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Clip Shows Gordon Ramsay Is The Wingman You Need In The Clutch

Gordon Ramsay has had the privilege of holding several titles in his lifetime, including Michelin-star chef and Guinness World Record holder. After one episode of his show Hotel Hell, he’s gained a rather unexpected one: “Wingman Ramsay.”

In this Hotel Hell clip, which was recently uploaded to YouTube, Gordon decides to take “nervous hotel owner” Ken Pisciotta out to meet some single women. Chef Ramsay does this because Ken doesn’t have much self-esteem, and Ramsay feels that by meeting the right girl, Ken will gain the self-confidence that a hotel owner needs to run his business.

After a quick outfit change to style up his appearance, Ken and “Wingman Ramsay” head to a local bar and immediately hit it off with a group of women. They immediately think of a single friend of theirs that they want to set up with Ken. While the lady of interest isn’t there that evening, the group agrees to have her meet Ken at his hotel’s re-opening the next day. Gordon then leaves Ken with the ladies to drink and have a good time, confident that the night went well.

In the events following the above video, Ken does meet the woman at the successful re-launch of his hotel. Gordon, happy with the hotel, Ken, and the new lady, completes his role as wingman by leaving Ken with one final gift: the single lady’s number.

If I ever run into Chef Ramsay at my local watering hole, I’m definitely turning to him as my wingman for the night. He clearly flourishes in that department like he does in the kitchen.

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Head Chef Serves Gordon Ramsay Bizarre Apple Juice Risotto [WATCH]

A chef like Gordon Ramsay has probably seen it all. He’s eaten cuisines from all over the world, gimmicky dishes prepared in front of his very eyes, and novelty desserts that his body simply rejects. Don’t think he’s seen anyone make risotto with apple juice before, though.

Chef Ramsay’s visit to the Four Seasons Inn in Vermont was one for the books in this classic episode of Hotel Hell.

The host spots a variety of quality issues with the Four Seasons, but an even bigger problem was unearthed upon his arrival. Ramsay discovers that the inn’s staff are not getting paid. After speaking to the hotel’s team individually, he learns the staff are all afraid to confront the owner and head chef, Sandy MacDougall.

Ramsay decides to try the hotel’s food before speaking directly MacDougall.

Here’s what went down when Chef Ramsay tried apple juice risotto:

Ramsay is pretty underwhelmed with the dishes as he tries them one by one, with the apple risotto dish the chef ordered being particularly disappointing. The surly Scotsman then confronts the owner in the kitchen where it’s revealed that the stock used for this “apple risotto” is actually apple juice.

No doubt, Ramsay was peeved.

Check out the video to see the chef’s experience eating at the Four Seasons Inn. All things considered, apple risotto didn’t sound too great to begin with.

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Gordon Ramsay Once Rented An Apartment For Struggling Hotel Owners

Gordon Ramsay may play the bad cop at times. In fact, he can be downright terrifying when working in a heated kitchen. When you’re face-to-face with the angry chef, getting a mouthful of donkey-themed insults, sometimes it’s easy to forget he actually has a heart of gold.

In a classic episode of Hotel Hell, Ramsay travels to Mississippi to visit Hotel Chester. Years ago, the hotel’s owner was in a car accident which led to the hotel’s struggle since. Because they were so far in debt, the owner’s wife had to take over in the kitchen and the couple had to move into the hotel to save some money.

In the episode Ramsay not only remodels Hotel Chester to appeal to a younger crowd, but he also hires a head chef for the couple out of his own pocket. Finally, as a final gesture, Chef Ramsay rents out an apartment for the owners away from the hotel.

While not permanent, Ramsay mentions multiple times that he’ll only be paying for the head chef and apartment until the owners get back on their feet and can afford the expenses themselves. Years later, Hotel Chester boasts a 4.5 star rating on Trip Advisor. We can assume they’re going to be OK.

What a nice guy.

