So Apparently, We’ve Been Using Tic Tac Containers All Wrong

Last week I learned that my ketchup cup usage was a lie, and now this week, I’m learning that Tic Tac box lids have a crevice built to catch exactly one mint?! What the hell were our parents teaching us — or not teaching us?!

It all started when I was driving my buddies home after a trip from an onion-heavy lunch and mints were absolutely necessary. I reached into my glove compartment, pulled out a box of Tic Tacs and proceeded to struggle to get just one Tic Tac out at a time (1st world problem).

Watching my struggle, one of my mates snagged the box out of my hand and patronizingly asked, “Damn fool, don’t you read the Internet?” He then proceeded to explain that each Tic Tac box has a crater built out that perfectly houses one Tic Tac mint. It looks a bit like this, and now I feel slightly dumb:

Most likely, I’ll still shake each box of Tic Tacs until either 1 mint or 20 of them come out. That’s just the type of backwards, ignorant life I’ve led up until now, and no amount of common sense will persuade me otherwise.