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Reebok and ‘Hot Ones’ Collab On Sneaker Capsule Collection

If you’ve never seen First We Feast’s hit interview show, ‘Hot Ones’, it’s the only one that is allowed to literally turn up the heat on guests with “hot questions and even hotter wings.” Translating that energy into literal sneaker heat, the Sean Evans-hosted program has now linked up with Reebok to a capsule collection of three ‘Hot Ones’-themed sneakers.

Featuring exclusive renditions of the Club C “Mild”, Classic Leather “Medium”, and Shaqnosis “Hot” models, each shoe will come with custom Reebok x Hot Ones sneaker packaging with tissue paper designed to be cutout and used as a bib. The collection also will debut exclusive unisex Reebok x Hot Ones t-shirts with crossover graphics, available in black or deep red.

The Reebok x Hot Ones footwear and apparel collection is available globally from beginning November 19.

Besides the sneakers, First We Feast’s merch game has been strong, making for great choices as holiday gifts for the foodie in your life. Think a trio of hot sauces, ‘Hot Ones’ Nugget Honey, and a ‘Truth or Dab’ game.

Peep the following photos for detailed looks of each sneaker in the ‘Hot Ones’ x Reebok capsule collection.

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Watch Stone Cold Steve Austin Destroy Spicy Wings On Hot Ones

Stone Cold Steve Austin, the baddest beer-drinking, mud-stompin’ sumbitch on the planet just met his match in the form of spicy chicken wings.

The WWE legend jumped on First We Feast’s “Hot Ones” YouTube series to put his toughness to the test for the first time since his retirement from pro wrestling.

While Stone Cold has a podcast where he lays out everything about the wrestling business and his days as a wrestler, both Sean Evans and the insatiably hot wings brought out some awesome tidbits about the WWE Hall of Famer, such as his favorite margarita recipe, drinking 128 cans of beer with fellow wrestlers Stacey Keibler and the Dudley Boyz, and literally shitting his trunks in the middle of a match with Yokozuna.

The Texas Rattlesnake rattled off all 10 of the spicy wings like a true World Heavyweight Champion and didn’t even break a sweat. Austin closed season 9 of arguably one of the best YouTube shows out there, and we can only hope that The Rock will make his way to Hot Ones to complete the WWE Attitude Era trinity of Stone Cold, The Rock, and Chris Jericho.

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‘Hot Ones’ Host Tries To Get Scarlett Johansson To Spoil ‘Avengers Endgame’

Scarlett Johansson is getting ready to avenge the fallen later this April when Avengers Endgame finally concludes an 11-year journey through one of the most engaging movie series of all time.

While Johansson will surely make several rounds of press interviews, none of them will be like the one she just endured on First We Feast’s Hot One’s fiery wing challenge.

If you’re not familiar, the notoriously spicy chicken-wing based interview consists of celebrities eating 10 wings, each one hotter than the last, all while trying to answer host Sean Evans’ questions at the same time.

Not easy.

The artist also known as Natasha Romanoff pounded some brewskies to help ease the pain of the hot wings, so that added an extra layer of vulnerability to her question answering.

This is how Black Widow almost got herself in trouble. When Johansson eventually made her way through all 10 wings, Sean Evans threw a flurry of Avengers Endgame-related questions. They told Scarlett that she did not have to answer the questions, but in her fiery moments of vulnerability, her facial expressions would be the the key to each non-verbal answer.

As Evans asked her if Captain America will die, Johansson gave a painful face that may or may not be the from the hot sauce.

When asked if Goose the cat was the key to saving everybody, she did mouth, “I don’t know,” while in pain.

When asked if Thanos will be tricked into entering the quantum realm by Ant-Man, she also said, “I don’t know.”

When asking if Loki was still alive, she said absolutely nothing, which could also be a telling sign.

Johansson ultimately said, “I do not know what those last three things you said were, because my mouth is…. full of fire.”

So take those answers how you will, but we’ll ultimately find out when Avengers Endgame finally comes out April 26.

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Shaq’s Top 9 Reactions To Eating The Hottest Wings In The World

Shaquille O’Neal once famously took the “One-Chip Challenge,” and said he wouldn’t “make a face.”

But boy did he make a face, though he had a chance to redeem himself during First We Feast’s famed Hot One’s challenge.

On the show, The Big Diesel promised again to not make a face, and well, he was wrong again.