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Gordon Ramsay Goes Off On Hotel Owner For Not Paying His Employees

For everyone in the restaurant industry, from owners to chefs to servers, Gordon Ramsay could easily be as frightening as the Grim Reaper himself. It’s safe to say Ramsay can turn into a complete savage when it comes to ensuring that owners and chefs are doing everything in their power to produce quality cuisine for customers.

But, after watching this clip from Ramsay’s series Hotel Hell, it’s clear that the fiery chef is willing to stand up for employees who feel they aren’t getting fair treatment. That’s exactly what happened during his visit to the Juniper Inn, a luxury bed and breakfast in Vermont.

In this episode, Ramsay meets a hotel owner who seems to be obsessed with opulence and excess, but needs a reality check in fair employment.

The visit to the Juniper Inn got off to a rocky start after Ramsay was served a plate of, “testicle-sized crab cakes,” and a rack of lamb that wasn’t up to his culinary standard. However, he becomes infuriated to learn the hotel’s staff is being severely mistreated and underpaid, with the head chef earning less than $400 a week.

Things only get worse when the head chef explains that he hasn’t been paid in three weeks — all while the hotel’s owner just purchased a $100,000 luxury motorhome.

“What are you doing to these people?” Gordon asks the owner in dismay. “This is their livelihood. This is your responsibility.”

It’s great to see Ramsay acknowledge that it takes more than a good cook to make everyone happy.

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This Chef Broke Down In Tears After Trying Gordon Ramsay’s Food

I’ve yet to try Gordon Ramsay’s cooking, but sources close to our hearts say it’s phenomenal. In fact, his food was powerful enough to bring an experienced chef to tears.

In a classic episode of Hotel Hell, chef Ramsay visits The Keating where he addresses the hotel’s many problems and tries to get them back on their feet and on the right track. One issue in particular was the hotel’s restaurant menu.

As Ramsay settles in the kitchen to help light a fire under the hotel’s head chef, he prepares a few dishes for the seasoned maestro of meals to consider for his patrons. Upon trying his first bite of Ramsay’s cooking, however, the chef breaks down into tears.

Check out the emotional snippet from the Hotel Hell episode. We’d probably break down too if we finally got to try Gordon Ramsay’s cooking.

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Gordon Ramsay Served Chocolate and Bacon Pizza, Spits It Out [WATCH]

If you know Gordon Ramsay is about to visit your restaurant, you better put on your A-game.

A classic Hotel Hell moment revisits Chef Ramsay’s trip to the MerK Bistro Italiano. Upon his arrival to help the struggling business, Ramsay is greeted by a manager who tells him that the restaurants’ food essentially sucks.

Since he still has a show to do, the celebrity chef orders a variety of items from the menu – including a Chocolate and Bacon Pizza. While this might sound like every college students’ dream dessert, it doesn’t quite translate well in a fine-dining setting.

Needless to say, it looks like a pretty soggy mess.

Check out Gordon Ramsay try to stomach the dessert for a few seconds before ultimately spitting out the novelty dish. Though here’s hoping his visit helped the hotel and restaurant out in the long run.

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Chef Serves Gordon Ramsay A Raw Soft-Boiled Egg And He Loses His Mind

Gordon Ramsay typically likes to use different types of egg cooking methods to test how good of a chef someone truly is. He’s done it with multiple egg-cooking styles on Hell’s Kitchen and claims to test some of his chefs by having them make “the perfect scrambled egg.”

So if the head chef running a restaurant can’t make something as simple as one of those, it definitely comes as a shocker to Chef Ramsay. In a recent clip from his show Hotel Hell, Ramsay came across one such inept chef.

Chef Ramsay had just been served a dreadful multi-course meal in the restaurant of a family-run hotel and decided to test the chef by having him cook a simple soft-boiled egg. The bewildered chef did as requested, and managed to frustrate Gordon even further with an egg more runny than snot.

“He can’t even boil a fucking egg!”

The chef’s blunders culminate in a fiery verbal showdown against Ramsay that you have to see to believe. Watch the above clip to see how everything unfolds.