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This Guy Hilariously Turned His Wieners Into Iconic Pop Culture Scenes

We’re pretty sure after a certain age, playing with your food becomes acceptable once again. How else would you get something so amazing as pastry chef Erik Vernieuwe’s wiener series?

The chef recreates famous paintings and pop culture icons in a series he calls The Daily Wiener, reports Design Taxi.

In it, hot dogs replace famous celebrities, paintings, and movie scenes – all to a hilarious effect. Some examples include the meticulous recreation of The Last Supper which can be seen above. A few scenes taken straight from cinematic history are also pictured below.

You can’t say this isn’t a shining argument for playing with your food.

Check out some of the entertaining photos from the burpzine Instagram account.

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For One Day, Wienerschnitzel Is Selling 56 Cent Chili Dogs And Hot Dogs

Who: Wienerschnitzel

What: In celebration of turning 56 years old, Wienerschnitzel is offering customers 56-cent hot dogs for an entire day. This includes both the hot dog chain’s iconic Original Mustard and Chili Dogs.  That’s good to know since we’re doing our Lipitor run real soon. There will be a cap after 10 hot dog purchases.

Where: You can find the 56-cent deal at all locations

When: All day July 11, 2017

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Joey Chestnut Wins Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Record-Breaking Fashion

In a contest featuring unreal gluttons, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut stood out above the rest once again.

The competitive eating legend took home his 10th Mustard Belt title and $10,000 after winning the 2017 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, which is held every year at the Independence Day event on Coney Island in New York City. This time, Chestnut set a record for the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest by downing an astounding 72 hot dogs in just 10 minutes.

Chestnut’s main rival in the competition, Matt Stonie, managed to consume 48 hot dogs, finishing third place behind Chestnut and breakout eater Carmen Cincotti, who ate only four dogs less than this year’s champion. Stonie is the only person to have beaten Chestnut in the last decade at this contest.

Chestnut’s whopping 72-hot dog feat is a truly impressive caloric feat, as perfectly explained by ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

Basically, “Jaws” ate enough hot dogs to feed at least ten people for a day in ten minutes. Let that sink in for a minute. Despite those jaw-dropping numbers, Chestnut actually wasn’t too happy with his result, insisting that he could “do better” than the record-breaking number of hot dogs he had just eaten.

He’s definitely got some room to go, as his world-famous rival Takeru Kobayashi was once able to down over a hundred hot dogs in the same ten-minute time limit. Maybe Chestnut can get to that number next year? We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.

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7 International McDonald’s Burgers The US Needs To Get Their Hands On

With the introduction of McDonald’s new Sriracha Big Mac, as well as various Big Mac sizes coming to United States restaurant locations, it’s going to be a busy year for the fast food chain.

Through the years, we’ve come across a few McDonald’s burgers from around the world that make us regret not traveling more. These burgers feature regional ingredients, outrageous additions, and drool-worthy portions.

Check them out!


McDonald’s Katsu Cheese Burger


McDonald’s Japan added a new burger that features a pork katsu cutlet. The breaded, deep-fried piece of pork is stuffed with cheese. Upon emersion in the deep-fryer, the crust is crisp and golden brown and the cheese is oozing and melted.

The patty itself boasts so many different textures that this burger instantly became a must-try here at the office.

Nutella Burger


Who loves Nutella?

If you can’t get enough of the hazelnut spread, McDonald’s locations in Italy are slinging this sweet new “burger” you can sink your teeth into. Think of it more as a nutty pastry that happens to look like a burger. It’s even packaged in a box similar to the Big Mac.

If there’s one item that’s sure to spread holiday joy on this list, it’s the Nutella Burger.

The Giga Mac


Sure, the US will soon be introduced to the Grand Mac. However, Japan already cornered the market on giant Big Macs with their variant: The Giga Mac.

The kaiju of McDonald’s burgers features four beef patties, cheese, lettuce and Big Mac sauce, served on a sesame bun.

