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You Should Make This Cheesy Hot Dog-Stuffed Burger At Your Next Family BBQ

Any time you put together burgers, cheese, sausage, and chili, you know that you’re in for an epic time. This hot dog-stuffed burger makes that concept extremely simple, but also pushes the boundaries in terms of grandeur.

YouTube channel HellthyJunkFood conceived this insane stuffed burger, which combines many classical elements of burgers and hot dogs together. It’s like the Juicy Lucy, a cheese-crammed burger staple from Minnesota, met a chili dog and had this mouthwatering food baby.

What’s even more exciting about this burger is that you can easily make it at home or at the next family BBQ. All you need is bread, ground beef, hot dogs, canned chili, and cheese, all of which are easily available at these family functions. Making your own at a family BBQ will probably either impress or horrify your family members, depending on how they feel about this gluttonous masterpiece.

The burger clocks in at an impressive 840 calories, and is literally all meat and cheese. Check out the video to see exactly how it’s made.

You should also definitely have a cardiologist, or at least a defibrillator, on hand if you do make one (or more) of these for yourself.