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White Castle Is Letting Health Workers Eat FREE For The Entire Month Of April

Health workers have been the soldiers on the front lines during this terrible pandemic. Through it all, they’ve been putting themselves at risk, working long hours, and dealing with psychological trauma to save as many lives as they can affected by COVID-19.

In support of these brave individuals, White Castle is offering free meals to healthcare workers and EMTs all through the month of April. All they’ll have to do is pull up to a White Castle drive-thru and show a form of ID to receive a free combo meal (#1-6) or a breakfast combo. Workers are eligible to claim this free meal every day through April 30.

White Castle is also delivering Crave Case Sliders directly to hospitals within regions the restaurants are located to help fuel them through these chaotic times.

If you’re a healthcare worker or EMT looking to grab a free meal before or after your shift, definitely drive through a White Castle. Thank you for your service.


This CEO Tasted His Own Hospital’s Food And Hated It

Airline and hospital food have been the culinary world’s punchlines for as long as anyone can remember. If you’re eating something bland and boring that’s clearly been served with an ice cream scooper, then you’re eating hospital food. If it’s scorching hot chicken and rice that some obnoxiously cheerful flight attendant has been sitting on for the past 5 hours in the air, then it’s airplane food. In either scenario, run.

Canada’s Ottawa Hospital CEO Dr. Jack Kitts spent an entire week, along with other managerial members of his staff, eating the food at his own hospital. Every day, for all three meals, he and his fellow executives would eat whatever they could find in the cafeteria (excluding simple meals that are hard to fuck up, like coffee and a banana).

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 9.49.39 AM

The hospital had been hearing complaints from patients for years, so they decided to finally walk a mile in their shoes and see what all the fuss was about. Although they realized how bad the food was by the second day, they stuck it out and did the whole seven days anyways, just to really understand from a different perspective.

“Thank you for raising your concerns with me,” Kitts said to a patient complaining about the food. “Our management team has recently eaten hospital food for a week and agrees with your observation that we need to improve the presentation and taste.”

While there is no argument that the food was certainly meeting nutritional expectations, the finished product was simply so unappealing and bland that nobody was convinced it could possibly have any health-related value.

The hospital is already looking toward the future by reading into a room service option. This change will hopefully be made to accommodate a lot of people who don’t necessarily fall in line when it comes to eating habits, which is normal in a hospital, according to Dr. Kitts.

“We know patients don’t usually eat at 8 a.m., noon and 4 p.m. We need to be a lot more flexible.”



Photo Credit: Ottawa Citizen


This Dude Snuck A Heroin-Filled Burrito Into A Hospital, Syringe And All


Police in Bradenton, FL., are looking for a man who entered a hospital and left behind a burrito filled with heroin. The Bradenton Herald reports that the man arrived at Blake Medical Center and left a bag of food for a patient with an employee.

When the employee checked the contents of the bag, a syringe was discovered to be inside the burrito.

The authorities were alerted immediately and tests showed that the contents of the syringe were positive for “the presence of heroin.”

Police are currently looking for the man who dropped off the burrito. He’s described as about 6 feet tall with a thin build and has bleach blond hair.

Wonder if he goes around to all the local hospitals dropping off special burritos.


Bottle of Yogurt Explodes, 58-Year-Old Man May Suffer Loss of Eyesight

yogurt explodes

You thought you were safe, and doing something good for your body, but then… you opened that confounded yogurt drink.

A 58-year-old man in China was opening a bottle of yogurt when he heard a hissing noise that sounded like escaping gas. Though he tried to move outside, realizing that a non-carbonated drink probably shouldn’t be hissing at him, he didn’t make it in time. The yogurt drink exploded, its contents hitting the man in the eye.

A black eye from a yogurt drink is one thing, but the poor guy ended up suffering from internal bleeding: his face swelled up and he ended up in the hospital. Although doctors took extra precaution to make sure he didn’t go blind from the incident, he may have lost part of his vision.

In consolation, the drink maker offered the man 10 boxes of the yogurt beverage, apologizing profusely. Needless to say, he passed on the offer.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News


Chicago ‘Hangover Clinic’ Claims it Can Cure Your Hangover in An Hour

Years from now, some of us will be able to look back and say, “You kids today have it too easy. Why, when I was your age, I had to stay in bed all day and whine about my hangover! You whippersnappers head over to the hangover clinic in Chicago and a hour later, you’re playing on your iPhone 60s. Bah, humbug!”

That’s how old people talk, right?

The important part here is that the Revive Hydration Clinic in River North, Chicago has just opened its doors with the claim that it can alleviate your hangover symptoms within the hour, via a combination of IV fluids, vitamins, and medications. We all know that horrible feeling the next morning is caused by dehydration — Revive seeks to perk you right up by taking all the hard parts of re-hydrating (like drinking water,ugh) out of the equation. They also offer conference, private and semi-private rooms, as well as blankets and eye covers, because no one really wants to be awake during a hangover so bad you’re willing to shell out $99 to get a little relief.

To that end, it’s worth it to note Revive also deals with people suffering from cold and flu symptoms, as well as athletes and jet-lagged business men. This idea (courtesy of Jack Dybis, surgeon, who says the medical community is “very aware” of the hangover struggle) is not the first of its kind, though: Hangover Heaven has been doing its thing in Vegas now for a while. On wheels, no less.

H/T HuffPo + PicThx Timeout Chicago


A Russian Hospital Morgue and 350 lbs of Caviar: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Is it just me, or does that just sound like the perfect combination? It’s just me.

However, that was the scene of a St. Petersburg hospital morgue when police discovered and seized 350 lbs of caviar that was being stored in a refrigerated cadaver receptacle. A hospital employee and a business man were arrested, but it remains unclear whether or not the men will be charged. The men told authorities that the massive amount of caviar was to be for a New Year’s celebration. While most of the caviar that was found was from Salmon, approximately 84 lbs of the seized caviar was from the endangered sturgeon.

(via The Huffington Post)

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