Red Sausage Pork Burger

China McD

McDonald’s locations in China introduced a burger that featured red pork sausage a few years ago. Another burger, a grilled chicken sandwich boasting a fried shrimp sticks accompanied it during its initial launch.

Over here in the US, our eyes popped at the unique ingredients stacked in these two burgers.

Fromage Pan


Our friends at 7 Deadly took a trip out to France a while back and reported back this delicious Fromage Pan sandwich. This wonder of the world featured a patty that’s just made up of breaded cheese.

We expect nothing less from a country so prominent in cheese culture. Beautiful.

Mushroom Dijon Burger


Some burgers don’t have to have crazy meats and coloring to make us salivate. All they need are the right combination of ingredients that simply compliment each other.

Take this Brazilian Signature burger. The fat sandwich features double meat patties, bacon, mushrooms, and dijon grain mustard.

Quiet down, stomach.

Double Beef Sausage Burger


Fan of meaty burgers?

Another sandwich from McDonald’s locations in China introduced a double-pattied burger that was then topped with two plump sausages. The sausages were drizzled with mustard and served on a brioche bun. No other ingredients. Just meat and bread.


Gray Burger (Honorable Mention)

McD China Grey

Because there’s nothing more appetizing than grey food, McDonald’s China dropped this pork patty burger with iceberg lettuce and bacon.

Hit-Or-Miss News

Check Out The Outrageous Beer And Hot Dog Prices At Each NFL Stadium

With the football season underway, now is the opportunity for fans everywhere to catch the action in person. However, you may want to double check your bank account before painting your team’s colors on your face.

Each year, like clockwork, prices for NFL game tickets, along with the cost for beer and hot dogs at the concession stands, continues to rise. The average price of a regular season NFL game ticket during the 2016 season is about $86. The average price for a beer is about $7.40, and a hot dog is more than $5.00.

Just to sit in the nosebleed seats, drink an overpriced 12 oz. beer, and eat a soggy hot dog will cost the average person about $98.00 this season. Oh, and we left out parking.

If you’re planning on watching the Oakland Raiders at the Oakland Alameda Coliseum, bring a few extra bucks for beer. One regular-sized beer at a Raider’s home game will cost you an NFL-leading $10.75. The Raiders should also be penalized for selling the NFL’s most expensive hot dog for $6.75.

Thanks to some insightful infographics from our friends at Sports Interaction, you can see where your favorite team’s beer and hot dog prices stack up against the NFL average.



With NFL concession stand prices continuing to break records, it’s nice to see one team fighting to make a difference. Currently, the Atlanta Falcons are in the process of drastically reducing prices at concession stands inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium, according to ESPN.

Set to begin in 2017, the Falcons are prepared to offer unheard of perks to visitors. Steve Cannon, CEO of the AMB Group told ESPN, “We’ll be able to feed a family of four at our games for $27.”



The Falcons will be offering guests a $2 soda with unlimited refills, along with $3 slices of pizza, among other reasonably priced items, beginning in 2017.

With ticket and concession stand prices already on the rise, the Atlanta Falcons already have a reason to look forward to next season. However, this trend in price gouging raises concerns about the aspect of affordability for fans attending major sporting events. Is there an incentive for fans to continue spending absurd amounts for food and beverage alone, or are people just better off watching at home?


These Are 10 Of The Most Mouthwatering Foods At This Year’s Minnesota State Fair

While we’re devouring vegan tacos at the start of this year’s LA County Fair, there was another major exhibition coming to an end on the other side of the country. Our friends, the Food Dolls, spent a day at the Minnesota State Fair to highlight the most appetite crushing items they had to offer.

Known as the second largest state fair in the US, behind Texas, we were stoked to see what kind of foods the Dolls got to try.

Here are some of the hottest food items they hit us back with on their recent trip.

Maple Bacon Tipsy Pie (Tipsy Pies)


What we have here is a hand-made pie made with locally sourced whiskey and wine topped with bacon served in a miniature pie tin.

Deep fried pickles (The Perfect Pickle)


Peaking out of a deep-fried crust is a fresh pickle just waiting to be dunked in a pool of ranch.

