McDonald’s Refuses Service to Woman Riding Horse In Drive-Thru, Resulting in Smelly Retaliation


Pro-tip: if you want McDonald’s to serve you while you’re on horseback, try not to let it leave a steaming pile of doo-doo in the dining room.

BBC reports that a woman in Whitefield, England and “a girl riding a pony” were denied drive-thru service Saturday after the staff informed them it was against company policy to do so, for “health and safety” reasons. Apparently not one to take such terrible customer service sitting down, the woman then took the horse inside the restaurant, where it let rip the whole McFlurry of reasons McDonald’s was right not to serve its owner in the first place. (Starting with the fact that she rode a horse through a McDonald’s drive-thru. I mean, at least class it up with a Starbucks or something, come on.)

“The sight and smell” of the horse’s droppings “caused obvious distress and upset to customers trying to eat, as well as staff members,” the Greater Manchester Police told BBC, earning the woman a fixed penalty notice and fine. Let’s just hope it’s big enough for her to give a sh*t.

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Horse Meat Has Now Infiltrated Your Ikea Meatballs


If your favorite part about IKEA doesn’t involve pretending you’re Tom and Summer whilst making out on display beds (sigh),  but the food court featuring all sorts of “Swedish” delights, then you should probably stop reading this.

Yes, horse meat, everyone’s favorite protein to hate, has finally infiltrated Ikea’s famed Swedish meatballs. This morning (Monday, February 5th) the furniture giant issued a statement on their site confirming that a batch of frozen meatballs sent to over a dozen European countries were recalled after traces of horse meat were detected.

Authorities in the Czech Republic said that horse DNA was detected in 2.2-pound packs of frozen meatballs labeled as beef and pork, Ikea’s Kottbullar dish. Ikea made efforts to assure loyal customers that meatballs made from the same batch would be pulled off the shelves — expanding their withdrawals to stores in Slovakia,  Belgium, Britain, Portugal, Hungary, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Italy and France.

Ikea spokeswoman Ylva Magnusson told the Associated Press that shipments to the U.S. and other countries haven’t been affected. In the meantime, the company’s Swedish branch announced via their Facebook page that it won’t be selling or serving any meatballs at locations in Sweden in order to put any “potential worries among our customers” at ease.

Looks like not even your friendly neighborhood furniture store is safe from horse meat.