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Chicago’s Doggone Is Now Making a Hidden Valley Ranch Creole Hot Dog with Shrimp Etouffée

There’s no shortage of hot dogs in Chicago, so much so that the city has its own distinct “Chicago-style hot dog.” To be able to shout over all that noise, hot dog joints have to make something truly special. That’s exactly what Doggone, the brainchild of hot dog entrepreneur Skip Murray, is trying to do with their delectable dogs for the Coast 2 Coast Ranch tour, presented by Hidden Valley ® Ranch.

Undoubtedly inspired by his hometown of New Orleans, where Murray’s first restaurant, Dat Dog, blew up, the Cool Bayou dog is made from a mix of crawfish and pork. This down south dog is then coated in Hidden Valley Ranch Original Seasoning and allowed to marinate.

Next, the dog is cooked and then covered with a creamy shrimp étouffée. In French, étouffée means “smothered,” so sure enough, this dog is absolutely drowning in the Cajun classic.

Fresh diced tomatoes and diced onions are then added to balance out the hearty étouffée and the dog.

But all the delicious fun doesn’t stop there. Once the solid toppings are set, creole mustard is drizzled on top. The dog is then finished with a Hidden Valley Original Ranch Seasoning-infused sour cream and a sprinkle of parsley.

For all the Chicagoan Foodbeasts out there with a serious love for ranch, this dog will be available all September in celebration of the quintessential dressing. If you want to find more ways to try ranch, no worries. Just take a trip to and check out the other participating locations of the Hidden Valley Coast 2 Coast Tour.

Created in partnership with Hidden Valley Ranch. 

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You Can Now Book The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile As An AirBNB

Oscar Mayer, for the first time ever, is opening up the doors to the Weinermobile for people other than the lucky few who get to drive the thing and hold the elusive “Hotdogger” title.

The weiner company is teaming up with AirBNB to offer people the chance to book a stay in the world’s favorite, and only, weiner-shaped car. From August 1st through August 3rd, the vehicle, which is parked outside of Everston, IL, can be had for $136 a night.

The 27-foot-long Weinermobile comes fully stocked with a mini-fridge full of hotdogs, all the Chicago-style fixings, an Oscar Mayer roll away grill (that you can keep!), and an outside seating area.

It’s also fitted with a roll-out bed, two seats made out of ketchup red velvet and mustard yellow leather, and windows aplenty. With all these amenities, the van is sure to make a cozy stay for the weekend. It’s #VanLife, but with hot dogs.

If that’s not enough, it also comes with a variety of wearable goodies, like a hot dog onesie. 

According to the internet, the running price for a package of the Oscar Mayer weiners is around $3. Going by my rudimentary math skills, in order to get your money’s worth, you only have to eat… 453 hot dogs. 

That sounds feasible, especially for anybody who’s such a fan of hot dogs that they’re willing to sleep in a giant one on wheels for a night. 

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for that experience, it’s to the store you go. That’s because the  Weinermobile is all booked up, after just 24 hours on the market. 

Hopefully, there will be more openings in the future, so all hot dog heads can go to heaven.

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This Tiki Bar’s Tribute To ‘The Sandlot’ Features A SPAM And Shrimp Hot Dog

This year marks the 25th anniversary of one of film’s most iconic classics: The Sandlot. To celebrate the baseball-centric movie’s birthday, a Hollywood tiki bar is offering up a unique twist on the game’s quintessential food: the hot dog.

Called the “SPAMlot,” LONO Hollywood’s unique twist on the frankfurter bridges together ballpark eats, Hawaiian-inspired tiki bar food, and the culinary fusion that Los Angeles has become so well known for.

The hot dog inside is made from SPAM®️ Classic and shrimp, both of which lend well to the tropical flavors the “SPAMlot” is topped with. These include banana ketchup, a sweet Maui onion kimchi relish, Japanese Kewpie mayo, and nori.

Together, these create a mouthwatering combination of flavors that is an absolute home run. The Sultan of Swat himself would definitely be impressed if he tried one of these hot dogs.

LONO Hollywood’s SPAM®️-filled tribute to The Sandlot will be available for the entire month of August as part of SPAM®️ Restaurant Month.

Created in partnership with SPAM®️. 

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YouTubers Successfully Recreate Jollibee At Home [WATCH]

Ah, Jollibee. Looking back, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad memory at the popular Filipino fast food chain. The problem is my cravings will never outweigh the rising costs of gas. Can’t keep driving out for miles every time the Jollibee hunger strikes. If only I knew how to make it at home.

Popular YouTube cooking channel HellthyJunkFood channeled the essence of Jollibee and recreated three of the chain’s most popular items: Jolly Spaghetti, Jolly Hotdog, and the Chickenjoy.

Because most fast food chains keep their recipes pretty close to the vest, hosts JP and Julia try their best to get as close as they can to the actual dishes based on their experience recreating popular fast food items and the descriptions provided by the Filipino chain.

If you’re itching to try this at home, you can find the recipes here.

Just watching this makes me yearn for a trip to Jollibee, as a statue of the pleasant, comely bumblebee waves me inside the doors, the smell of fried chicken and burgers welcoming me, luring me to the register.

Visually, I think they nailed the execution. The sound of that first crunch is also music to our ears.

Our only disappointment was that they don’t show you how to make Jollibee’s incredibly addicting gravy.  Though that’s fair, because if I knew how to make that liquid gold at home, I’d never leave the house.

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Man Accidentally Shoots His Own Wiener While Robbing A Hot Dog Stand

Note to all future burglars out there: If you’re going to stick up a place like a hot dog stand and choose to have your gun in front of you, don’t keep your finger on the trigger when you stick it back down your pants. Otherwise, you’ll end up like this guy.

