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This Single Egg Became The Most-Liked Photo On Instagram

2019 has barely begun and an unknown account as appeared to accomplish the unthinkable: become the most-liked photo on Instagram. So what kind of celebrity could be behind such a behemoth post that’s garnered over 30 million likes through the course of 10 days? Is it Selena Gomez drinking another bottle of Coke, hoping to reclaim her title?

Nope, there’s no celebrity behind this. No brand pushing a new item. The most-liked photo on Instagram  has become a simple image of an un-cracked egg that may or may not be a stock photo from somewhere.

Instagram account @world_record_egg posted a photo on January 4 of a simple brown egg over a white background.

In a matter of days, the photo gained an inconceivable number of likes for an account that’s essentially a newcomer, eventually surpassing previous record holder Kylie Jenner’s 18 million likes post of her newborn, and then doubling it in a day.

At the time of publication, the egg photograph had more than 36 million likes on Instagram, with it expected to climb even higher in the days to come.

What’s funny is the @world_record_egg doesn’t have any previous posts before the egg photo. In fact, the entirety of the account seemed to be based around beating Jenner’s record.


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stormi webster 👼🏽

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This can’t be the first time an account has attempted to set the world record for likes, but something about this egg has cracked the Instagram algorithm for success.

We’ll do some digging to see if there’s a story behind this phenomenon. In the meantime, the egg photo is gaining about 1 million likes each hour since yesterday as a sort of a snowball effect of success.

Perhaps in a few days, Jimmy Kimmel will announce to the world that he’s secretly running this account. Perhaps.

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Sophie Turner From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Reviews Sausages On A Secret Instagram

You gotta live the life mayn

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We’re all eagerly waiting for the final season of Game of Thrones to air, as 2019 cannot come soon enough.

Until HBO makes a more official announcement regarding the premiere date, we’ll need some content to snack on to curb our GoT appetite. Lucky for us, one actress is passing the time with a secretive Instagram account dedicated to one of our favorite breakfast meats.

Sophie Turner, best known for her role as Sansa Stark on the acclaimed series, revealed that she has a secret passion: sausages.

She loves sausages so much that she actually created a secret Instagram account where she eats and reviews sausages.

The actress shared a screenshot of the account (@sophiessausagereviews) on her Instagram story and asked for a follow, reported Business Insider. The account has since gained more than 40,000 followers.

Below is her first post:

Followed by gems like this:

And this:

You can catch Sophie Turner in the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones next year. She’ll also star as Jean Grey in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, set to premiere February 2019.

Hopefully from now until then, we’ll be stuffed with all kinds of new sausage reviews from the actress.


How To Get Massive Likes On Your Instagram Burrito Photos

This guide is part of a series called “Being Your Best #Foodbeast” on Instagram. If you’re gonna document your food, you might as well do it well. These guides are here to help. Indulge.

So you order a good looking burrito, you whip out your phone or DSLR and you have no idea what to do next. You could just eat, but chances are you’re here because you are a food documentarian of some sort.

Full disclaimer, the following tips and tricks work for me, my audience and the some of Instagram’s most notable food pornographers. Pick and choose which of the following practices work for your Instagram. Those of you with your own personal style and aesthetic, I applaud you — you’re already ahead of the game.



Sounds obvious, but not a day goes by where I don’t get tagged in a photo, begging for a regram, only to land on a picture of a tortilla tightly wrapped around a mystery filling. What’s inside your burrito?! I don’t care what your caption says, I’m on Instagram and I deserve to know!

The psyche of the average food porn consumer isn’t predicated by the outside of the burrito, it’s the inside that matters. Unless you’ve ordered your burrito wet, drenched in cheese and beautifully plated in a tin circle with rice and beans, please split it open and show your audience what’s inside.

Also, pick it up with your hands, it won’t bite.

2. Have a well organized, clear cross section

Don’t get lazy after cutting a burrito in half.