Absolutely there were plenty of faces, and we’re picking out the best ones as Shaq battled through 10(ish) of the hottest wings in the world. Kind of.

The First Damn Wing

Shaq didn’t take long to pull out classic Shaq expressions. After biting the very first wing, he looked straight into the camera and , well, the picture above happened.

After Bringing Up Kobe

Shaq handled the Kobe Bryant question pretty well. It was well documented that they didn’t always see eye-to-eye, yet he breezed through the inquiry and tried jumping head first into the next wing, which he wasn’t really ready for.

After Biting Into A Bone

You can tell Shaq was really struggling by the third wing, to the point that he started biting straight into the wing’s bone. He tried to blame that look of anguish on the bone, but we all know he had a fiery inferno in his mouth, courtesy of Paddy O’s Potion hot sauce.

The First Admittance of Spice

By wing four, Shaq finally admitted that he was feeling it, even though it was very apparent that the other wings also gave him some trouble. Unfortunately, he was not even half way through the challenge.

How Many Licks

You know you’re in trouble when you can’t even lick the wing without fear. It was at this exact moment that Shaq realized he f***ed up.


Shaq came ready with a whole damn gallon of milk. Surely it helped, but he really needs a whole new tongue if he wants to undo the spiciness he just encountered from Da’ Bomb.

Get That Snake Off The Table

How did this even make the final cut? Shaq decided to inappropriately thrust his pain away.

When They Ask You To Make A Free Throw


Shaq finished strong, until host Sean Evans challenged him to a free throw contest with a Fisher Price court. Surely, Shaq had some free throw flashbacks. To be fair, he used to make them when they mattered most.

Be sure to watch the full episode, it’s so worth it. And thank you to Shaq for all these great moments.

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Gordon Ramsay Literally Starts Crying During Hot Wing Challenge

Any time Gordon Ramsay is out of his element, it’s a treat to watch, so seeing him completely lose it with a batch of hot wings is nirvana.

Ramsay appeared as a guest on First We Feast’s Hot One’s, and fans of the YouTube series know that Ramsay is the holy grail of guests. Hot One’s has gone through 7 seasons of spicy interviews, and for 7 seasons, the comment section was always littered with, “Get Gordon Ramsay,” requests.

It has finally happened, and the biggest takeaway was that Ramsay’s spice tolerance is trash. It’d be surprising if he could comfortably tolerate anything spicier than soy sauce.

The show’s challenge is to get through 10 wings, each one hotter than the last, and Ramsay was fidgety by the second wing, which had a cute little green turtle on the sauce’s bottle.

Probably worst of all, Ramsay ran to the restroom with hot sauce hands, causing a down south burn that no man deserves.

By the time he got to the 7th wing, which was covered in Torchebearer’s Garlic Reaper Sauce, he started cracking really badly, claiming his heartbeat was elevated, and worrying about anal leakage.

The very next wing was Da Bomb, which Ramsay compared to, “Sticking your tongue in fucking acid.”

By the end of it all, Ramsay was in tears, chugging Pepto Bismol, spitting out water, and spraying lime juice directly into his mouth for some reason.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a human being so uncomfortable around hot wings, but he still made it all the way through the challenge. Not very well, but he did it.

His reward was teaching host Sean Evans to make scrambled eggs with his dick on fire.

This video is probably the most entertaining thing in 2019, so far. If you have 31 minutes to spare, do yourself a favor and watch Gordon suffer like he never has before.

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John Mayer Writes A Song About Eating Hot Wings, While Eating Hot Wings

If you’ve ever had any doubt about John Mayer’s raw talent as a musician, pull yourself together and listen to this instant classic he wrote on a ukelele, while eating some of the spiciest wings in the world.

OK, so maybe the song wasn’t life-changing, but Mayer put his skill on display while on First We Feast’s Hot One’s challenge.

If you’re not familiar with the show, celebrity guests eat 10 hot wings, each with a sauce that’s hotter than the last, while host Sean Evans asks mind-bending questions.

While Mayer did hit a few rough patches, he actually went through all 10 wings. On the 10th wing, Evans handed John a uke, as the two proceeded to jam out together.

Mayer, as he often does, kind of freestyled and put together an easy-on-the-ears tune about he and Evans “eating scarily.”

