is bullsh*t.