Once a burrito is halved, data shows that having clear, distinct ingredients filling the burrito is crucial. When you halve a burrito with a knife, you’ve likely sliced right through pieces of rice, beans, french fries and in some cases, ice cream (cotton candy burrito anyone?). The way the human eye reads a news feed, they need to see things as clear and whole as possible. Rice and beans cut in half don’t register as well on the eyes.

Once you’ve sliced your burrito in half, make sure you do a bit of finagling with your ingredients to bring some whole beans, rice and pieces of meat to the top. In the example above, you’ll see that I’ve buried the shrimp pieces I accidentally cut, and brought to the top unharmed shrimp. Same with the fries. I left some cut, then pulled whole ones to the foreground. There is no question to the subconscious this burrito is stuffed with whole french fries.


3. Grab the ass, and make sure people see it

The only asses you should be grabbing are of consenting adult friends, and halved burritos (consent optional).

Once you split a burrito, you have two asses and you’re gonna need some sizable hands to cup both in one frame. Don’t trip, if you have small hands, like our social media manager That’s That Fuego — it actually makes the food look bigger, which is never a bad thing.

What many food Instagrammers tend to miss when documenting burritos is cylindrical depth. Plates can vary in size and it is extremely difficult to capture the depth of a burrito when she’s lying flat.

By grabbing the burrito from the bottom and giving it a slight tilt towards the camera, a lot of nuanced mind trickery is at work.

Your audience is intrinsically expecting a tortilla to complete its own brain loop that makes them crave a burrito. If they don’t see the tortilla clearly, their mind might not register it as a burrito. Don’t assume people know a tortilla is in frame. Sounds extra, but remember that your audience isn’t in the room with you, they didn’t taste the burrito and they didn’t feel the tortilla.


4. Natural light, avoiding canopies & overhangs


A post shared by Elie (@bookofelie) on

Go outside. The sun is a beautiful tool and natural lighting is the easiest way to immediately take your Instagram food photos to the next level.

Avoid direct sunlight, and get away from walls that create weird colors when they reflect the sun.

Too often your camera will pick up on the reds illuminating off a nearby brick wall, or an orange tint on your food because you’re sitting at a table with a red umbrella above. Call me extra, but I’ve once taken my burrito into a nearby alleyway because the lighting was just perfect and nothing was skewing the light. Just try and find the side of the building where the sun is casting the softest shadow.

Also, if you’re eating a burrito at night — just enjoy it and keep your phone in your pocket. Your photo is gonna look like shit no matter what you do.

5. Keep the background clear of distractions

When shooting with the burrito held directly in front of you, make sure the background composition is free of clutter.

The more objects in the background, the higher the probably your audience will lose focus on the burrito.

Make sure the color of your background doesn’t blend in with your model, and avoid busy patterns or tiles that can confuse someone’s line of sight.

Your background doesn’t have to be empty, a little texture is always nice and human — but anything that competes with the model, in this case your sexy burrito, will hurt your chances of food porn success.

6. Have fun, eat well and get out there!

If y’all enjoyed this guide, feel free to follow me on Instagram. I eat a ton of burritos on my @BookOfElie account, as well as make sure things are looking sexy when y’all submit your goods to the main @Foodbeast account. Feel free to Tweet @BookOfElie to tell me what guide you want next, or email me once you’re Insta famous with Chipotle brand deals.



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Here Are All The Details On Candytopia, The Spot That’s Candyland In Real Life

If you’ve been a big fan of the Instagram favorite Museum of Ice Cream, there’s a similar new attraction in town for you to add to your social media feeds.

Candytopia, which is like the Museum of Ice Cream but for candy, just opened up in Santa Monica. It’s got over a dozen interactive attractions, including a candy art museum, a pig farting out glitter (I’m not kidding), and a chance to record a video of yourself getting chased down by a massive gumball, Indiana Jones style. There’s also plenty of candy sculptures to take pics and have some fun with, including a life-sized candy dragon, a shark, and in true Instagram fashion, unicorns.

The most fun of the entire experience can be found in the “marshmallow” ball pit. Not only can you jump in and swim around, but you can also feed the marshmallows into suction tubes around the sides of the pit to rain down on everyone inside.

