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Candy Corn is Basically Made Out Of Insect Resin and Animal Bones [WATCH]

For all the candy corn lovers out there, this breakdown video may change your opinion about this seasonal fall treat. Aside from using normal culinary building blocks like sugar, corn syrup, salt, and gelatin — there’s some less than appetizing additions that will probably make your skin crawl. Especially if you don’t like insects or bones.

For the last century, the celebration of Halloween has always been infused with the confusing taste of candy corn. Still, this well-known fall treat has been shrouded in mystery. History tells us that this tri-colored candy was created back in the 1800s, and was first marketed as “chicken feed.”

Today, there seems to be a large contrast between candy corn lovers and haters, but let’s face it, candy corn is weird. It’s waxy, it’s soft in an unpleasant way, and it doesn’t even taste all that good. But for some reason or another, once fall comes around, candy corn is always near. However, thanks to a video by Tech Insider exposing candy corn’s sketchy ingredients, now know to keep our precious palates far from it.

The video, published on YouTube Oct. 28, indicates that there’s a gelatinous material, “a protein made from animal parts like hides and bones,” which is not vegan — if you were wondering.

Lastly, at the crux of candy corn’s horrific lineage is a resinous, secreted material that is made from “lac bugs,” which are found in Asia.  The “lac-resin,” is used to give candy corn its smooth exterior shell.

Wow. Disgusting is an understatement of how I feel about candy corn’s origins. Now, it’s clear why candy corn is usually around on Halloween — it’s actually frightening.


Tea Ad Suggests Tea Bagging Clowns to Death? [VIDEO]


Herbaria took the horror flick route when promoting their “Calming Tea,” featuring a cast of grisly characters drowning in a sea of darkness. What seems to be the clown from Stephen King’s IT, a psycho killer and death himself make it into the ad, representing our deepest “Fears.”

The scene was shot at Pinewood Studios in London, where underwater scenes of the latest James Bonds movies were shot. The clip was directed by Andreas Roth, the same guy behind the Dirt Devil ad inspired by The Exorcist.

While many other pubs are reflecting on the ad’s more terrifying qualities, we couldn’t help but smirk at the clever addition of tea bags tied around the ankles of our nightmares, dragging them to their watery demise. At the end, the ad encourages viewers to “Drown Your Fears” with Herbaria’s calming tea. Duly noted.

H/T Laughing Squid


These Zombie Gummy Bears Want Your Brains

Gummy bears decided to grow up and shed their cutesy image with the help of photographer Tau Zero. His series of macro photographs feature the classic treats in a variety of creepy staged scenes, including recreations of A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and Night of the Living Dead. Feast your eyes on a taste of the fright below and think twice about the next time you decide to bite off one of their heads…

via Tau Zero


11 Creepy Halloween Foods to Make Your Mouth Scream

This is a countdown of the scariest and grossest Halloween foods we could find—some of these horrors you’ve seen before, others are sure to make your insides writhe anew.


These Horror Cake Pops Will Make You Scream


Horror Cake Pops are far from your average cutesy cake pop sprinkled with rainbows and sugary confetti. Instead, they’re absolutely ghastly and make you want to recoil in disgust and fear. But at the same time, these frightening little things are actually pretty cool. I mean, how often do you get to take a bite out of the creepy kid from The Exorcist or get to find out what a bloody Carrie would taste like?

Made by Miss Insomnia Tulip and much like her Anatomical Macaroons, these treats are painstakingly detailed to guarantee your lunch doesn’t settle well. The cake pop set is fittingly named Women in Horror and includes the lovely ladies from Carrie, The Exorcist, Misery and The Blair Witch Project. Such a charming gaggle of girls.

Meet more ladies below:




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