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Why Jack in the Box’s New ‘Hot Mess’ Burger Shouldn’t be Called a ‘Hot Mess’


Just in time for the Super Bowl, Jack in the Box released their new “Hot Mess” burger today as a contender for Sunday’s go-to meal. While the name itself conjures up fond memories of your one friend who always gets balls-out (pause) plastered and ends up singing the entire National Anthem by the end of the night. . . the actual Hot Mess burger by ol’ Jack is a bit disappointing. There’s a beef patty topped with jalapeños, onion rings and pepper jack cheese, yes, but, honestly, you can’t name a burger a hot mess unless something serious is going on.

Example: A beef patty stuffed with three kinds of cheese — pepper jack, provolone, swiss — and topped with cheesy jalapeño poppers, DOUBLE FRIED onion rings, a gooey sunny side-up fried egg, BACON, mo’ cheese, Sriracha (standard) and mo’ bacon for good measure. Oh, and then you can sandwich all that between two pieces of buttered-up french toast. Now that, dear readers, is a hot mess. Unless, of course, you can do better (sound off in the comments below).

‘Til then, dear Jack in the Box, you should consider renaming your “Hot Mess” burger to something more like “Your average beef patty with some jalapeños and cheese.”

Stay tuned for Jack in the Box’s not-so-hot-mess burger Super Bowl ad this Sunday.

H/T Yahoo + PicThx Jack in the Box