There’s also plenty of free candy you can get inside of Candytopia, including massive clouds of cotton candy, Pixie sticks, chocolate truffles, and more. And if you’re not in a sugar coma by the end, there’s a shop full of Candytopia swag and tons more treats to stuff your face with.

Those interested in getting in on this candy-laden experience can purchase tickets on Candytopia’s website. Admission is $30 for adults, $23 for kids aged 4-12, and free for those 3 and under. You can buy up to 12 tickets at a time.

Featured Image: Constantine Spyrou // Foodbeast
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Watch These High-Profile Chefs Compete To Create The Most ‘Instagram-Worthy’ Burger

If you’re gonna go out and make what you deem to be an Instagram-worthy burger, you’ve gotta make sure you come correct. The burger needs a ton of oozing, melty cheese, an epic, mouth watering cross-section, and something outlandish that nobody’s seen before. That’s sure to rack up the likes and get all kinds of people sliding into your DMs.

Alvin Cailan, the Eggslut breakfast creator and legend, decided to give his shot at making a burger creation built for the ‘Gram. In his new First We Feast show, The Burger Show, Cailan squared off against Top Chef alum Ilan Hall to see who could make the better Instagram-worthy burger.

instagram-worthy burger

Cailan created “The Baseball Burger,” a cheese-stuffed sphere of meat enrobed with onions to look like it could strike out Barry Bonds. It had two grilled cheese buns and a knife stabbed through the middle to give it that wow factor.

In contrast, Hall went for a Banh Mi Poutine Burger, mashing up iconic items from Canada, Vietnam, and the United States under one bun. Clearly the more chef’d up take between the two burgers.

The burgers were then put to the test by a pantheon of judges: celebrity chef Matty Matheson, First We Feast’s Sean Evans, and radio personality Miss Info. After deliberating on flavor, presentation, and Instagram-worthiness, the three agreed that Cailan’s Baseball Burger was better suited for our social media feeds.

As much as I’d be down with Hall’s epic burger fusion, I gotta agree with the judges on this one. That knife was the literal dagger that sealed Cailan’s win as to which burger was more Instagram-worthy.

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‘Dogs In Food’ Is By Far The Cutest IG Account You Aren’t Following

A post shared by Dogs In Food (@dogs_infood) on

If there are two things the internet loves, it’s food and puppies, and this Instagram account masterfully combines both.

Meet “@dogs_infood,” the account that uses Photoshop for the betterment of mankind.

Incredible thought and precision goes into each post, as it’s not just randomly Photoshopping a dog on a food photo. The colors and textures are blended in perfectly, as in one photo, a puppy’s fur can melds seamlessly with taco meat, and in another, a white terrier can look almost exactly like a tub of popcorn.

A post shared by Dogs In Food (@dogs_infood) on

Perhaps the best part of Dogs in Food, is that you can have your own four-legged friend inserted in a dish. The bio states, “DM me if you want an edit of your dog in food.” That means if you want your cute little pooch transfixed into a bowl of mom’s spaghetti, this account can probably make it happen.

The very first post can be traced back to late January, and as of this writing, only has 28 posts, though it has already accrued a strong following of around 35,000+.

A post shared by Dogs In Food (@dogs_infood) on

Check it out for yourself, and bask in all the irresistible cuteness.

Frenchie marshmallow sundae with hot fudge #decadent

A post shared by Dogs In Food (@dogs_infood) on


3 Things Happening To My Body After 24 Hours Of No Social Media

Day 2.

Yesterday I abruptly quit social media. Yes, the dude who co-owns a food company where social media is seemingly what keeps the lights on. Where social media has given Foodbeast’s roster of audio, written, photo and video content legs to be seen by up to a billion people every year — I quit using all of it cold turkey on February 1st.

Now, here are three things that happened to my body the first day I went dark:

1. My body absurdly tried to use Venmo as social media

I made a reference to social media as a drug yesterday. By no means am I the first to make that comparison, but never have I felt the embodiment of the addiction so absurdly as when I was taking a shit at work yesterday.

