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Swiss Miss x Lucky Charms Collab Looks Like Pure Magic

On chilly nights, nothing beats a piping cup of hot cocoa to truly warm the soul. While Swiss Miss is one of the most iconic brands of hot chocolate out there, we were pretty surprised to discover that they’ve yet to do an official collaboration. Until now, that is.

Swiss Miss has now partnered up with Lucy Charms to release a new line of Lucky Charms Hot Cocoa.

The new hot cocoa boasts all the iconic Lucky Charms marshmallows you’d typically find in the cereal box including hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, blue moons, unicorns, rainbows, and red balloons.

You can find the new Swiss Miss x Lucky Charms collaboration available now at participating grocery stores nationwide.

I’m sure there’s a magically delicious pun somewhere, but until that arrives in the old noggin, I’m just stoked to be able to enjoy being a kid again. Even if it lasts only as long as a cup of hot chocolate.

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After It Disappeared For YEARS, In-N-Out Brings Back A Nostalgic Menu Item

In-N-Out is famous for keeping it simple but doing it right. They almost never add anything new onto their menu, as their cult-favorite burgers, fries, and drinks keep customers piling in at all hours. The West Coast burger legend is breaking from that norm, however, as they introduce their first addition to the menu in over a decade.

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According to the Orange County Register, you can now find Hot Cocoa available at In-N-Out locations. Prices vary based on where you are, but in Orange County, CA, it’s priced at $1.60 for an 8-ounce cup. It comes with marshmallows on top, but they can be served on the side per request. An employee confirmed to the register that the hot chocolate is made with water, although whether that makes it vegan or not is still not clear.

It’s also unknown if all locations of the burger legend have hot cocoa. It’s been spotted in the greater Los Angeles area on Instagram, and as far north as Monterey, CA. Nonetheless, this is the first time In-N-Out has changed their menu since adding lemonade over 15 years ago, according to the OC Register.

UPDATE: Since news of the hot cocoa addition broke, Foodbeast has obtained a statement from In-N-Out President Lynsi Snyder. Turns out that hot chocolate isn’t a new menu item from In-N-Out. Instead, it’s the return of one that had been on the menu for years before dropping off altogether.

“My grandparents, Harry and Esther Snyder, served it for many years beginning in the ‘50s.  I’m not sure how it fell off the menu but it’s part of our culture and something special for kids, and I’m happy that we’re bringing it back.  For a certain generation, hot cocoa is an In-N-Out classic, and we hope it will be a favorite of a new generation.  It’s quality cocoa from Ghiradelli and yes, we serve it with marshmallows!”

Photo courtesy of In-N-Out

The hot cocoa’s reintroduction is happening at all In-N-Out locations. It’s being made with Ghiradelli chocolate, one of the most recognized chocolatiers in the country, so we’re excited to see what it tastes like.

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Cozy Up By The Fireplace With These Hot Cocoa OREOs

We’re finally drawing closer to winter and looking for something sweet to get intimate with as the air gets chilly outside. As we make some piping hot cocoa to warm our bones, we’re desperately looking for the perfect snack to pair our beverage with. Looks like Oreo may just have the thing.

Oreo just released a brand-new flavor for the winter season: Hot Cocoa.

According to Brand Eating, the new item boasts Oreo’s classic chocolate cookie with a hot cocoa-flavored creme filling.

So far, some have said it tastes similar to popular hot chocolate brand Swiss Miss, while others say it doesn’t taste all that different from the original Oreo flavor.

Looks like we’ll need to try a pack for ourselves. Now all we need is a log, a match, and Al Green’s greatest hits to get this sensual evening started.

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OREO Releasing An Official Hot Chocolate Mix Nationwide

There aren’t many things that are better than a sip of hot cocoa in the winter, but OREOs trying to upgrade that experience by bringing its creamy, chocolaty cookie taste to your mugs might be one of them.

Boxes of Oreo Hot Cocoa mix have been appearing in stores, and according to Mashable, will be making a nationwide release as soon as this October.

The cookie-inspired hot chocolate was first spotted by The Impulsive Buy on September 18, as the 8-count box was apparently chilling on a Walmart shelf. There have even been happy Instagram users sharing photos of their boxes, adding further excitement to the nationwide release.

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While the concept itself isn’t new, you can find endless recipes for Oreo Hot Cocoa pretty much anywhere. But it’s nice that OREOs is cutting out the middle man, and making it as easy as tearing open a package and adding it to your hot beverage.

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Oreos HOT COCOA Cookies Are Coming Soon

As we endure the cold winter mornings and the chilly nights, we see ourselves with a piping cup of hot chocolate to warm us up. While Oreos’ newest flavor might not warm you up, it’ll still remind you of a delicious hot chocolate.

