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Hostess’ New Limited Edition S’MORES Cupcakes Arriving At Walmart

Unfortunately with the state of the world right now, we won’t be sitting around a campfire with our closest friends sharing some freshly made s’mores any time soon this summer, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the flavors of the popular outdoor snack.

Hostess just released a limited edition line of S’mores Cupcakes that folks can enjoy from home.

The new snack aisle sweets are made with a graham cracker-flavored yellow cake, toasted marshmallow-flavored creamy filling, and is topped with a chocolate icing.

You can find these new S’mores Cupcakes exclusively at Walmart locations nationwide beginning July 9. While it may not recapture the magic of a campfire hang, it might tide you over until it’s safe to gather again.

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Hostess Powdered Donettes And Honey Bun Cereals Will Launch Next Year

The convenience store pastries we all love to binge on during our late nights out are being made into the breakfast cereals to help us recover the morning after.

Photo courtesy of Post

Post has teamed up with Hostess for two separate cereal creations based on the pastry maker’s treats. Powdered Donettes and Honey Buns are both getting the treatment, being served up in tiny cereal form. The Honey Buns have rings of cinnamon in theirs, while the Powdered Donettes cereal has the appearance and taste of the gas station snack staple.

Photo courtesy of Post

If you’re hyped for these pastry-centric breakfast cereals, you won’t have to wait too long to get a box. Both will be launching in various retailers nationwide starting in January 2019, so you can kick off the year with a taste of road trip nostalgia.

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Here’s How The Twinkie Came From A Strawberry

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The canary yellow sponge cake filled with creme have been around for decades. Have you every once taken a moment, as you bite into its soft buttery shell and sink your teeth into the sugary white center, where this convenient little cake came from?

Let’s take a trip back to the 1930s, in the time of the Great Depression.

In Josh Chetwynd’s book, How the Hot Dog Found Its Bun, we learn that the creation of Twinkies can be attributed to the strawberry.

In 1930, Continental Baking Company baker James Dewar, thought it would be practical to make the most of the machines the factory used to create cream-filled strawberry shortcakes. Because the strawberries were out of season, the machines sat idle for months.

Dewar created a brand-new snack cake with another fruit, the banana, which was more easily accessible throughout the year.

The new item was dubbed the Twinkie, named after a billboard he allegedly saw on a road trip for Twinkle Toe Shoes. Denwar shortened it to make the cake more marketable to children.

During World War II, bananas were pulled from the ingredients due to food rationing. The ingredient was shortly replaced with vanilla, which caused Twinkie sales to skyrocket.

The rest is history.

Now, it’s safe to say that Twinkies have become a cultural food icon synonymous with nachos and the Big Mac. Hostess sells hundreds of millions of cakes per year. Films like Zombieland even focused a major plot point on the delightful little sponge cakes.

There you have it, the story behind the beloved golden sponge cake.

We’ve seen many variations over the years from blue raspberry, Ecto-Cooler, to even the original Banana versions. Though, to be honest, nothing beats the classic vanilla.

Behold, blue Twinkie.

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TWINKIES ICE CREAM CONES Are Now On Grocery Store Shelves

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A few months back, the Internet lost its collective minds when Twinkies-flavored ice cream hit frozen food aisles. Now, as we’ve taken a beat and calmed ourselves down, Hostess has done it again by dropping another Twinkie variation for the freezer section.

The snack brand released a line of frozen Twinkies-flavored ice cream cones, similar to Hostess’ popular Drumstick.

Hostess’ new snack is described as golden sponge cake, crumbles and cream, topped on a frozen dessert cone.

While we’re not entirely sure if the flavor will get a national release, we know that hit has arrived at midwestern states like Iowa.

We’ll keep you posted on any updates we may find. Until then, if anyone comes across the new flavor, make sure to send some our way!

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TWINKIES CAPPUCCINOS Are Now Available At Select Stores

Last month, Hostess broke the frozen food aisle by introducing a line of Twinkie-flavored Ice Cream. Now that the nation has Twinkies on the mind, Hostess is taking them to the coffee industry.