Tater Dog (Texas Steak Out)


Potato lovers can wield their very own spiral cut potato wrapped around a Hebrew National dog and covered in parmesan cheese.

Deep Fried Nachos Supreme (Texas Steak Out)


This melty masterpiece is made from jack cheese cubes coated in a mixture of crushed seasoned tortilla chips and nacho cheese. The cubes are then deep-fried, covered with taco meat, guacamole, more nacho cheese, and sour cream.

Sheep Dog (The Lamb Shoppe)


Check out this lamb dog served in a bun with garlic sautéed kale, raw fermented sauerkraut, quinoa, and a honey mustard drizzle. Probably one of the healthiest things on this list.

Macaroni & Cheese Curds (Oodles of Noodles)


Cheese lovers will get hyped after trying this macaroni and cheese blended with fresh cheese curds.

Candied Bacon Donut Sliders (Minnesota Wine Country)


You can’t have a fair without some kind of donut dish. These glazed donut holes with thick candied bacon and a chocolate red wine ganache are this year’s answer to that annual craving.

The Gizmo (Carl’s Gizmo Sandwich)


The Gizmo is an Italian-style sandwich, made with ground beef and Italian sausage covered in red sauce. Sure you can’t see much under this blob of melted mozzarella, but just let your imagination take the wheel from there.

Curd Bucket (Mouth Trap Cheese Curds)


Who wouldn’t want to carry around a bucket of deep-fried cheese curds all day? You can find this bad boy at Mouth Trap Cheese Curds.

Cookie Pail (Sweet Martha’s Cookies)


One of the hottest stops at the Minnesota Fair, Sweet Martha’s Cookies serves about a million cookies a day. Their cookie pail is $16 and comes overflowing with the baked dessert.

Photos by Food Dolls

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California Burger Chain Is Giving Out Free Bacon Dogs On International Bacon Day


Who: Slater’s 50/50

What: In honor of International Bacon Day, the California customizable burger chain is giving away free 50/50 Furter dogs. The meaty new 1/3-pound Slater’s dog has a 100 percent beef frank that’s stuffed with crispy smoked bacon and wrapped in bacon.

Where: All Slater’s 50/50 locations in California. This includes: Pasadena, Anaheim Hills, Huntington Beach, Rancho Cucamonga, San Diego, and San Marcos.

When: Saturday, September 3, from 11am to 5pm.


Level Up Your Hot Dog This Summer With These 11 Toppings

Grilling season is in full-swing, which means it’s time to enjoy an all-American favorite: the hot dog.

Few things are as delicious as a freshly charred dog right off the grill… but we have a confession to make: we’re a little fed up with regular old ketchup and mustard on our dogs. Even relish doesn’t do it for us anymore.

If you’re feeling restless about your predictable hot dog toppings, we’ve got a solution for you. Actually, we’ve got 11 solutions for you. Try any of these 11 funky hot dog toppings and we guarantee that you’ll be seeing hot dog grilling in a whole new light this summer.


French Onion Dog

Image: Serious Eats

What’s not to love about French onion soup? It’s got all the basic food groups: broth, cheese, bread, and caramelized onions. Now that that’s settled, the only real question is this: why haven’t you made a French onion soup version of your hot dog yet?

To do so, cover your hot dog in a thick layer of caramelized onions, then top it off with an unhealthy amount of Swiss cheese. Warm the dog up to get the cheese to melt, and sprinkle some fresh Thyme on top.



Banh Mi Dog

Image: Damn Delicious

If you’re looking for a hot dog that’s less “take me out to the ballgame” and more next level AF, then look no further than the banh mi dog.

All the best parts of the traditional Vietnamese sandwich have been transferred to your hot dog, including a layer of mashed peanuts, pickled carrots, cilantro, jalapenos, and cucumbers. What dog could ask for more?






Image: WeHeartIt

For those trying days when you’re stuck with serious decisions like, ‘Do I want mac n’ cheese or hot dogs?’ Ah, the great conundrums of life.