In the interview, Mayer also shared nuggets about his song writing process, why he loves Air Jordan 5 sneakers, and why he has god-awful facial expressions while bending chords on the guitar.

The interview as a whole was pretty insightful for fans of the guitar god, and he showed that he can push through the pain of dangerously hot wings burning his esophagus.

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Alton Brown Explains Three Of The Most Disappointing Moments In US Food History

Alton Brown isn’t a man who minces his words, so any takes he’s got are bound to generate some friction. His latest thoughts on the most disappointing moments in food TV, for example, may not be music to Food Network’s ears.

The food industry’s Bill Nye broke down these poignant events in a recent interview on First We Feast’s Hot Ones. Brown talked host Sean Evans through each instance in detail, revealing how the drive to be popular and viral has harmed the industry more than helped it. The three he dissected on the show may have been small stones at first, but snowballed into consequences nobody could have anticipated.

Whenever a region of the US claims a dish to be their own…

To Alton Brown, the best Buffalo wings aren’t in Buffalo, and it’s hard to find a good Cubano sandwich in Tampa. Before residents of those cities take up their pitchforks and torches, though, they should know that Brown’s issue is more about quantity that it is quality.

“When a region thinks that their identity is kinda locked and that ‘We got this,’ that’s when they start making too much of it to tourists that don’t know the difference. And then…. pretty soon, you’re Del Taco.”

While Brown needs to put more respect on Del Taco’s name, the analogy fits. Finding the one golden needle in a haystack of mediocre copycats can prove frustrating, especially with online “reviewers” throwing you off in every direction.

Food Network’s transition from specialty to mainstream TV…

Brown’s spent 20 plus years in the food TV show business, and to him, Food Network’s rise to the mainstream came at a price. The channel now had to play the same ratings game as everybody else to compete, and Brown detested becoming one of the players.

“That game at the time was called reality television, which I abhor at large and dislike immensely. Don’t like what it’s done to the industry, don’t like what it’s done to people’s minds.”

Numerous food reality shows, like Hell’s Kitchen and Chopped, are on the air today. They’re fun to watch, sure, but are we viewing them to witness culinary masterpieces come to life or to see who’s gonna try to talk back to Gordon Ramsay next? It’s more of the latter these days, so now, food TV is no longer being watched for… well, the food.

The launch of Iron Chef America…

I almost fell out of my chair when Brown called this show a downside. He’s the host, after all, so to boldly proclaim its faults is something you’d never expect. ICA is a double-edged sword for Brown, though. While he loves its portrayal of the fine dining chef’s prowess, he despises the generation of Hollywood-aspiring chefs that it spawned.

“But it’s also a very, very bad thing because it made so many young cooks want to be a cook so that they could become stars. Way too many kids during the 2000s decided to go into the culinary field so that they could become TV stars.”

Iron Chef America brought a lot of hype to the career of a fine dining chef, especially when they toppled celebrity giants like Masaharu Morimoto and Bobby Flay in ICA’s comestible combat. But entering the culinary world should be done out of a love for food, not an attraction to the limelight. It means there’s less focus on the craft and more on the camera, and while visual appeal is great, taste and quality are always paramount.

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Watch Michael B. Jordan Get Flamed By This Fiery Gauntlet Of Wings

Michael B. Jordan has taken on the role of a boxer, a football quarterback, and more recently, Black Panther’s Killmonger. However, tackling an increasingly fiery gauntlet of wings may be his toughest challenge yet.

The accomplished actor went on First We Feast’s show Hot Ones to dish on the new Marvel film and more with host Sean Evans. As Jordan progressed through the increasingly spicy barrage of chicken wings, he also had to deal with Evans’ tough questions.

Jordan cruised through most of the wings with ease while discussing how he got into the Killmonger character, waking up early to eat more on cheat days, and his go-to convenience store food hacks. When it came to the final three levels of heat, however, Jordan’s eating pace slowed fast as he was visibly shaken by how spicy they were.

He tried his best to go the whole way without any milk or aids, but eventually gave in and took a sip before taking on the final wing, coated with the Last Dab hot sauce. The milk didn’t help him at all, but that didn’t deter Jordan, who powered through and managed to conquer all ten wings in the Hot Ones lineup.

Jordan’s run was impressive, but while Black Panther is out here flourishing, it would be dope to see Chadwick Boseman to take on the spicy wings next. It would be interesting to see if the true Black Panther can take the heat better than Killmonger.