In a partnership with Kerry Convenience, a service provider to convenience stores, the snack brand released a line of Twinkie-flavored cappuccinos. The beverage features a blend of creamy milk, sponge cake flavor, and a hint of coffee to encapsulate the Twinkie profile in a hot beverage.

You can find the Twinkie-flavored Cappuccinos now at the popular convenience store chain, Sheetz, at least for now. There will be plans to expand the beverage nationwide in the next couple weeks.

Hopefully we’ll get to try it out here in the West Coast. Could make for a sick Twinkie Ice Cream affogato.

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TWINKIES ICE CREAM is Now On Grocery Store Shelves


Twinkies are one of the most beloved snacks out there. The only possible way to make them better is to jam a bunch of them into ice cream form.

Well, it turns out that Hostess, the company who makes Twinkies, has teamed up with Nestle to do just that. Thankfully, that ice cream is now starting to appear in grocery stores.

CSP Daily News confirmed that this mashup was happening towards the end of 2016, and that convenience stores and Dollar Generals would begin carrying the products some time between February and May of this year. The Twinkies ice cream is part of a product line of Hostess Desserts ice creams that includes CupCakes and SnoBalls, as well.


Photo: The Impulsive Buy

It seems that some stores have gotten the ice creams a bit ahead of schedule, as The Impulsive Buy picked up a photo of the Twinkies ice cream from a fan, who found the ice cream at a Riesbeck’s grocery store.

There’s no telling if the exciting new dessert has made it elsewhere yet, but we’ve reached out to Hostess regarding the product release and are waiting to hear back.

Stay tuned to keep posted on this exciting ice cream and Twinkies mashup.

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Deep-Fried Twinkies Are Now Available At Walmart

Deep-fried Twinkies are now something you can binge on from the comfort of your own home and I can hear my arteries starting to clog now.

Hostess has answered our deep-fried prayers as they just brought to market one of the original, sinful fair snacks. The dream begins at Walmart’s across the nation tomorrow, August 16th.

“How consumer trends tell us to focus on both products that are healthy and overindulgent – those “sometimes” foods that are so good they’re worth the calories.” –Walmart’s John Pearson

The brand is hoping that THIS is the snack that consumers will reach for when they feel like indulging.

According to Walmart, the product will be available in two flavors, original and chocolate.

But will they taste the same as the fresh-out-the-fryer, doused-in-powered-sugar, deep-fried Twinkies that state fair food stands have stolen our hearts with for years?

We’ll definitely be finding out for ourselves!


Photo Credit: Aaron Bogert

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This Twinkie May Be 40 Years Old But It Looks 20

In 1976, chemistry teacher Roger Bennatti of George Stevens Academy in Blue Hill, Maine, was lecturing on preservatives in food and shelf life when he decided to provide his students with an applicable life experiment. He had them purchase a Twinkie from the store, then placed it on top of the blackboard with the intentions of leaving it there until the end of the year.Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 12.15.27 PM

What started as a fun, interesting experiment has turned into the case study of a lifetime. The Twinkie was left atop the blackboard for that year, and every year to come after that. The aged pastry, now officially 40 years old, shows very few signs of deterioration other than a dry exterior and a bit of shrinkage. Libby Rosemeier, the current principal of the school, now holds the Twinkie in her office in a small glass display case.

According to ABC News, Rosemeier was happy to receive publicity for her tiny school, even if it was for a Twinkie and not academics or athletics.

“It’s really funny that we’re this wonderful coastal community in Maine, and we have this school of 325 kids that is a gem and we’re doing great things and kids are going to great colleges, and the thing people know about us is this 40-year-old Twinkie.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 12.15.09 PM

The best part? Not only was Principal Rosemeier previously a student at George Stevens Academy, but she was also one of the students in that class in 1976! Clearly Bennatti’s lecture had a lasting effect on her.

I guess the only thing to do now is wait and see who will outlast the other, Rosemeier or the Twinkie? My money is on the Twinkie.



Photo Credit: ABC News, Bangor Daily News, BroBible