More Than 1 Million Pounds of Pretzel Dogs Recalled, Said Nothing About Containing Soy


Those with soy allergies and an inherent love for pretzel dogs, brace yourselves. The US Department of Agriculture just announced a recall of nearly 1.2 million pounds of pretzel dogs for not listing soy as one of their ingredients.

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service discovered during a routine labeling review that while the frozen snack contained the common allergen soy lecithin, it was nowhere to be found on the box labels. Because of this, approximately 1,196,669 pounds of pretzel dogs will be recalled because of misbranding and undeclared allergens.

Consumers should note the production dates between February 14, 2014 and November 14, 2014. The pretzel dogs were sold under a variety of different names and packaging listed below and have the establishment number “EST. or P-34073” inside the USDA mark.

• Auntie Anne’s All Beef Classic Pretzel Dogs
• Auntie Anne’s Fundraising Pretzel Dogs
• West Creek Black Angus Beef Pretzel Dogs
• Kunzler Pretzel Dogs
• Kunzler Turkey Pretzel Dogs
• Berks All Beef Pretzel Franks
• Nathan’s Famous Pretzel Dogs
• City Line Foods Pretzel Dogs

Auntie Anne’s mall and airport pretzels are said to be unaffected by this recall. There have yet to be any reports of illness or reactions to the recalled products.

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Our Favorite Classic Food Pairings Tie the Knot – Literally


Unlike these “lover’s chips“, there’s something slap-you-in-the-face obvious about root beer and ice cream, milk and brownies, pretzels and beer going together. Also unlike those chips, these foods have been literally tied together and photographed by Kyle Dreier. He calls himself a food photographer, but thanks to this series, we know the truth:

Dreier is setting his sights on wedding photography. PB&J, he’s coming for you. Save the date.

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4 6

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Four Finger Burger

This Four Finger Burger is a combination of two beef patties, two butterflied hotdogs, two slices of cheese and three slices of bacon! O yeah, did I mention the fried egg on top of a bed of lettuce and mayonnaise with a couple of tomato and onion slices?! (Thx TIWYH)


Crispy Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs

A true Foodbeast at heart, and always on his homemade food game, my boy Corey (TacXLife) sent this photo over upon making this meal with his girlfriend. Can’t ever go wrong with crispy bacon wrapped hot dogs, seriously, you will never ever be wrong.


Tangled Hot Dog

I have a simple solution to untangle this hot dog catastrophe, eat it! (Thx IW)


Craving: Bagel Dog


Pigz in a blanket meet bagel dog!(PicThx TIWYF)

Adventures News

Bull Riding BBQ

My dear dear friend Candice had a birthday a few weeks ago, and to celebrate her Oregon heritage, she decided she wanted to go see Professional Bull Riding at the Pond. Nothing, especially bull riding, is complete without a lot of alcohol and a good ol’ BBQ. Check the damage after the jump: