Horse Meat Sushi is a Japanese Delicacy, Because Neigh


Nikuzushi, a sushi restaurant located Japan, specializes in meat. In fact, that’s pretty much what Nikuzushi means, “Meat Sushi.”

The gourmet sushi restaurant is known for one protein in particular, and it’s not something you can find at the bottom of the ocean — a popular variety of horse meat sushi.

Patrons can order an eight-piece spread of different horse meat cuts for about 1,600 yen ($15 US). Among the cuts were akami (lean meat), harami (belly), nakaochi (back) and negi toro (diced fatty meat wrapped with seaweed). According to Rocket News, most of the horse meat from Nikuzushi was flown in from Canada. This is due to the fact that Canadian horses are apparently leaner and less gamey than their native Japanese counterparts.


If equestrian meat is too adventurous for you, the restaurant is also said to serve a pretty tasty cut of beef. Maybe start there and work your way to the horse stuff.

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McDonald’s Refuses Service to Woman Riding Horse In Drive-Thru, Resulting in Smelly Retaliation


Pro-tip: if you want McDonald’s to serve you while you’re on horseback, try not to let it leave a steaming pile of doo-doo in the dining room.

BBC reports that a woman in Whitefield, England and “a girl riding a pony” were denied drive-thru service Saturday after the staff informed them it was against company policy to do so, for “health and safety” reasons. Apparently not one to take such terrible customer service sitting down, the woman then took the horse inside the restaurant, where it let rip the whole McFlurry of reasons McDonald’s was right not to serve its owner in the first place. (Starting with the fact that she rode a horse through a McDonald’s drive-thru. I mean, at least class it up with a Starbucks or something, come on.)

“The sight and smell” of the horse’s droppings “caused obvious distress and upset to customers trying to eat, as well as staff members,” the Greater Manchester Police told BBC, earning the woman a fixed penalty notice and fine. Let’s just hope it’s big enough for her to give a sh*t.

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Fast Food

Burger King Thinks People Are Horses, Reveals ‘Hands-Free’ Whopper Holder


While I appreciate anything that makes my life easier, wasn’t there a way to make this thing seem less . . . equestrian?

A video of a “hands-free Whopper” holder has been making its way around the internet these past few days, as part of a promotion for Burger King Puerto Rico to mark the chain’s 50th anniversary there. According to the Consumerist, the item was sent to about 50 BK fans and isn’t available for purchase in stores. Which is probably a good thing, because I for one feel enough like a slave-driven workhorse without fast food chains making me actually look like one.

Is the “have it your way” thing still applicable to livestock?

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