I sat on the toilet, conscientious of my posture, straightened my spine out, feet firmly on the floor making perfect perpendicular lines with the throne. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and into the crevice of my hand, the empty home screen had no social media notifications.

My fingers did their muscle memory thing anyways — they scrolled two screens over to where Instagram used to be, my crack of choice, and sure enough I thumb tapped an empty block of pixels on the home page where the purple and yellow icon once was. My mind reminded me of the month-long-journey I was on, and my body accepted the fact that Facebook and Twitter weren’t options during my bathroom time.

“What did I eat last night?” I wondered, mainly because I had the mental capacity to do so now. My emails were checked, I wasn’t in an endless hole of sifting through Tweets, mindlessly scrolling past Facebook status updates of friends — wait. Wait. I’m…


My fucking finger had found Venmo. Yes, the mobile payment app to quickly transact money between friends. A fucking app that PayPal owns. My body was thirsting for social media so hard I was mindlessly scrolling through monetary transactions my “friends” were making between each other, sometimes sprinkled with cryptic reasonings for said transactions. Sherry had paid Tommy for Lakers tickets. Damn, Sherry went to a Lakers game?! Jennifer paid her boyfriend for “sushi,” damn, they going dutch in that relationship?! Jason paid someone ‘private’ for three tree emojis — is Jason’s landscaper on Venmo now?!

I closed Venmo immediately and deleted it from my phone.


Don’t get me wrong, I use Venmo too. It’s an awesome tool that allows you to make use of the one friend who may have cash in a situation, or generally speed up transactions. On the other hand, there’s tons to be said about Venmo eroding a lot of social monetary interactions that end up making already fickle, cheap people more fickle, isolated and cheap.

Ever thought a friend was paying for your milkshake in a drive thru, only to have him send you a payment request once he’s not in your face for $3.79 and a memo “the boys getttin sugar waaaasted.” No Keith, I’m not getting sugar wasted with you any fucking longer. Social constructs say I pay for a meal, you pay for a meal — friends don’t need to go dutch on milkshakes. I have a job. You have a job. If you can’t buy your friend a 4-dollar milkshake because you’re closer to the drive thru window, we shouldn’t be driving around burning fuel any longer. We should go park your gas guzzler back home and comb through your finances.

I rant, but Venmo is a social media tool and my body sniffed it out like a junkie. I hadn’t thought to delete it in my initial sweep, but my body reminded me that I still had a bottle of social media pills in a new hiding place. Bye Venmo, at least until I know how to use you properly.


1.5. My body wanted mariscos without taking a picture

I still gotta eat. If you find yourself in Orange County, CA and want the best Mexican food for the price and the decor reminscent of an El Torito and Mimi’s Cafe’s offspring, go to Ostioneria Bahia 2. In fact, I was so enthralled with my meal I didn’t take a single worthy picture. A little bit of THC (not served at the restaurant), a couple metallic margaritas (first sip was awful, second sip was heavenly), an al pastor burrito, and of course, the star of the show: shrimp a la diabla.

Orders these as a plate, or in a quesadilla and I guarantee your mouth hole will thank you later (the other hole will beg for mercy, but it all works out in the end):

Since I have no pictures of my own, here’s a few from Yelp that I probably could have just lied and said I took:

2. I tried to access Facebook 39 times at work in 6 hours

I knew I would do it too, so by the second time I had tried to meaninglessly reward my act of responding to an email with a quick hit of “f-a-c-e-b….” I got up from my chair, grabbed some sticky notes from my social media manager’s desk, and slapped one on my monitor. Every time I stopped working to go to Facebook or Instagram on my phone or computer, I would tally it on the sticky with a pen. By 3pm I had notched 39 attempts at social media.