19-year-old Terrion Pouncy was arrested on two counts of armed robbery after sticking up a Chicago hot dog spot — and then accidentally shooting his own penis while attempting to get away, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

After collecting the stand’s cash and wallets from the two staffers working at the time, Pouncy adjusted the gun in his waistband while running off. While doing so, the gun went off and hit Pouncy where it really hurts.

One of the employees then wrestled with Pouncy for a little bit, but the would-be burglar managed to make it across the street before collapsing. He was later treated at a local hospital for his injuries before being officially charged.

Hopefully, Pouncy has learned a harsh lesson about the consequences of trying to rob a place with this whole ordeal. At the very least, he probably now knows not to ever stick a loaded gun down his pants again.

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Some of Chicago’s Best Hot Dogs Are Being Made By Ex-Convicts

If you’re from Chicago, you’ve got your go-to spot for the ultimate Chicago-style hot dog. While some claim to be better than others, this Windy City staple utilizes the same build at each place: poppy seed bun, sausage, onion, tomatoes, relish, pickle, sport peppers, mustard, and celery salt.

And while there’s tons of delicious versions throughout Chicago, none has the critical acclaim and amazing backstory of Felony Franks, a “gourmet fast food” joint that brings Chicago staples to the people while giving ex-convicts a second chance. Owner Dino Andrews only employs people who have been to prison and struggle to find jobs as a result, utilizing his restaurant as a way to show the world what these ex-cons can do for them.

In a recent interview with YouTube channel SORTEDfood, Andrews emphasized that while the story may be alluring, his emphasis is and always will be on the food.

“We know that people will come to our restaurant once because of the mission, but if the food is great and the service is fantastic, people will come back over and over.”

So far, that strategy has been paying off. Felony Franks has been getting consistently high remarks on both Yelp and Google, with numerous reviews praising the restaurant for their friendly service and great-tasting hot dogs. The Misdemeanor Weiner, which is the name Andrews gives to his restaurant’s Chicago Dogs, is wildly popular.

The ex-convicts themselves also appear to enjoy what they are doing, stating that cooking makes people happy and that they’re happy to give their all for a boss that gave them a second chance at life.

Hopefully, more restaurants can follow the example of Felony Franks and be uplifting to those who are disadvantaged and looking for jobs around the world. It would be amazing to see that trend start to form.

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“Hotdog Hell” Chrome Extension Replaces Facebook Images With Dancing Hot Dog Filter

By now you’ve probably seen Snapchat’s Dancing Hot Dog augmented reality filter. The animated, breakdancing hot dog that you can place on objects in your environment is quickly becoming this summer’s hottest meme.

While the concept of augmented reality is pretty incredible, some might consider the dancing hot dog as Snapchat’s latest attempt to stay relevant.

Luckily enough, the Snapchat’s dancing hot dog became so popular  — or loathed, depending on who you’re asking — that someone created a downloadable Google Chrome extension that replaces every image on Facebook with an image of the now famous dancing hot dog.

So, if you’re sick of your friend’s traffic selfie posts on Facebook, this “productivity extension,” will give you a break. I downloaded it, and it provided some much needed entertainment.

The extension, aptly named Hotdog Hell, was released on July 10, and now has more than 296 weekly users.

The extension’s developer, an 18-year old mathematics and computer science major, named Kevin Chen, said he created the extension after he fell in love with the vitality behind the bizarre filter.

“I saw the hotdog on Snapchat; a couple of my friends were sending it, and then people started putting it in random memes. It was just so utterly bizarre, and I loved it,” Chen said.

The two-week old extension is now Chen’s first project developed for public consumption on the Google Chrome web store. Still, the attention the “app” is generating was unexpected, according to Chen.

“Definitely exploded a lot more than I thought it would,” he said. ” I was pretty shocked on that first day, and I’m really happy that such an absurd meme gained so much traction.”

What’s interesting is that Hotdog Hell is categorized as a “productivity extension,” which undermines the silliness behind it, but also capitalizes on the meme’s absurdity and humor.

Chen said there was a conscious effort to make the joke of it being a “productivity extension” because it does make Facebook, “significantly harder to use.” Maybe that’s a good thing for some people.

While it seems the Dancing Hot Dog has become the Internet’s hottest meme character, there’s no telling exactly how Snapchat — the originator of the hot dog character — will react.

Although, Chen doesn’t seem worried, pointing to how viral the meme has become.

“So far, I haven’t been contacted by anyone from Snapchat about it, and I think at this point,” Chen continues, “the hot dog has a life of its own.”

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7 Million Pounds Of Hot Dogs Recalled For Containing Bone Fragments

Photo courtesy of the USDA.

We know that hot dogs are often made up of different cuts of meat, but there’s one part of the animal that we’d rather not be in there: Bones.

Unfortunately, at least one person found out the hard way that their frankfurters had pieces of bone inside, and a massive recall of hot dogs across the country has begun as a result.

By “hard way,” I mean that someone bit down into a hot dog with the extraneous material inside and suffered a minor oral injury as a result. It was reported to the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) Consumer Complaint Monitoring System, and traced back to Marathon Enterprises, Inc. They then initiated a massive recall of nearly 7.2 million pounds of their products dated between March 17 and July 4, 2017. Check here for a full list of products and product labels to see if you have any of the affected hot dogs.

While the USDA hasn’t officially posted a list of stores that carry the affected brands and products, if you find a pack of these sausages in your fridge, throw them away or return them to where you bought them immediately. Trust me, you don’t want to crunch down on some bones while sinking your teeth into a hot dog.