According to TheJunkFoodAsile, the new Hot Cocoa flavor will be hitting stores sometime in 2017. The Instagrammer, known for designing packaging for popular snacks, announced the brand-new cookie earlier today.

The new cookie will feature an amalgam of chocolate and marshmallow flavoring. We’re extremely curious to see how they will taste.

Look for the new flavor in select grocery retailers next year! Gonna want to try a few of these for sure.



Spread Christmas Cheer With These 6 Caroling Treats

Christmas carols are your one chance to break from holiday songs blaring from a stereo—and instead hear them from real people. But they’re a whole experience, for both singers and listeners. Neighborhoods look better with Christmas lights and they sound better with carolers. But can’t they taste better too? Here are a few foods to up your carol game.

1. Candy Canes


They’re cheap, they’re classic, they’re always welcomed. They’re just a little extra to your sing-song soirée. You can entrust any child caroler to carry the basket and hand them over to homeowners with the sweetest of smiles. If you were purchasing an online Christmas carol package experience, this would be the first level of the non-free kind.

2. Cookies


If you want these to have any kind of impact, these will have to be homemade. Cookies made in the kitchen of a local are always the way to go. Store-bought holiday cookies can be spotted a mile away, and that’s where everyone wants to keep them. They’re terrible. They taste like the secret ingredient is lukewarm awkwardness instead of love. Stop giving these to people unless you’re trying to start a hometown civil war.

3. Hot Cocoa


This is the way to do things. It’s a class-act move to pour some hot cocoa for your listeners. Some of the carolers just have to carry a thermos. If you have kids, let them offer your audience members those tiny marshmallows. The only thing that will melt faster than them are those listeners’ hearts. It puts everyone in a listening mood—nay, it forces everyone into a listening mood!

4.  Fruitcake


This is the only way you’re going to get rid of fruitcake. All of you carolers should repackage this concrete swan-dive of a holiday snack, since you each have one just kicking it indefinitely on your countertop at home. Oh, were you saving that infuriatingly irresponsible gift from a neighbor for a rainy day when you’d use it to absorb a leak? Because, otherwise, it’s time to get rid of that thing.

5. Canned Goods


Transform your seasonal carnival of song into an important act of local charity by asking your beloved all-ears listeners to donate a few canned goods. It’s taking the holiday spirit and turning it into holiday action. Sure, Christmas is about cherishing loved ones and the tiny beautiful moments that make up your golden days, but use the guilt of good nature to trick your neighbors into listening to you serenade them.

6. Soup


While you could warm the stomachs, hearts, and ears of your neighbors with soup and song, it could get a bit messy. You want them to enjoy a snack, not take down a full meal, in their doorway. However, soup is the best way to get your caroling crew back on the right track to recovery once the night has wrapped. It’s not easy trudging through the east coast snow, and it’s a bit of a setback heading through the politely crisp west coast air.

Happy caroling, whether it’s your mouths or ears at work!


Genius Baker Turned Hot Cocoa Into Rice Krispies Treats, Here’s How


Winter’s creeping up, which means you get to wrap yourself in a blanket, grab a cup of hot cocoa and watch Elf on repeat.

While the blanket and movie won’t change in this scenario, Amy Erickson of the Oh, Bite It food blog took everything we love about hot cocoa and turned it into a Rice Krispies treat.

Erickson didn’t stray from the original Rice Krispies treat recipe, still making the cereal with Jet-Puffed marshmallows, but they key is in the topping.

Erickson covered the top of the Rice Krispies treats with chocolate frosting, mini marshmallows and hot cocoa powder.

While there’s no replacing a classic cup of hot cocoa, these treats are a pretty sweet alternative.

Check out the the Oh, Bite It for step-by-step directions and other insane recipes.



Chips Ahoy Now Has A Hot Cocoa-Flavored Cookie


It looks like Chips Ahoy is dabbling in new chocolate endeavors as they’ve released a new Hot Cocoa flavor.

The limited edition cookie consists of a chocolate base filled with a cocoa center and marshmallow chips sticking out of it.

This cookie is basically going to make you long for winters where you’re snuggled up under a blanket, drinking a hot cup of cocoa while A Christmas Story plays on the tube.

They recommend to heat up the cookie for about 7 seconds as when warm, they’re supposed to give out the feeling that you’re actually drinking hot cocoa.

The cookie looks rather familiar as Chips Ahoy’s root bear float flavor had some similar characteristics–this one’s just more chocolatey and less soda-ey.

The cookies officially release November 2 and will only be around for a limited time, but we’ll at least be able to enjoy them for the winter.


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