One particularly interesting moment was when Geoff swung by my desk to discuss an upcoming advertising campaign. Mid conversation, literally while words were coming out of my mouth about budget and view counts, I found myself back at this login screen:


Not sure what privacy law they’re breaking here, but there was my face AND a red dot with 31 notifications that I’m “missing out on.” I wasn’t logged in, yet Facebook was telling whoever was using my computer that Elie had many notifications he was missing on. 31 things, specifically.

My body was actively going through the motions of attempting to reach Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In the morning, it was every couple minutes. By the end of the day, it was every half hour that muscle memory would drive me to try and access Facebook.

3. I no longer felt physically attached to my charging cable 


We all feel “tethered to our phones,” but I didn’t realize said metaphorical description was actually a literal one.

Tethering something involves connecting one device to another. An astronaut is tethered to their ship in space because they need the connection to deliver a clean stream of oxygen to their mask and ample amounts of power to their suit. Without the tether, they’d float away into the abyss of space. They would eventually die without oxygen.


Ever been out of your house long enough that you start frantically looking for where your next phone charge will come from? Don’t you start feeling like the battery itself? Say you’re at 15% at the beginning of the day and you have a bunch of errands to run — tell me you don’t start feeling anxious that you might be caught out in the world without a phone. It’s almost as if our bodies are at 15% also. What if I get lost? What if someone calls? What do I do at red lights? How do I listen to podcasts?

Ever been in an airport and watch grown adults tethered to a wall, wires intertwined, sitting Indian-style on a dirty floor trying to get their fix–err, charge? I’ve been at plenty of food events, conventions and general bouts of walking around a city like New York where I have an external battery pack in my back pocket and an extra long 3-foot charging cable connected to my phone. I look like a fuckin’ Jetson and I’m not alone.

But today, I didn’t seem to care. I left to work in the morning with 10% charge. Outside of a few texts, calls, and an email check — my phone miraculously was at 5% by the end of the day. When I moved around the office, I no longer felt obligated to bring my phone everywhere. The first couple times I walked to the water cooler I had my phone in my pocket out of sheer habit. But by the 3rd piss of the day, and walking to lunch, I didn’t seem to need my phone, so I left it at my desk like a growing child I knew could one day take care of his or herself.

Thank you so much to all who e-mailed me yesterday!

Again, I can’t read anything y’all are saying on social media, even if these posts get shared on Facebook, Twitter or talked about on Instagram. What I do know is, those of you who emailed have been incredibly eloquent, personal and really inspiring to read. Even if you’re just saying hello, feel free to drop me a line — and I really appreciate you following along!

P.S., this wasn’t my original intent…but a lot of you have sent such incredible emails, if you want me to publish any of them in future articles, please leave a note at the end that explains that. It can be a simple ending note “I give you permission to answer this email publicly.” I don’t know if I ever would, but it started feeling like a letter-to-the-editor type thing. My email is personal though, and if you don’t mention that I will assume it’s a completely private conversation between the two of us. 

Feel Good Technology

How Your Next Instagram Food Pic Can Literally Feed Hungry Children

While most hashtags on social media do nothing more than promote, Virgin Mobile and and Feeding America has teamed up to create a hashtag that will actually do some good.

“One hashtag=one meal,” seems to be the slogan they’re going with, and if you use the hashtag #DonateMyPlate on your upcoming food photos for both Instagram or Twitter, Virgin Mobile will donate “the money equivalent of one meal” to the Feeding America network.

Proud to #DonateMyPlate and help @virginmobileusa and @feedingamerica to end hunger in the US

A post shared by Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on

I looked up and down for a catch, but you don’t have to sign up for anything, you don’t have to do a survey, or even buy anything from Virgin Mobile, you literally just have to use the hashtag on your food photos, and Virgin Mobile will do the rest.

There are no restrictions on the food content, either. You can put up a picture of your ordinary Cup Noodles, or that lavish once-in-a-lifetime dinner at a steakhouse, and they all count the same towards the donations.

It feels like they legitimately just want to raise awareness, and do some good.

If you don’t trust them for whatever reason, you can check out more info for yourself on Virgin Mobile USA, but it literally would cost you nothing to type down a hashtag and help the fight to end hunger. I know I will.