Hit-Or-Miss Packaged Food Video

Watch How Peanut Butter Is Made

In the darkest, most depressing days, we can always turn to comfort foods to keep us grounded. One thing that always cheers us up is peanut butter.

We can’t speak for those with peanut allergies, but the feeling of biting into a toasted peanut butter  sandwich is indescribable. The combination of melted peanut butter and the crunch from a toasted slice of bread adds an overwhelmingly joyous texture in our mouths.

Let’s take a look at one of How It’s Made’s earlier segments on the creation of the beloved nut spread. The Discovery Channel’s series shows us how peanut butter is made en masse, chronicling the journey from nut to jar.

Check out the fascinating video while we raid the office kitchenette for some peanut butter. Pretty sure Isai has some hidden around somewhere.

Hit-Or-Miss Packaged Food

Watch How Pepperoni Is Made

We put it in our pizzas, our sandwiches, and pretty much anything we feel could use a meaty spice to it. As common as this sausage is, have you ever wondered how pepperoni is actually made?

How It’s Made, a series on Science Channel, shows us how simple ground pork is transformed into the flavorful smoked meat used in so much food porn shares.

Check out the video to see the entire process, from pork to packaging of mini pepperonis. If you’re a fan of the How It’s Made series like we are, you’re gonna want to check out their episodes on Ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. Pretty captivating stuff.

Hit-Or-Miss Packaged Food Sweets Video

Watch How Ketchup Is Made

Until recently, we’ve been using Ketchup cups the wrong way our entire lives. We’ve also discovered nine different ways to elevate the popular condiment using only a few ingredients. Have you ever wondered, as you pound at the bottom of that crimson glass bottle, how the ubiquitous sauce is made?

Science Channel‘s popular series How It’s Made answers that question and gives us a look at the ketchup-creating process. In it, we see the dry components used to make the red tomato-based paste as well as the mixing process with the wet ingredients. Because it’s all in bulk, and not made in a kitchen, the operation is pretty captivating to see.

Everything is then bottled, packaged, and shipped off to stores.

If you love slapping ketchup on food like we do, (scrambled eggs, anyone?) you might get a kick out of seeing how the condiment is mass-produced.

Check out the video.

Packaged Food Video

Watch How Worcestershire Sauce Is Made

The popular Worcestershire sauce (nearly 180 years old) is the base for many recipes, cocktails, and salads. After all this time, have you ever wondered how that pungent, yet delicious, liquid condiment is made?

How It’s Made, a popular series on Science Channel that shows how every-day packaged foods and sauces are created, takes a look at Worcestershire sauce. We get a behind-the-scenes look at all at the fermented ingredients (onion, anchovies) that go into the sauce and their journey through the factory before ending up in bottles.

Check out the mesmerizing journey a bunch of random ingredients go on before slumming it together in a glass bottle. You kind of appreciate it more now once you know how it’s made.

Photo: Science Channel


Watch How Tabasco Sauce Is Made


Tabasco sauce rules. We like to keep a bottle stashed in case our hash browns ever need some extra spice or burgers need some extra heat. Have you ever wondered how the sauce was made?

Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made took a quick look at the origins of the famous pepper sauce. Watch the journey a single pepper goes through to finally become a part of that iconic bottle we keep in our glove compartment.


Watch How Cheese Is Made On A Real Dairy Farm


Me trying to feed a baby cow.

I know milk comes from cows and cheese comes from milk…but that’s where my knowledge of all things dairy comes to an end. Sure, I could ask the Google machine more about the process, but how much more fun would it be to just go to a dairy farm and find out for myself?

The folks at Red Head Creamery, a young 20-something couple highlighted by Alise’s red hair (hehe, highlights) and hubby Lucas, were kind enough to take the day and show me around. Here’s what they look like just as a point of reference. It’s fair to note how impressive it is that such a young couple is running their own cheese making operation:


Alise (above) laughing at something.


Lucas (above) laughing at something unrelated to what Alise was laughing about.

Making our way through the farm, we spent the day learning the elementary facets of cow life, procreation, cow milking and cheese making. Amidst trying to feed a newborn calf, the journey was fruitful and I walked away with more knowledge than I had before.

How cheese is made:


This is How Jawbreakers are Made


The first time I saw the movie Jawbreaker, it terrified me. The premise of choking to death on a jawbreaker kept me away from the rock-hard candied treat for at least a decade. For anyone who’s wondered what makes a jawbreaker so tough, it’s thanks to layers upon layers of colored sugar. Every kid’s dream, right?

The multi-layered sweet, also known as a gobstopper, is coated over and over again with differed degrees of sugar and compressed into a ball. They can last for minutes or hours depending on how much one sucks. One could say they’re damn near everlasting.

How It’s Made posted a video detailing the tedious process behind creating a single jawbreaker. We won’t spoil much, but it’s super fascinating seeing all the work and ingredients that go into making the hard candy:

H/T Design Taxi


How They Get the Little Papers Into Fortune Cookies [WATCH]


When the bill arrived at my family’s favorite Chinese restaurant, there would be a tiny pile of wrapped fortune cookies on top. My brothers and I would snatch them up, crack them open, then compare fortunes while we munched on the cookies. Often, we’d ponder how the makers of these crunchy treats managed to fit the tiny papers inside. We’d float around theories of origami trickery or conclude that they slip the papers through the folds after they’ve baked. Like many things in life, the answer to this mystery turned out to be much simpler.

The video below breaks down the life of a humble fortune cookie, revealing the secret to getting those cheeky paper fortunes inside the cookie. Enjoy the abundance of bad puns and awful/great elevator music: