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Nutella-Like Oreos Are Real And Coming Early 2018

If there were ever a flavor combination that made almost too much sense, it’s Nutella Oreos. While rumors spread of that the cookie flavor was coming, it is now official, as Oreo has confirmed a Chocolate Hazelnut flavor is coming in 2018.

It’s not an official collaboration with Nutella, unfortunately, but they’re basically Nutella what with the whole chocolate hazelnut flavor, and will be on store shelves starting January 1, along with a Spicy Hot Cinnamon flavor.

The Chocolate Hazelnut will have a Nutella-like creme, with a golden cookie sandwiching it. The Hot & Spicy will be kind of like a Hot Tamale candy, and will keep the classic cocoa cookie on the outside.

Both of these limited edition flavors hit the rumor mill when  food review blog Junk Banter posted a couple of photos back in October. Junk Banter is usually spot on with these Oreo sneak peeks, so it was only a matter of time before it became official.

Along with the new flavors, Oreo announced that in 2018, it would be bringing back its pink saliva-inducing Marshmallow Peeps flavor, along with the crackly Firework Oreos.

That’s a lot of big news coming from the Oreo camp, as 2018 is already looking pretty fantastic.