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Trader Joe’s Adds Spooky Hot GHOST PEPPER POTATO Chips To Shelves


Sure, the Ghost chili isn’t the world’s hottest pepper anymore. That doesn’t mean it’s still not one of the hottest peppers around. It’s more than 400 times hotter than a jalapeño, after all. So if you’re a fan of spicy snacks, Trader Joe’s just dropped a new potato chip flavor that might just work for you.

Trader Joe’s Ghost Chili Lattice Cut Potato Chips are made with a special spicy Ghost Pepper seasoning. While they don’t completely boast the 1,000,000 Scoville units of their namesake, they should still be pretty hot. The lattice also allow more seasoning to stick to the chips.

A 7-ounce bag might run you about $2.29 at Trader Joe’s. Prices, however, might vary depending on location.



Twins Juiced 130 Of The World’s Hottest Peppers And Drank It, Watch What Happens


Currently the Carolina Reaper is classified as the hottest pepper in the world, the previous pepper to hold that title was the Trinidad moruga scorpion. It’s safe to say that both peppers are pretty hot boasting Scoville levels ranging from 1.5 million to 2.2 million.

So if you had 65 Trinidad Morugas and 65 Carolina Reapers, eating it probably wouldn’t be the best idea. So these two twin brothers juiced them.

Combining both sets of peppers in a juicer, these guys liquified 130 of the hottest peppers in the world and set them into shot glasses.

Watch what happens. We also can’t stress enough not to try this at home.


Terrible Customer Has Rude Meltdown In Kebab Restaurant, Karma Saves The Day


A recent video has surfaced that shows a rather fun flaw in “the customer is always right saying.” A hot blonde bombshell was caught losing her shit in a kebab restaurant, throwing insults at the two women behind the counter for messing up her order:

Apparently her dish traditionally comes with green peppers, but she ordered red. The sexpot customer wasn’t pleased, to say the least.

When the two ladies behind the counter huddle up and discuss in their own native tongue how to handle the situation, the Heidi Montag-level sexpot starts hurling mouth vomit across the counter:

“If you want to be polite to the customer, then you speak English,” spews the customer. “My kids don’t eat green things, they eat red peppers!”

You heard it here first — this lady is conditioning her children to not eat green things. No green M&Ms, no green peas, and DEFINITELY NOT NO FUCKIN’ GREEN DISEASED PEPPERS.

Well — would 15 minutes be OK, we can remake it for you? Probably not — my guess is sexpot has an episode of “Fuck you I’m busy” to record, because this is how she responds:

“15 minutes? I don’t have 15 minutes for you not to know English, not to get it right the first time. You get it right the first time. The customer is always right, that’s how it works here [in America, land of the Red, White and Blue, not the land of the GREEN, White and Blue*].”

I’m not sure what Cosmo article this sexpot read that encouraged her to step into a Mediterranean restaurant in the first place, but boy is the ending to the video sweet. After hearing her own voice for a few minutes, she storms off into a door that swings in, instead of out.

We’ll overlook that fire code blemish, and the validity of this video for the sheer enjoyment of ignorance and the swift punch of karma into this customer-of-the-year’s face.

Thank you Karma, for saving the day.

*The customer didn’t say this, we were just assuming she was thinking it.

H/T NextShark


Hunky Asian Guys Have Started A ‘HOT STREET FOOD WORKER’ Trend


Hot guys selling fruit appears to be the hot new marketing strategy for food vendors in Taiwan.


One of the first examples of the recent trend was 26-year-old Yi Ten Chen, dubbed “Tawian’s hottest bean curd seller.”

Long lines of women wanting to sneak a peek at 26-year-old promotional model Yi Tin Chen  formed at the Taipei-based Chuan Tong Zhi Zui Dou Hua Tang.

Although many accused the shirtless worker of being placed at the store as a publicity stunt, his modeling agency denied it.



Another example of the trend is Wang Xianghong, whose toned and chiseled body was recently photographed at a fruit and vegetable store on Qiangjiang Road in Taipei’s Beitou district. His undeniably ripped six-pack has customers (mainly female) drooling as they shop for fresh produce.

Wang, who is 20 years old and 6 feet tall, says he often works shirtless for his own convenience.

Wang, who works at the market four days out of the week, admits that some of the older women, or “aunties,” make comments on his body and purposely move closer to him while selecting their vegetables.


He revealed to reporters that he also works part-time as a model with Taiwanese agency Catwalk. The hunky fruit seller has been working at the market for nearly half a year and plans to serve in the army at the end of this year.

The stand’s owner told reporters that Wang and her son were classmates in primary school. Wang offered his assistance to stock produce and help customers when he found out their store was understaffed.


The latest example of the hot food vendor trend is from Malaysia — durian vendor Jordan Yeoh.

Photographs of him helping his aunt and uncle at their durian stand has garnered over 28,000 likes since its Saturday posting.


When Yeoh isn’t pitching in to help his extended family sell durian, he works as a fitness coach and model, which his ripped body makes apparent.


In 2011, Yeoh was named “The Hottest Hunk” at a Malaysian beauty contest.


One admirer on his Facebook post left a comment saying they “would rather eat the abs than the durians!”


Written by Laura Dang of NextShark || Source: Shanghaiist


20 Refreshing Tea Cocktails for Springtime Sippin’


There’s sunshine in the air, or at least, later into the afternoon. With the new light of Daylight Savings to remind us just how close summer is, it’s all we can do not to hop on the next flight to some balmy tropical locale (or, you know, the community pool). To help us all ease into into these warmer climes, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite tea and tea-infused cocktails to thaw our tired, frigid hearts. More backyard-friendly than Irish Coffees, but not quite so “SPRING BREAAAAAKKKK!1!!!” as margaritas, they’re just the things to transport us to warmer, simpler days. Or at least make it taste like it.


Sweet Tea Bourbon Cocktails


Recipe: Joy the Baker


Gin and Peppermint Tea


Recipe: Home Cooking Adventure


Jack’s Tennessee Sweet Tea


Recipe: Slow Roasted Italian


Russian Iced Tea


Recipe: Sprinkles and Sauce


Tipsy Peach Iced Tea


Recipe: Spicy Ice Cream


Sparkling Green Tea Cocktail


Recipe: Food Fashion and Fun


Amaretto Green Tea Boba


Recipe: Fake Food Free


Naples Fruit Tea Cocktail


Recipe: Erin’s Food Files


Tipsy Lemonade Iced Tea


Recipe: Family Fresh Cooking


Bergamot Iced Tea Cocktail


Recipe: Baked Bree


Secret Garden Iced Tea Cocktail


Recipe: Chin Deep


Mardi Gras Bourbon Green Tea


Recipe: Living in Vogue


Ginger Green Tea Cocktail


Recipe: YumSugar


Noto-Cello Tea


Recipe: Bobbies Baking Blog


Apple Spice Tea


Recipe: Wandering Spice


Pomegranate, Sweet Tea, and Gin


Recipe: Around My Family Table


Golden Jasmine Martini


Recipe: Food Blog and The Dog


Smoky Iced Tea and Whisky


Recipe: Serious Eats


The Anne Marie


Recipe: Wasabi Prime


Earl Grey Gin


Recipe: The Framed Table


Seattle Butcher Makes ‘Beast Mode’ Sausage with Skittles


Apparently, the Seattle Seahawk’s running back Marshawn Lynch adores skittles.

So, in honor of Lynch and the Seahawks making it to the Super Bowl, a Seattle butcher has unleashed a Hot Skittles Sausage. Named “Beast Mode,” Blue Max Meats’ Skittles sausage ranks as one of the most inglorious mash ups we’ve seen. The recipe itself, is unabashedly straight-forward:

First, grab several hulking chunks of meat



Second, grind out the meat spaghetti



Third, mix in the spices and, yes, a bag full of Skittles



Finally, MAGIC


We apologize for any appetites we may have (most likely) ruined.

Picthx K5

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Ghost Pepper Jelly Will Have You Sweating in Places You Didn’t Know Existed


Jelly on toast — a classic breakfast combo that goes perfectly with a cup o’ Joe. However, for those who aren’t coffee fans but still need that morning jolt, there’s Ghost Pepper Jelly. Why? Because nothing gives you a harder kick in the pants than one of the world’s hottest chili peppers.

Kay’s Kitchen created an insanely hot spread featuring ghost pepper-infused jelly. To put things in perspective, a jalapeño pepper clocks in at  3,000 SHU ( Scoville heat units), while ghost peppers boast a rating of 1,000,000 SHU. Eating a spoonful of this unique jelly will probably get your nose running and body sweating in places you didn’t know existed.

Ghost Pepper Jelly, $7.99 @Think Geek

H/T That’s Nerdalicious + Picthx Think Geek

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Sriracha Candy Canes Exist, Proof Santa Loves Us


I’ve always wondered if Santa was real or not. I was convinced that the mall version of him was the real thing, until one Christmas he failed to get me the latest NHL for my Sega. After that, he was dead to me, and I began to question everything in my life. Fortunately, these Sriracha Candy Canes are bringing back the faith.

The new holiday-friendly item features your classic candy cane with the year’s hottest trend (ho ho ho). Infused with Sriracha’s spicy flavor, each candy cane is decorated in the Rooster Sauce’s signature colors of red, white, and green. Of course, their resemblance to the traditional peppermint flavor makes for perfect prankster fodder.

With such a troll-worthy, delicious holiday offering, I just might forgive the bearded bloke after all.

Sriracha Candy Canes, 12-pack, $8 @ThinkGeek

PicThx ThinkGeek