Watch How Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips Are Made

We usually don’t give much thought about how our chips are made, but it’s pretty interesting to to see how the little tortillas get their shape and seasoning.

The Science Channel show “How It’s Made” always has fascinating inside looks at the making of everyday things, including food.

In one of their past episodes, they showed the tortilla chip-making process, in great detail using Tom’s Snacks, which are pretty similar to Doritos.

The chips start off as raw yellow corn, before they kernels are cleaned and shipped off to the chip factory.

At the factory, the cooking process begins, as the corn gets hydrated, ground into masa, and shaped with a triangular mold roller.

The chips then move into an oven for 16 seconds, and get dumped into a fryer for 55 seconds so the chip is finally formed.

The chips then travel into a seasoning machine consisting of powdered cheddar, Parmesan, Romano cheese, and other spices, before getting bagged up and shipped out.

It’s a pretty fun video to watch, as we learn exactly how one of our gameday guilty pleasures is made.