Instead of going down an existential hot dog hole, why not just combine these two comfort foods into one ultimate dog? Make your mac (the thicker and creamier the better) and then proceed to slather your hot dog in said mac. The result is the stuff of every stoners’ dream.



Reuben Dog

Image: Girl Carnivore

Bubbe would be so proud — as long as that dog’s kosher, of course. Sorry Bubbe. Take your hot dog up a few notches by piling it high with all the mouth-watering flavors of our favorite sandwich: the Reuben.

Wrap your grilled dog in pastrami (or even grill the dog with the pastrami wrapped around it), then bury it in Swiss and sauerkraut. Top off with a healthy drizzle of Thousand Island dressing and dig in.



Bacon Wrapped Dog

Image: Port and Fin

Because everything is better wrapped in bacon, obviously. Grill up this epic hot dog wrapped in the good stuff, then give it a little heat by adding some jalapenos to the mix. Want to take it a step further? Top it off with a generous dollop of guacamole.

Spicy? Yes. Delicious? You better believe it.



Kimchi Dog

Image: Steamy Kitchen

Regular relish may be played out, but the reign of kimchi relish is just beginning. Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish made of fermented vegetables (usually cabbage) with a variety of seasonings. And guess what? It’s like a spicy flavor party in your mouth.

While you can make kimchi (it’s the same fermentation process as you would use for sauerkraut, if that helps at all), you can buy kimchi both online and in stores, which we would suggest. Add some honey, rice vinegar, and spicy mustard to your kimchi for the best relish your hot dog has ever known.



Pulled Pork Dog

Image: Cooking and Beer

For some serious comfort food on comfort food (comfort food-ception?), you need to try this pulled pork and broccoli slaw hot dog. Have you ever heard something scream “home-cooked Southern comfort,” um, ever? We think not.

Granted, this dog takes a little extra time. You need to make your pulled pork and your slaw (you can buy slaw to make your life easier, we won’t tell) before you can make your masterpiece. But trust us, this explosion of flavor will be well-worth you slaving over a hot grill.



Vacation Dog

Image: Real Simple

Give your taste buds the getaway they’ve been craving with this “vacation dog”. You might not be able to get to the Bahamas before October (damn your limited vacation days!), but your stomach sure can. The tastes of summer are all here — smokey hot dog, juicy pineapple, and red cherry peppers. Now that is what we call a sweet, sweet victory.



Eclair Dog

Image: The Frisky

That’s right, hot dogs aren’t conforming to your societal norms anymore. If you really want to tick off The Man, turn your dog into a sweet-as-pie chocolate eclair hot dog. It sounds gross when you first hear it, we’ll give you that, but you will be pleasantly surprised by this combination of savory and sweet, we promise.

Dip the bottom of your bun in chocolate and top your dog off with some whipped cream. The thicker the cream, the better, but you can use canned whipped cream to get the effect, too.


Texas Chili Dog

Image: Damn Delicious

You know what they say about Texas — everything’s bigger and covered in chili there. Well, maybe not that last part, but it’s the truth. Texas without chili would be like the Kardashians without plastic surgery. So if this is going to be a Texas dog, there better be chili. And lots of it.

Once you’ve piled your dog high with savory chili, top it off with a crumble of Fritos for a satisfying crunch. Because it’s Texas, ya’ll, why the heck not?



Smores Dog

Image: Rolling Out

Your barbecue guests never saw this coming. Sure, you’ll be grilling up hot dogs and s’mores over an open fire, but who knew you’d be grilling up HOT DOG S’MORES over an open fire? And we’re not talking about just any old s’mores here, but a peanut butter s’mores, no less.

We get that smothering your toasted bun in marshmallow fluff and drizzling chocolate syrup and peanut butter all over your hot dog isn’t normal grilling etiquette,but who said anything about this list being “normal”?

So get grilling, and enjoy a summer full of weird, hot dog-related fun, courtesy of us. You’re welcome.e.